20 Dope Outfits Worn By Rapper Travis Scott

Wondering how Travis Scott became so influential in the fashion industry? This guy sure knows how to combine colors and pieces of clothes and sneakers. But there are so many more that get dressed much better and more stylish. And yet, many brands wanted to collaborate with him. For example, in 2019, he started a collaboration with Nike for Cactus Jack Air Jordan and, in 2022, with Dior for a menswear collection.

More than 10 million followers on Instagram are the apparent reason. This rapper is for sure a good businessman as well. He has grown to one of Hip Hop’s most famous artists selling over 45 million records and achieving multiple music awards. His ability to market different types of products outperforms most of his colleagues in the music world. His personal image during the years made his outfits a theme in the fashion world. How much do his outfits cost? How can you mimic Travis Scott’s style without overspending? Or simply how to dress up like him are usual articles you can find on the Net.

When you look at how he dresses, you’ll notice that his style is a unique twist on impressive and luxury streetwear but never traditional tailoring. When he suits up, he’s doing that in a way that really a few can with his thin frame. In the world of fashion, he makes himself distinct with the extreme intersection of creativity, luxury, rap, and streetwear.

Being extreme and admired has two faces, so the rapper is currently facing a setback due to the Astroworld festival tragedy when fans died during his concert. Dior pulled the project for Dior Man 2022. He also lost deals with many other brands. If you’ve watched the show, you’d surely agree it was at least creepy.

Luckily, most of the outfits of this talented rapper and not that morbid and show his good taste of combinations.

A Rockstar In Streetwear

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One of the reasons the fashion world loves Travis Scott is the streetwear vibe he promotes: a casual, cozy, and matching combination of hues.

20th Century Military

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Although he is best known for his unique streetwear and vintage gear, he looks nice enough in formal wear. Scott wears a simple black suit with a holder across the chest. All subtle details make him resemble a military commander from the 20th century.

Uniform Inspiration

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This is another uniform-inspired design. This time the suit is brown and Scott wears long black leather gloves and traditional shoes.

All Hues of Brown

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The brown color became a sign of recognition of Scott: a brown T-shirt, pants, cap, and shoes.

Dior Suit

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This doesn’t look like Scott – a suit? He wore it for the sake of the now failed collaboration with the Dior brand.

Winter Outfit

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When the weather gets snowy: Travis Scott is wearing sunglasses for protecting from the dazzling winter sky and snow reflection, a face mask of his collection, a brown layered stylish hoodie, and fleece pants to keep him warm.

Original By The Basketball Court

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This outfit consists of a cropped and oversized puffer jacket and leather pants. However, the point is in the Nike shoe model he wears. The Nike Mac Attack trainers are the only model worn by a tennis player, the legendary John McEnroe, in this case.

Denim Is Always In Fashion

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This denim jacket is lined with a thick, soft beige borg making it warm on the cold winter days. Dark indigo denim and the cream borg look much in harmony. The details in the jewelry add to the excellent look of the rapper.

Liquid Blue Skulls

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This is Travis Scott’s appearance in the video for the “Highest In The Room” song. He wears a classic re-issue from the ’90s, an Official Liquid Blue Fantasy Graphic T-Shirt with a print that looks like marks on the sleeve.

Paris Fashion Week Show Up

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Saving his best for the last, Travis Scott wears a light-color bomber jacket with his all-white looks on the Paris Fashion Week. Classy and chic.

On The Street

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Beige cargo pants, a slightly oversized white T-shirt, and a yellow flannel lumber shirt that Travis wears are a good idea for a combination. My son loves it.

Black And White Dior

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Whitetop, black pants, and Nike sneakers look great on Scott Travis. Being an entrepreneur, he subtly used the occasion to promote his own clothing store, wearing a hat with its iconic atom logo.

Camo Baseball

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The rapper wears an oversized white T-shirt, camouflage pants, sneakers, and a hat matching the rest of the looks.

Simple Fit

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This guy knows how to wear his body. His lean legs are in tight black leather pants, while the black regular fit hoodie compensates for his thin frame.

Pink and Orange

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The Astroworld rapper paired an orange piece with a pink bubble coat and trousers. Again an elegant combination of colors.

Pale Gray Puffer Jacket And Black Combo

Photo: pinterest.com

Scott Travis smiles when talking about his three-year-old daughter. On this occasion, he is casually dressed in a hell grey jacket, black T-shirt, and his usual bunch of jewelry with a cross dominating it.

Brown Leather

Photo: instagram.com

The darkness of his brown leather jacket and black hoodie is refreshed with lighter brown borg, a bag, and his flashy jewelry. This combination looks warm enough for the cold winter days.

Hammer and Sickle

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A black T-shirt with hammers, sickles, and stars reminds of the former Soviet Union flag, except the color. Another representation of the artist’s unorthodox style.

Black and Golden Flashy

Photo: pinterest.com

Scott Travis shows his Versace underwear, black golden Versace shirt, and Balmain leather joggers on the „Madness Tour“ in Miami.

Military Street Combination

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It looks like an unusual combination of a camouflage jacket, olive green hoodie, and a black t-shirt beneath with white hammers, sickles and stars, light blue jeans, and white sneakers.

This star is a cultural phenomenon. The young generation wants to associate with his style which ranges from streetwear to almost classic elegant outfits. Perhaps it would be difficult to agree on his music style, his attitude on and off stage, but we can surely agree that this artist has good taste in clothes and knows how to wear them. Leave your opinion below, to add to the complexity of ideas Scott Travis sparked with his wear and tear.

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