15 Tennis Outfits That Are A Game-Set-Match

Tennis is a game in which players strike a ball with rackets over a net so the opponent cannot return. Simple to explain, but very popular and fashionable. There’s a whole fashion business developed around the so-called white sport. Sporty chic fashion is making a big comeback. Any sports activity is also a fashion moment, so prepare for this trend. However, there are certain matters to cover to be also able to enjoy the game.

When you dress for tennis, wear clothes designed for sport – stretchy and allow sweat to pass through and tennis shoes with non-marking soles. Official tennis clubs require wearing tennis attire, while open courts don’t. Whether you are obliged or not to a specific dress code, your gear should allow free movement and fit you well. Women traditionally wear a polo shirt or tank top with a skirt with built-in shorts or a dress and rarely simply shorts. One-piece suits are also a fashionable option. Socks are a piece of your clothing you must not neglect. They should be high and able to absorb the sweat quickly. The shoes must allow easy movements and comfortable standing. Focus on tennis shoes, not any sneakers, due to the non-marking soles. You can also use them for other sports and styling with a casual outfit on different occasions not necessarily connected to the sport. To avoid unpleasant sunlight and heat, you can wear sunglasses designed for sports, a hat, a visor, or both. Cotton or wool wristbands are good to have not just for sweat absorption but to protect from possible injuries. They are also good fashion items unless they don’t clash with the rest of your outfit.

Above was the practical side of the game. The other side is a way to draw attention to you. Of course, one of the ways to draw attention is to play great, but your outfit is the easier option to get noticed. A stylish tennis ensemble would do not only for playing the game but also for the weekend or going out during the day with friends. You can choose a more sophisticated tennis outfit with a cardigan or polo shirt. So you can go from the tennis court to a coffee shop or shopping looking like you left the gym. Adding leggings or underlayers is appropriate for colder weather.

To summarize it all – have a classic tennis skirt, a pair of suitable white sneakers, a stylish cardigan or sweatshirt, and appropriate accessories. We have selected 15 outfits you can wear on and sometimes off the court to make your choices easier.

Comfortable and Cozy

Photo: pinterest.com

This is a snuggly outfit: a V-neck crop top, baggy Bermuda shorts, and slides. In combo with a cropped jacket or hoodie and some sneakers instead of the sandals, you’ll look more athletic. You can wear matching wristbands as well.

Tennis Whites

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The model looks sensational with her bare abs in tight athletic gear. She paired a crop top and pleated mini with a long-sleeved cover-up over her shoulders. The thigh-grazing skirt makes a leggy display.

A Flowy Black Skirt

Photo: pinterest.com

This skort features a flowy skirt over skim-fitting shorts with a high-rise waistband. The pleated design looks quite flirty. A crop top with cutouts shows that tennis is more than a game. Perhaps, a second catwalk for the fashion designers. The outlook is finished with a hat and pair of black sneakers to match the whole black ensemble.

Vintage Outfit

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Brooke Shields used to date the tennis superstar Andre Agassi, so she made the ’80s tennis fashion moment. Perhaps the red sleeveless shirt is outdated while the jewelry is not practical to wear, but this is Brooke Shields, remember?

Nike Dress

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She doesn’t play anymore, but she was once number one in the game and obviously in the look. A white Nike dress with a slit with built-in shorts definitely brings the tennis outfit to new heights.


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If you want to draw inspiration from the past, here’s the Farrah Fawcett outlook while playing tennis in a white skirt and dark blue polo shirt with a white collar and wristbands.

Another Vintage Combination

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Cheryl Tiegs played in celebrity tennis tournaments. A Blue shirt and white shorts, with a visor, was her combination.

On The Court Or On The Catwalk

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It was the late 90s and beginning of the ’00 when she played. She looks really sexy wearing this cropped tank top and micro skirt with built-in shorts. Anna elevated the style in tennis to a fashion art, so no wonder she continued modeling.

Relatively Revealing Dress

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This Nike tennis dress got controversial due to the reaction of Andy Murray’s mother, as it’s revealing. I believe no one complained about her look during Wimbledon.

Asymmetrical Top

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This asymmetrical tennis top with one shoulder strap looks sexy. Consult your trainer if you intend to play a game with it, especially in public. Anyway, Adidas made a fashionable design.

Tennis Fashion

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This pic shows some of the fashion possibilities that come along with tennis. This is one stylish outfit inspired by tennis. It’s only a jacket, a polo shirt, pleated mini skirt, and sneakers, but well combined as a set. Congratulations to the designer.

Matching Colors

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A beautiful figure-hugging tennis dress with all matching colors of the white visor, parts of the dress, and orange wristband.

Winter And Still Playing

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Tennis fashion is taking over summer. This knitted top is fine for colder periods. And if you find that the mini is not enough, freely put on some leggings to warm you up.

It’s Hot, So What?

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Bikini top and a pleated tennis skirt to look sexy during the summer. The hat is commonly unusual for tennis games, so keep it easy. You don’t need to play at your best to turn heads. With this outfit, you will.

High Street Ensemble Tennis-inspired

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Incorporate some tennis chic into your summer wardrobe, whether playing tennis or not. Sporty, elegant, and flirty, this skirt is short enough for tennis. The polo shirt top looks fancy, and the socks and sneakers are according to the tennis dress code. Enjoy it!

Find tennis attire that is functional and stylish. As a beginner, give more attention to functionality. Later, feel free to upgrade your chic look. You do not have to spend a fortune for attire for this rather expensive sport. Shop around for deals. I am positive you will find many. And at the end, write below about what you did in your preparation for your first tennis game. Or about your experience if you’re proficient in this game.

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