15 Memorable Outfits From The Nanny

One of the most popular and successful comedies to come out of the 1990s? During our childhood, the Nanny was the source of much joy, laughing, and pleasant experiences. We adored every hilarious character, from Fran Fine herself, played by Fran Drescher, to Maxwell Sheffield, the frustrating one who won’t commit, Niles the Butler, C.C. Babcock, the one we love to hate, Fran Fine’s overbearing and gluttonous mother Sylvia Fine, the ditsy friend Val Toriello, and my favorite grandma Yetta.

On so many levels, including her complicated family and her love of leopard print, we were able to connect with The Nanny’s character. We could go on for days, but the true hero of the show is the costumes worn by the flawless Miss Fine herself, who is still one of our all-time favorite style icons to this day. The actual hero of the show is the ensembles worn by the impeccable Miss Fine herself (including Cher too). Fran Fine’s style was legendary back in the day, and I would venture to argue that it is even more memorable today, thanks to her itty bitty skirts, neon turtlenecks, and all-over sequin gowns. The costume designer for the sitcom, Brenda Cooper, created an endless amount of fashion inspiration throughout the show’s six seasons. Fortunately for us, she shared on Instagram some behind-the-scenes Polaroids from when she was dressing Fran Drescher’s character in the early seasons of the show.

Nanny Fine was one of the most well-known symbols of the 1990s, yet her fashion sense has been relatively underrated in comparison to that of her popular contemporaries. We owe a great deal of gratitude to Nanny Fine for her contribution to the fashion industry because so many of the designs that are popular now were first popularized by her. A few examples of essential pieces that were displayed at the show are vests, cropped jackets, turtlenecks, tiny dresses, leopard print, and two-piece suits. And what would an episode of Nanny Fine be without her iconic two-piece outfits that appear in almost every single one of them?

We’ve compiled a short but deserving collection of some of The Nanny’s most memorable clothes below. Let’s relive the glory days of the 1990s, shall we? Enjoy.

Yellow Pine Outfit

Photo: pinterest.com

This outfit, which was inspired by spring, was probably our favorite outfit we’ve ever seen. The striped top with the pop of color made it even more stylish. Since it’s spring, I’d switch out the turtleneck for a black-and-white striped shirt without sleeves made of a material that lets air through. Make sure it fits the weather.

Shirt & Vest Combo

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Nanny Fine loved to wear her shirts and vests together. It was hard to pick just a few outfits, but this vest is one of my favorites. And probably one of the few vests with a lot of colors that were worn during the show.

Blue Turtleneck &  Jacket

Photo: pinterest.com

Fran wore the same jacket in the episode preceding this one, but with a black turtleneck and light jeans. There were always outfits that were worn again and again, which was a nice touch.

Plaid Jacket

Photo: pinterest.com

This plaid jacket that Fran wore in the first season will never go out of style. We feel the Professor vibes radiating out of this outfit, and we love it.

Biker Jacket

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Biker chic Fran is come to take you by storm and leave you speechless! In retrospect, it is clear that the movie Grease 2 served as a source of motivation for them in some way.

Newspaper Suit

Photo: pinterest.com

I would like to have the opportunity to wear this beautiful newspaper print suit. It is entertaining, one of a kind, and luxurious without appearing to be overly ostentatious.

Engagement Gown

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Fran felt like she was channeling her inner Audrey Hepburn when she wore this stunning outfit. It was a welcome departure from the routine to see Fran with her hair styled in an updo, as we are not accustomed to seeing her in this manner.

Floral Pants

Photo: twitter.com

A flowery design is not one that we have seen Fran wear very often, but the peasant shirt and flowered slacks make for a lovely ensemble. She seldom deviates from wearing black, color, stripes, and plaids in her wardrobe.

Green & Red Outfit

Photo: pinterest.fr

We like how the colors of the jacket and skirt go together in this outfit. Fran’s choice of one of the most subdued suits and tie combinations she’s worn.

Blue Blazer

Photo: pinterest.com

We had to draw attention to this outfit because just look at those sleeves on that blue blazer! This style is so much fun, especially with the adorable plaid skirt.

70s-inspired Outfit

Photo: pinterest.cl

Another fit that we can strongly suggest. This is the kind of sweater you can easily find at a reasonable price in thrift stores or vintage shops. If you don’t like the high platform heels, they are easy to switch out.

Two-piece Set

Photo: instagram.com

Two-piece sets win hands down. With her signature knee-high boots and sheer stockings, Betsy Johnson’s velvet beaded crop top and matching beaded skirt are a dream.

Animal Print

Photo: instagram.com

One of the many animal print outfits Fran wore in the series. It’s a Fran Fine trademark to wear a vest with a different color over a black turtleneck and black tights.

Mod Style Outfit

Photo: pinterest.com

Fran’s outfit of a solid-colored turtleneck and a striped Moschino skirt really wowed everyone. This is another one of our favorite Fran outfits of all time. It’s so simple, but also so chic, classic, and timeless. She often wore a top with a solid color and a skirt with a bright print. It was a great combination that will never go out of style.

Neon Green Outfit

Photo: pinterest.com

Fran wore a green Courrèges suit in the style of the 1960s. The party outfit was finished off with white knee-high boots and a belt that matched.

To say that Fran Fine had a great style would be the biggest understatement ever. Some of her outfits might be crazy and a little over the top, but she wore them well. Without Nanny Fine’s style, The Nanny would not have been as good as it was. Since this was a 90s show, we know the fashion might be a little outdated, but it was still ahead of her time.

Do you like Nanny Fran’s style and what do you think about her outfits, let us know down below!

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