23 Cool Boundary-Erasing Tomboy Outfits

Tomboy outfits display an androgynous vibe reigning in the street style domain. The style includes masculine clothing but has nothing to do with sexual orientation. If features looser cuts and prioritizes comfort and practicality. This doesn’t mean being indifferent about fashion but expressing yourself by playing with masculine outlines and keeping away from conventional feminine attires. Whether tomboy is your default setting or a style you only want to try, you need to bring pieces together that reflect this personality.

Get used to different, more manly wardrobes: leather, denim, bomber jackets, loose jeans, oversized hoodies or sweaters, turtle necks, sneakers, combat boots, pantsuits, oversized blazers, flannels, overalls, beanies, bandanas, and baseball hats. Add more items to reflect your bold self. Wear ‘rusty’ or robust instead of elegant, delicate, and featherlight accessories.

It is not that difficult to get the supply for your outfit. Use the boy’s section. Look for graphic tees and baggy shirts. Look for unisex clothes: Loose, comfortable t-shirts, cotton shirts in forest green, navy, grey, black, brown, maroon match with almost every outfit. Stylized tees, shirts with band names, skater themes, skulls, and sarcastic or funny images or phrases. Trade your skirts and dresses for pants. Wear cool, comfortable pants, skinny skater pants, distressed or boot-cut jeans, and athletic pants. Black, opaque leggings are also part of your attire.

Shorts are practical when it’s hot, but instead of tiny Daisy Duke shorts, put some loose distressed jean shorts or longer shorts just above your knees. Plaid will be your popular fabric as a shirt or as a lightweight jacket. Hoodies, cardigans, and sweatshirts are great tomboy essentials. Wear sporty clothes – you can have a sweatshirt with the logo of your favorite sports team. Athletic shoes are your most frequent footwear. Some cool slip-on, in particular, the printed ones, are cool. Wear hats: baseball caps, fedoras, or beanies. Avoid jewelry, or keep it simple like leather bands.

Skip the rules occasionally. Feel free to experiment and see what’s best for you. We have selected 21 tomboy outfits to get you inspired for your own selection.


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Tomboy fashion has evolved, and the times when the options were to only buy men’s clothes or get shapeless, baggy clothes are over. Now designers make unisex pieces. See this girl with dungarees over her bikini top and sneakers as footwear.

Boyfriend Jeans

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Show your robust side wearing a pair of ripped boyfriend denim and a crop top with stripes. The look is finished with a high bun, a shoulder bag, and converse shoes. Sunglasses are also added to get the whole look together.

Shirt Around The Waist

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This sleeveless tank top with a white logo looks good with skin-tight leather pants. You can use the flannel shirt around the waist to cover from the cold. Beanie brings extra points to the look. White sneakers make a contrast.

Simple And Classic

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A polka dot button-down shirt, jeans, and boots with a baseball cap and sunglasses.

Blue Jacket

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A nice color jacket over a sweatshirt and denim shorts finishing with ankle-high black boots. A big shoulder bag and a red beanie to keep to the style.

Celebrity Style

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Black rolled-up jeans and a white bracelet-sleeved top with men’s shades for a classy overall look.

With a Skirt & Beanie

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Have we mentioned that a skirt is allowed? Yes, if you wear them in a way that shows off your strong side. A plaid pleated skirt, a plain top, and black boots are okay for your tomboy look. If you choose lighter colors, you’ll look more feminine. Floral designs are also out of the game. The beanie and stockings complete the look.

A Snapback Hat

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Combine wisely the color of the hat with the rest of your outfit. Keep your style simple and minimal: black hat, white top, and black trousers.

Hoodie And Ripped Jeans

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This outfit consists of a hoodie, cap, T-shirt with a pocket, skinny ripped jeans, and white sneakers.

Turquoise Blue Suit

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The suit is really remarkable with its turquoise-blue prints. A white shirt, blue tie, and suspenders in color are compatible with the costume. The finish with the open toe slightly heeled slippers.

Two-piece With Combination Options

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This two-piece with different top and bottom cuts but from the same material is practical since you can also wear the parts separately: blazer with jeans or the trousers with a shirt. The shirt in patterned textile, over-the-shoulder bag, and converse shoes enhance the tomboy look.

Suit For Power

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This suit shows the powerful side of you. The cuffed trousers and sneakers only prove you’re an alpha and add to your rebel side style.

Typical Summertime Tomboy

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A printed T-shirt and biker short leggings, finishing with Nike shoes and socks. The top bunny is the way of a tomboy.

Soft & Grunge

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This girl wears an oversized jacket over her crop top, boys’ jeans cuffed down, and sneakers. The accessories are up to the style.

A Printed Tee And Jeans

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A typical tomboy outfit: printed tee, oversized bell-bottom jeans, and high Converse sneakers.

Boy’s Store Outfit

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Simply go to the boys’ store and pick an oversized blouse and jeans. This light-colored outfit finishes with white sneakers. The necklace and the bag are just contrasting, but it looks fine.

Trainers And Crop Top

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Oversized trainers with high sneakers and a white crop top make an unusual contrast between sexy and ‘nonchalant.’

Little Bit More Girly

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The baseball cap, oversized trainers, sweatshirt (off), sneakers, and accessories, are all typical tomboy outfits. The green crop top shows your feminine side. Good idea for nice abs.

Camouflage Pants + Exotic Laces

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A printed Tee and camouflage pants cuffed above the sneakers with unusual colored laces.

Self-made Crop Top

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A tee-shirt tied to make a crop top, high-waisted ripped jeans, and flats – for innovative ones.

Chic Tomboy

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Black track pants and a tee and look chic. The flats are a good contrast.

Three-piece Man’s Suit: Formal + Classy

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A classic three-piece suit, white shirt, and Oxford knot red tie. Flats for the outstanding style.

While we have listed different ways to dress like a tomboy, the most important thing is to wear what makes you comfortable and confident. Be yourself. Don’t keep to the style if you don’t feel like it. We hope you found interesting some of the tomboy outfits we’ve selected for you. Please do not hesitate to write your comments, opinions, and ideas in the section below.

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