15 Punk Outfits Showing Rebellion Through Fashion

Even if 80s styles come back, what good are they to individuals who don’t identify with the preppy, polished aesthetic that was fashionable at the time of its resurgence? For those who were fed up with seeing white sneakers and power suits everywhere, there was another fashion trend that was more daring and spoke to an audience with a different set of ideals than the mainstream. There have been trends like spikes and chains for decades even though we conceive of them as relatively recent inventions. Many of today’s “punk” fashion choices have their roots in the 1980s, especially in the United Kingdom.

The chains and spikes that makeup “punk style” are significant, but it’s also necessary to point out that a powerful social movement was taking place behind the fabric. Many punks felt the need to stand out from the crowd by dressing in a way that communicated to the outer world that they were doing their own thing in a world of mass materialism.

This was not the only reason why the way they dressed was also seen as a form of rebellion against consumerism, especially if they were able to put together outfits from things they already owned or discovered at a secondhand shop. Many punk messages still resonate today, no matter how far we’ve progressed since the 1980s.

Here are 15 punk outfits and styles that you can incorporate into your wardrobe, whether you want to support a message of uniqueness or just like the appearance.

Grudge & Edgy Mix

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A few major fashion trends—camo, plaid, and punk—have never looked so well together as they do on supermodel Cara Delevingne. Wear a camo jacket and a loose tee with a leather mini and edgy ankle boots with sleek hardware embellishments to balance off the loose, boyish designs. Knot a flannel around your waist for a cool ’90s rocker look with looser layers.

Black Leather Jackets

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A black leather jacket, like a plaid shirt, is a timeless addition to any outfit. Sewing patches or fabric swatches on a black leather jacket is an easy method to wear in the punk style. This not only gives it a unique personality, but it also allows you to say something deeply personal about yourself. Finding a jacket with spikes is another possibility.

Plaid Punk

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Plaid isn’t just a preppy staple or Christmas decor, but it has punk-rock roots as well!! You can emulate Rita Ora’s punk plaid look by wearing cropped jeans and a matching moto with great rocker embellishments. Pair your favorite skinnies with a checkered moto jacket for a more polished appearance that’s appropriate for the classroom.

Punk Girly Style

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A black midi dress in punk’s characteristic fabric gives the ’90s punk aesthetic a modern leather makeover. With a delicate silhouette and a prim floral purse, Elle Fanning softens the rough tone of her black leather look.

Punk Boots

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There is no better way to get into punk style than with a pair of punk shoes. With a black t-shirt, pants, a belt, and combat boots, you could easily put together an outfit. Instead of a plain t-shirt, you may choose an eye-catching, lightweight blouse with a black and white design. Even while the high-top boots had a purposeful sole cushioning that provided more support than the typical fashion footwear, their sleek metallic surface meant that they organically paired well with the 80s punk image.

Safety Pinned

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This is our favorite look so far. Taylor Momsen just looks stunning in this picture. You don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort when it comes to this trend! It’s possible to appear fully punk with little more than a tank dress. Create the grungy glam look by creating a pattern, like this cross, on the black tank dress with some safety pins and pairing it with black leather pants and knee-high boots.

Pretty Punk Style

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We can’t forget Miley Cyrus when we talk about punk and its styles. Here is a perfect example of a modern punk dress code from the musical star as she rocks the band tee which is an integral part of the style. A leather mini skirt, stylish shoes, and metallic accessories complete her appearance.

Purple Cyberpunk

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Purple is a color that has depth, can be used in many ways, and has a soft edge. This is a great shade to add to your collection if you want to go for a grunge look. Try it with ripped jeans, plaid pants, or oversized pants. To finish, add an oversized t-shirt and chunky shoes. Try out different colors, like violet and plum, which go well with darker colors like charcoal, gray, and black. For the perfect grunge look, you have to reject the idea of polish or perfection. Instead, focus on making something that makes you feel comfortable and cool.

Edgy All-Black

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This edgy, all-black outfit is a style to works for many styles aside from punk. Tight black ripped jeans with a silvery mesh top and corset beneath with a leather jacket tied at the waist when you get too hot. And it certainly is hot.

Moto Jacket

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Demi Lovato is another one of the celebrities we absolutely can’t leave out when we talk about the punk-goth and all of its glory. Change your favorite blazer for a (fake leather) moto jacket, as she did with the punk trend. It will instantly toughen up a dress or a pair of oxblood skinny jeans.

Moody Punk Look

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Even though the original idea of punk was related to the counterculture of the 1990s, it can be understood in many different ways today. One popular choice is the dark style, which uses many dark and moody colors but has the same basic idea. For a more modern look, stick to black and charcoal. Add splashes of different colors, like gray, yellow, or red, to make a more interesting outfit.

White Punk Outfit

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While the dark and black color is predominant in this style, not all outfits convey it – a white outfit can have the same easygoing and casual style. When paired with dark colors, it can make the room feel more three-dimensional and give it a bit of a unique look. Try out different layers and shapes by putting on big sweatshirts and cardigans with short skirts or jeans with wide legs. If you can, switch out your long pants for a skirt or shorts and pair them with chunky boots or white sneakers if the weather is nice. You can add as many or as few accessories as you like. Just do what makes you feel good.

Afropunk Look

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When we think of African-American artists or styles we rarely think punk. Yet, punk managed to gain some followers in the black community as well, creating the Afropunk alternative subculture.  Here is a cool example of their style. Bright orange-colored jacket with no shirt underneath, fishnet stockings, and ripped baggy capri pants finished off with high-platform combat boots. And all the chain jewelry and accessories you can ask for.

Sporting Brand T-shirt

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Punks love to show their support for their favorite brands by wearing brand T-shirts. These T-shirts are an important part of punk fashion, even if they aren’t always worn in the way that they were intended to be.

Punk Chic

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Gwen Stefani’s early ’90s heyday is a great source of inspiration for your very own punk outfit. At one point, she even worked with punk icon Vivienne Westwood, designing some of the most memorable costumes for her music videos in the early 2000s. Punk-inspired designs from Jean Paul Gaultier’s 1994 ready-to-wear collection can also serve as excellent inspiration for anyone in need of more style tips.

Punk is more than just music or style. As it symbolizes cultural ideals and concepts, its effect defies established guidelines. The punk fashion history clearly shows how punk influenced people’s thinking and what they wore. Even today when you think of the word “punk” you think of “rebellion” and punk music and fashion have left a mark that’s going to stay. But what do you think? Let us know what you think about this extravagant style in the comments below!

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