20 Sweet And Sick Outfits For Skater Girls

A skater girl enjoys skating and the adrenalin coming with it. It’s a whole subculture of people enjoying skateboarding and like the aesthetic around it. Skating as a trend became trendy among women in the 1960s and continues to grow in popularity. The movement developed certain styles of looking good while exercising and having fun.

Skater girl fashion varies but has important matters to consider for practical reasons. For example, you should make sure you can see while skating, so keep your hair away from your eyes, wear it in a ponytail, pin it back, or wear a hat. Comfortable clothing is preferable. Padding is a good option, especially for beginners. Protect your elbows and knees. Wear socks! This is not an option. There are hygienic reasons, especially if you rent one. Your socks should be thick and longer than the top of your skate boots. Pants, a skirt, or a dress shouldn’t be too long to avoid getting caught under the wheels. If you skate in a skirt or dress, put on a pair of shorts or leggings in order not to expose yourself. Dressing like a skater girl is about comfort and style. There are no strict rules. Wear comfortable clothing that keeps you cool. Skateboarding is a sport, so you’ll get hot. Cotton is a good, lightweight, breathable material. Avoid tight clothing that restricts your motion and flexibility.

Skaters wear straight jeans, not too tight. In the 90s, wide-leg were popular. Either is ok, as long as you move freely. Many skaters wear graphics Tees that draw attention. Hoodies are also part of the skater girl outfit. Wear skaters brands. When skating, wear skating shoes because they give you the most control due to their flat, comfortable soles. Cargo pants, baggy shirts long sleeves over Tees are part of the typical skater girl outfit. Some Skater Girls wear dark colors. Of course, feel free to wear whatever color and outlook you like.

You don’t have to wear something boring due to the restriction above, nor dress conservatively. Experiment. Have fun. Skating is a way to express yourself. Wear something colorful and fun. Preferably wear skater brands like Vans, DC, or Nike. They’re cool. We selected some skaters’ outfits for you to consider.

Classic Black Converse

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An oversized graphic tee perfectly matches the black baggy jeans and black converse. Everything looks good in black. You’ll be comfortable yet look classy!

Fishnet Stocking Tights Underneath

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Suitable for fall – high waist ripped jeans and fishnet stocking tights under. A graphic Tee over the long sleeve one to cover some elbow pads if you wear them. Highly recommended for safety.

A Yellow Puffer Jacket

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Old school skating style: a T-shirt, pants with a high waist, belt, and Vans shoes. The yellow puffer jacket is what makes the outfit outstanding. Jackets might make or break your look. Choose wisely.

A Polo Shirt And Jeans

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A skater girl poses with a polo shirt, blue jeans, and sneakers. Simple and practical.

Oversized T-shirt & Bikers Shorts

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Biker shorts are both comfortable and look great. These figure-hugging shorts look perfect with the oversized T-shirt. They go well with hoodies or crop tops. The graphic tee and Nike ‘air force one’ shoes are simply the ideal outfit. A chain and a bag from accessories.

White Tank Top & Jeans

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Tank tops fit in many combinations, and you’ll always look good. You can pair it with shorts, jeans, and even skirts. It keeps you cool when hot and makes you look effortlessly chic. Put a pair of chunky sneakers and your skateboard to get your skate-girl outfit.

Beige And Green Beanie

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The beanie brings some color to the combination of a white T-shirt with beige pants. The printed Tee over the long sleeve blouse makes this outfit somewhat more fun. Some appropriate jewelry would add to the beauty of the combination.

Plaid Shirt

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Plaid shirts over a plain crop top and sweatpants, and you got your skater outfit. A baseball cap is also skater typical. Nike air is perfect skater shoes.

Long-sleeved Crop Top

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Stripped long-sleeved crop top gives you that extra warmth while skating on chilly summer days. Denim jacket wrapped around mini shorts and colorful socks up your calves with comfy sneakers complete the look.

Colors Like From The Barbie Cartoons

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A set of a high waist pink mini skirt and matching jacket, bra, long socks, and skating shoes. Looks like she escaped from the Cartoon Tales.

Keep On Rolling

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This girl would look perfect also on a skateboard. A Tee front tied, black shorts, and sexy striped high socks. The accessory is carefully chosen and looks like it is effortlessly worn.

Winter Style

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A crop top with draped neckline, baggy ripped jeans, and sneakers. The jacket will keep you warm, and the hat gives you a typical skater look. Take care of the jeans’ length.

Not Typical, But Great Looking

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Skinnies are not skater clothes, but since everyone has different preferences, why not try them if you feel comfortable wearing them. The crop top with the ripped skinny jeans and ankle-high sneakers look nice.


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Baggy clothes might be typical for tomboys, but they’re the most comfortable for your sport. An oversized zipper hoodie, baggy jeans, a baseball hat, and Nike Air Jordans.

Matching Colors

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A plain black crop top with black jeans and a black and red jacket to transform the look into a skater outfit.

Colorful Leggings

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Skaters need a lot of comfort and movement while doing their tricks, so you immediately think of shorts or baggy pants. But leggings are just as comfortable and practical, and while skater-boys might not be able to pull them off, skater-girls certainly can. And the flower pattern with a big black T-shirt is quite a statement for a skater look.

The Two Dragons’ Crop Top

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Add some spice with a crop top. A belt with studs is an eye-catching accessory. Regular jeans and converse match the top. You’ll look amazing. Drive safely in this outfit.

Summer Floral Dress

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So what? It’s summer, and you’re a girl. You can wear this casual floral strap dress. Putting some shorts under will prevent exposing you. Anyway, it looks nice. Why not give it a try?


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It is a skater’s brand. Wear it when possible. It’s simple, and you’ll be noticed.

A Tank Top And Shorts

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It’s just a tank top, denim shorts, and sneakers, but the application on the cropped top and showing the long great looking legs is what matters. It’s simple. Emphasize your best parts.

Skaters, in general, may wear baggy pants and long sleeves under short sleeves to cover the elbow and knee pads and to protect exposed skin. However, they also wear shorts, bikers, and tank tops. There are no rules. Pick the items that suit you and your style as a skater. Consider the aesthetics. We believe you found some ideas in the selection above, whether you’re a pro or just starting. You can easily rock the look and be authentic in your own way. Please share your opinions and experiences about the skater girl topic. We highly appreciate it.

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