Makeup For Blue Dress – How to Make a Fashion Statement

Blue dresses help you make a statement. You can choose any blue color, be it navy, royal blue, turquoise, or even baby blue. No matter the shade, blue is a great choice for a garment color. The challenge for many women is what to use as makeup for blue dress. When your dress helps you make a statement, should you go for a more subtle makeup? Or continue with your statement?

There are a number of ideas you can use to complement your shiny new perfect blue dress. It all depends on whether it is for a special occasion, or just a low-key dress. Blue is a fashionable color for both choices. And the occasion vastly influences your makeup for blue dress. With that in mind, here are some general guidelines you should follow.

Play with colors

One of the most important thing with a blue dress is to understand the colors complimenting it. When it comes to makeup for blue dress, it is best that you work with complementary colors. They will really bring your dress out. Complementary colors to blue are reds and oranges. That means colors like coral, peach, brown with blues, orange, and so on.

Using some of the complementary colors of blue for your makeup will enhance your dress. Another trick you can employ is using more blue. But that applies only if your dress is not entirely blue, but has some blue elements. Introduce blue in your makeup, and your dress will shine even more.

Do not worry about skin tone

The good news is that blue matches most skin tones, no matter if it is pale or dark. No matter whether you have freckles or clear complexions, blue is a very versatile colors. That makes planning for the makeup easier, as most styles can be effective. One thing to note is focus on one part of your makeup. Whether that is the eyes or the lips, it is up to you. Never make both your eyes and lips a focal point for your makeup for blue dress. Once you decide which part to focus on your makeup, it is easier.

What about the base?

The base is the beginning of your makeup for blue dress. It all depends on the look you are striving for. But the important part is to start with a good scrub and moisturizer that will help you maintain a fresh look. If your dress is cooler shades of blue, pair it up with warm colors like deep red or orange for a warm look. Start with a standard concealer and cover all your blemishes. If you have natural tan, skip the foundation.

When it comes to the base, try to pick a neutral one that matches your skin tone as closely as possible. Do not layer too much foundation or powder to the face.


Your cheeks are not the focus of your makeup, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore them. Coordinate the color of your chicks and lips to take the color play to another level. Warm blush will work wonderfully if you want to prevent washing. Pink toned blush will make your cheeks look rosy as a baby. But if you want a warmer look, go for plum-colored blush. Apply three tiny dots of the powder blush in the middle of the apple of your cheeks. Then, using a large and round blush, blend it with the skin in a circular motion.

What color should your lipstick be?

This depends mostly on your look. If you’ve opted for a dramatic eye look, go for nude lip color. Just apply lip balm and line with a nude lip liner, and cover your lips with a peach nude shaded lipstick. However, if your lips are the focal point, go for red lip color. Bright red lipstick looks great when teamed with low-key eye makeup and any shade of the blue dress. The combination works even better if you have porcelain skin. If you have medium skin, go for a pinker tone, for example, fuchsia. For an olive skin tone, go for a paler lip shade.

If you want a color that works wonderful for all skin tones, go for coral lip colors. It is a great starting point if you are not sure what lip color to choose.

The best part about your lipstick is that you can apply it at the very end. That allows you to look yourself in the mirror with your 90% complete makeup for blue dress, and decide at the end what type of lipstick you can use.

What about the eyes?

In most cases, makeup for blue dress focuses on your eyes. As mentioned previously, you can either focus your makeup on your eyes or lips. Your eyes should speak volumes with an alluring blue dress. Feminine eyes work very well with a powerful and gender-neutral color like blue.

Some options include metallic eyes, or smokey eyes. If your blue dress is navy or other hard blue, go for metallic component like gold or champagne. If your eyes are a focal point, down your cheeks and base to avoid the costume look. For cool blue, go for green or blue in your eyes. Warm blue dress pairs great with purple or teal.

Finishing up

When you want to complete your look, go for a spritz of makeup sealer. That will make sure your look is fresh for long period of time. Apply a mineral powder sealer for a shimmery effect on your face.

Final Thoughts

It is easy to get confused when you are trying to find the perfect makeup for blue dress. Color overload? It can get overwhelming, especially if you are new to the blue color. Blue can be tricky to match up, because it is such a bold color. With that in mind, let’s get some final thoughts on your makeup and basics.

  • Take some time to experiment
  • Look yourself in the mirror, and test your makeup on people you know and trust
  • Being that blue is a cold color, go for colors that compliment it, like oranges and reds
  • Blue dresses do not need a lot of accessories to stand out
  • Make sure your makeup follows the style of your blue dress. For example, if you are wearing a 70s blue dress, go for 70s makeup

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