15 Sarah Cameron Outfits And How To Style Them

Sarah Cameron is one of the lead characters in Outer Banks, portrayed by Madelyn Cline. And there are numerous reasons to get hooked on the latest Netflix teen drama. Besides the treasure-hunting plot, the handsome cast, and the great story, we can enjoy the fashion styles of the characters on screen. Especially, from the role of Sarah. We can often see her delivering great style with amazing outfits and breathtaking combinations. Sarah is the stunning queen of Outer Banks, who likes to be treated like a princess, considering her background and reputation in the series.

She is a warm-hearted and smart woman, who grew up in a wealthy family with a father who is a self-made entrepreneur, and a fancy stepmother with a high sense of style. Even though in the series Sarah is portrayed as a girl who is in constant inner conflicts, she is a loyal and strong person, with great fashion skills.

Her appearance with dirty blonde hair, below the shoulders, her white tan, and 1.68m height, make her the perfect fit for wearing crop tops, shorts, and occasionally some jewelry. Sarah is known for her cute outfits, which she portrays in most of the seasons.

In this article, we will discuss some of her best looks so far. Some of her pieces are from Volcom, which released an Outer Banks collection last year. Among the other brands, Sarah wears are Good American, Hurley, RVCA, and Emmie. However, to what extent certain things can influence the way we dress and perceive fashion? Is it for the long-term or just a phase? Let’s check some of Sarah’s outfits.

Button-Front, Rib-Knit Crop Tee

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This Sarah Cameron outfit is a casual one, with a yellow button crop top and a plain pattern style. It has a V-neckline, with a long sleeve length and a slight stretch fabric. The material is mainly polyester and you can combine the top with black jeans, green trousers or mom jeans. On the other hand, the jeans can be combined as well, with a turtleneck, plain shirt, or just add a cotton cardigan, or rib-stitch. You’ll get the casual and intimidating look with the slim-fit cuffs and jersey stitch detail on the sleeves.

Yellow Tube Top and White Jeans

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The yellow tube top is typical for Sarah’s wardrobe. Combined with white jeans, it boosts the ultimate level of confidence. The jeans are 10-inch high with a high waist button. She’s wearing a tube top and a leather triangle flap backpack. The outfit can be suited with white sandals or white sneakers. It will look good and casual both ways.

Floral Bikini, Star Denim Shorts, and Green Floral Shirt

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Sarah was stunning in this outfit with a Leilani bikini top, a mag sketch shirt in wintergreen, and barrow shorts. She was the star of the show in the second season and an inspiration to many teenagers to follow her fashion style.

Vintage Bikini Top and Sailor Duster Short

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This bikini top is cute, padded, and neutrally colored, combined with the shorts that provide modern cuts to fit the body’s figure perfectly. All of the girls were crazy about this outfit and the sales of denim shorts sky-rocketed.

Gray And White Striped Dress

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The flattering white and gray stripe, T-shirt dress is one of Sarah’s more feminine, yet youthful outfits in the series. It’s a great asset for more formal ceremonies which can be suited with white sandals.

Roxy Rum Cay Viscose Shorts and White Plain Shirt

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Sarah was rocking this outfit of Hawaiian printed skort red, cay viscose shorts, and a plain white shirt. The fabric is a lightweight viscose, with a comfortable, regular fit. The waist is featured with an elasticized waistband. The shirt is plain cotton, which you can find anywhere, and combined with white sneakers it’s the ultimate goal of looking and feeling fancy.

Blue Floral Dress

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This beautiful, blue floral tie dress is perfect for the summer period. It features a stylish floral print, ties the front chest in specific details, it has flutter split sleeves and a hidden back zipper. The V-neckline is emphasized and accentuates the curves while keeping it simple and casual.

Lilac Off-Shoulder Crop Top and Striped Denim Shorts

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The lilac off-shoulder crop top is a textured, long-sleeve top. The Rosie striped shorts are perfectly combined with the pop-top necklace and the baseline white sneakers.

Bikini Top With Cute Print and Denim Shorts

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We’ve mentioned at the beginning that Sarah is a fan of crop tops and shorts. Well, here you go! This is another outfit where she features a bikini top with white, blue, and yellow intertwined in the print, and denim shorts.

Eyelet Sweater and Striped Denim Shorts

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The denim shorts are Sarah’s stamp. And for a reason. The shorts fit her curves perfectly, aligning them with the wide cut of the sweater that highlights her waistline. The V-neckline adds density and an accent to her shoulders and the upper part of her body.

White Shirt With A Brand Slogan And Denim Shorts With A Bow

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These denim shorts with a bow at the waistline contribute to a casual style. With the Tres Cool T-shirt combined with off-white sandals, you have the perfect combo for a day out with your friends!

Black-Orange Floral Print Cami Dress

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Cute little dresses are the imprint of Sarah’s fashion. Which is the case with this black-orange, floral print, cami dress. Accessorizing it with a necklace, colorful-frame glasses, black sandals, and voila, you are ready to hit the summer!

Gray Pullover And Gray Sweatpants

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This is one of the most unusual outfits we’ve seen Sarah on the screens. And she definitely rocks it! The gray pullover can be also worn with black denim jeans and white sneakers. While the sweatpants are perfect for a white crop top combination.

Red Top Bikini and Denim Shorts

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Up till now, we are already accustomed to seeing Sarah in bikini tops and shorts. And this outfit is not an exception. She rocks every crop top look, but here she looks incredibly sexy and attractive. The denim shorts can be fitted with a long-sleeve blouse or a V-neckline shirt.

Boho Round Beach Dress

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The boho chick style is still present in the fashion industry and women’s wardrobes! Its mixture of beautiful and relaxing colors, mesmerizing patterns, and original styles, makes all women want to buy a thousand dresses boho style. The latest trend in fashion is the woven wallets, so this beautiful outfit by Sarah Cameron brings to you the pleasure of enjoying a casual style for a trip to the beach. You can complement it with a bag made of natural fibers in bohemian style.

While some celebrities are known as fashion icons, others enjoy the more casual styles and share their knowledge of fashion with their followers. Sarah is more like the second type. She likes casual styles, often incorporating denim and crop tops in her outfits, making her the cute teen she portrays in the series Outer Banks. We hope you enjoyed Sarah Cameron’s outfits so far and hopefully, you will try out some of her combinations. What’s Sarah Cameron outfit would you like to copy? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comment section below.

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