17 Weirdcore Outfits Showing That A Simple T-Shirt Can Turn Heads

The internet culture brings changes in our fashion. Perhaps you’ve noticed that one of the popular subcultures now is the Weirdcore aesthetic, or as some call it, Oddcore. Its art triggers nostalgia in such a fashion that the viewer doesn’t know why. The feelings of nostalgia are evoked from an unknown place. Begins in late 2020 with the dark days of the pandemic. It does not ask for validation or conforms to the norms, allowing everyone to be themselves.

You might ask now: What the beep is Weirdcore now? Its core value is confusion, discomfort, and nostalgia. It deals with low-quality graphics and photos invoking a sense of disorientation, nostalgia, or alienation. For some people, it is disturbing, but for many, it is unique. It does not need to be related to horror, although there are a lot of Weirdcore Halloween costumes. Weirdcore radiates some creepy charm. The aesthetic is an art of surrealism and psychological play. Thematically, Weirdcore conveys a feeling of dread created by its low-quality imagery and a lack of context. Low-quality images of empty kindergarten classrooms, hallways, or bedrooms, texts like Wake Up and Build in Progress might be regular in these outfits, but no human figure. Skeletons, shadow-like figures, or objects for human depiction are commonly used. Images of snakes, tortoises, angels, and psychedelic lights, are also present. And attention-grabbing messages, such as Not Famous, Hell looks like earth, It’s Alive, etc., are often printed on the Tees.

The shades used in the graphics are distinctive, and the peculiar images on the outfits leave much room for interpretation. Floating eyes and hands and some other imageries are thought provocative. The background colors of the T-Shirts are black or white. Although the T-shirts are rather unsettling in their thoughts or visuals, made of quality materials like organic cotton, they are very comfortable to wear in all seasons.

While Dripcrime is the most popular weirdcore brand, we’ve selected some outfits for you to consider in your thirst for knowing what is complicated to understand.

Devil’s Eye

Photo: pinterest.com

Weirdcore is a way to make your brain query reality and obscure other people’s reality. This girl wears a T-shirt with this weir print – an eye and horns on it, with an open mouth with vampire’s teeth. Quite creepy for me. The Tee is tucked into a high waist plaid skirt, a blue denim jacket, and a black choker as an accessory.

Wake Up Alien

Photo: pinterest.com

Short sleeves and a round neck T-shirt with a print: Wake Up Alien graphic. The Tee is of very high-quality material with twill tape covers on the shoulder that prevents stretching. You’ll break necks with this graphic! Simply combine the T-shirt with jeans. You can put on a mini pleated skirt with leggings underneath. See the girl in the pic. For cooler weather, you can wear it over a long sleeve top. Have some additional pieces for layering, just in case.

Flying Eye

Photo: pinterest.com

Many of the weirdcore prints feature flying eyes, hands, or similar. This is a flying eye on a racerback tank, combined with leggings or biker’s shorts. The tank top gives a feminine look with generous arm openings and an exceptionally smooth finish.

Haunted Mask

Photo: pinterest.com

This is one wicked scary outfit, not only on the Tee but also on the leggings with straps that are the opposite of sexy. But they say some people turn on horror movies. In that case, this combination is very ‘hot.’ A T-shirt with printed scary alien or some creature of the dark, a mini skirt, weird leggings with prints of the same spooky entity, and sneakers. The choker with pokes and belts are appropriate accessories for this outfit.

Sexy Vampire ‘No Thank Tou’ Top

Photo: pinterest.com

This girl wears an oversized black top with a ‘No thank you’ caption. It is matched with a flared black mini skirt and white knee-length socks.

Weird And Sexy

Photo: pinterest.com

This one is a weird but sexy combination of an oversized weirdcore T-shirt and a white micro mini lace decorated feminine and sexy skirt, tiny fishnet stockings as a contrast to the chunky ankle boots and white socks.

Melting Dark Eye Human

Photo: pinterest.com

A creepy melting eye T-shirt over a white long-sleeved top and a bunch of silver accessories with keys on the necklaces. Very psychedelic print.

Weirdcore Grunge Fit

Photo: pinterest.com

A weirdcore eye printed crop top, knitted, black loose-fit jeans, and chunky ankle boots with platforms.

Mushroom Sweatshirt

Photo: pinterest.com

A turtleneck sweatshirt top with Mushroom on fire print, and a micro mini white skirt and tights.

Streetwear Hoodie

Photo: pinterest.com

This girl wears an oversized black hoodie with a Crying Lightning Butterfly print and baggy jeans. A couple of chains on the neck and the belt and sunglasses.

Are You OK?

Photo: pinterest.com

A crew neck t-shirt featuring weirdcore print, oversized fit, skinnies, and leather jacket, all black.

Good To Feel Bad

Photo: pinterest.com

An oversized weirdcore hoodie and Bordeaux red pants for a thought-provocative outfit.

Rose Eyeball Hoodie

Photo: pinterest.com

A black hoodie with a Rose Eyeball print on the back, matched with corduroy pants tucked into the boots. Take care not to get totally obsessed with the Red Rose with Eye, as it is a trendy way to emit weirdcore vibes!

Moon Phase Lovers Tee

Photo: pinterest.com

An oversized tee with short sleeves, a crew neckline, and skeletons in holding hands front graphic is a grunge and weirdcore style. Pair it with jeans, leggings, or a mini skirt.

Hidden Smile

Photo: pinterest.com

All the images printed on T-shirts in weirdcore fashion are meant to make you do a double-take. But this one will make you do even a triple take, before realizing where the smile truly hides. A form of art and optical illusion is one of the best choices you can make for weirdcore.

Strange And Creepy Vibes

Photo: pinterest.com

An oversized fit Tee with a print of an eye in the clouds and weird flowers growing up make a slightly strange and creepy vibe. As the material of this Tee is super soft, you’ll surely enjoy wearing it. Another thing is for sure. People will ask themselves, what is this all about?

These troubled times make us want to abandon realism and find shelter in a happier past. Weirdcore echoes the same longing for a safer space through surrealism and a touch of nostalgia. To put disassociation aside, it takes us on a trip of our altered memories. Weirdcore outfits are kind of a medium of depicting that world. I hope you found this aesthetic interesting, some of you creepy. Share how Weirdcore resonated with you. What feelings did it evoke while watching the aesthetic?

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