15 Best Outfits Worn By The Ill-Fated Rapper King Von

Dayvon Daquan Bennett, professionally known as King Von was a rapper from Chicago, Illinois. Born in 1994, he was one of the rising stars of the American rap community. Unfortunately, in the early morning of Friday, 6 November 2020, he was one of three men shot and killed outside a hookah lounge in Atlanta, at the age of 26. This happened just a week after the release of his first album called “Welcome to O’Block”. Even though he is dead, his legacy will live on, and a result of that is the release of the first posthumous album of the rapper “What It Means To Be King” on 4 March 2022.

Although he had never rapped before, he had a unique and captivating storytelling style that was both simple and witty. This, along with his popular first-person translations, made it easy even for older generations to follow along. He was a rap star who was very good at freestyling, which is making clever rhymes that make sense in the context of the song, similar to Eminem in the movie “8 Mile.” His rhymes made it easier for people to understand his “head on a swivel” attitude. In Bennett’s world, a simple trip to the store could turn into a deadly ambush. The headlines in this paper often back up his point.

King Von was known for being good at rapping and singing, so people know him. It didn’t matter that he died. People still loved listening to the songs he made. People also still buy his merchandise. As with his music, King Von’s fashion sense was a subject of admiration as well. There are a lot of different types of clothing that his merchandise still releases, but the most popular are hoodies and t-shirts. This is the case also for the hats, which were a key component of his outfits.

His outfits were always casual but fashionable. Very often he wore a t-shirt combined with jeans and sneakers. He almost always had a big chain around his neck, with the words “O’Block”, meaning the street in Chicago he was born on, and OTF, which was the record label he was signed on.

Here are some of his outfits.

Louis Vitton

Photo: pinterest.com

We see him wearing a Louis Vitton hat along with an LV Monogram T-shirt and black denim jeans. The sneakers are also from the luxurious French fashion house, which Von liked to wear very often.

Blue T-shirt

Photo: pinterest.com

Here, King Von is posing in a light blue t-shirt along with white jeans and sneakers which perfectly match the outfit. The usual O’Block chain is here as well. We have to admit he did have a good fashion approach.

Yellow Hoodie

Photo: pinterest.com

A stylish yellow hoodie with a combination of black jeans. Makes you think of the famous Wiz Khalifa song, doesn’t it? It might as well be a tribute to it, who knows. The sneaker casual look is also very King Von style.

Black Jacket

Photo: pinterest.com

This was one of Von’s more formal outfits if we could say it that way. An all-black look, as he loved wearing black, with a black jacket, jeans, and shoes. The baseball cap was everyday wear on the rapper, as a part of his unique method of clothing.

Gucci Outfit

Photo: pinterest.com

Another brand he liked to wear was Gucci. Here we see a black & white themed outfit with a Gucci leather belt and black jeans. Very fitting to his look.

Grey Headband

Photo: pinterest.com

Whenever King Von didn’t wear a baseball cap, he wore a headband. Here we see one of his many expensive outfits, rocking that grey jacket which matches perfectly with the usual black clothes.

Pink Jacket

Photo: pinterest.com

The pink jacket is one the rapper rarely wore. But here we see that it was a great look on him, with the ripped jeans and the high basketball sneakers. The man was on another level, we have to admit.

Red & Black Themed Outfit

Photo: instagram.com

This next outfit was taken about a month before he died. Here we see him and his fellow rapper friend Louie64 next to a red Ferrari. A fitting red cap and ICON shirt combined with the red sneakers makes for a fancy look.

Dior Shirt

Photo: instagram.com

A Dior shirt and casual jeans. Another one of the very simple King Von looks. Of course, we can’t forget about the O’Block chain, a recognizable addition to every outfit of the young rapper.

Versace Style

Photo: pinterest.com

One thing we can say for sure about Von’s style of clothing is that he obviously did not have a favorite fashion brand. From Dior to Gucci to Versace, the rapper wore whatever he liked, and that is something very admirable and respectable.

Nike Sweatpants

Photo: pinterest.com

Even the sweatpants he wore in a specific style. Here we see a more casual, at-home look on the rapper, but the Gucci sneakers are the key part of this outfit. They are very modern and suit this look a lot.

Purple Hat

Photo: pinterest.com

We simply can’t skip this one. Every color looked awesome on this man. Here we see a purple winter hat along with a purple hoodie and the unsurpassed bling in the form of the chain, bracelets, and watch.

Richezza Outfit

Photo: instagram.com

This next “jogging suit” as King Von described it is a combination from the clothing label Richezza, whose owner is the fashion designer Insert Ropa. Richezza collaborated several times with King Von, and this is one of those cases. The smooth cotton sweatpants and hoodie make for comfortable wear all day.

A ‘Picturesque’ Look

Photo: instagram.com

This is one of the more memorable King Von outfits. You don’t see every day an outfit with pictures and selfies all over it. But such was Von and this was nothing strange coming from him.

Father And Son With Style

Photo: pinterest.com

For our last outfit, we would like to share this amazing picture of King Von and his son. Both of their styles are very similar as we can see here, and this just confirms the saying ‘the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree’. If the son grows up to be anywhere like his dad, we do know that he will be on his a-game when it comes to fashion and clothes.

It was very unfortunate that King Von passed away at such a young age. He was loved by a lot of people, he had a lot of fans, and was a devoted father who cared about his children and his people before he cared for himself. A big humanitarian, he donated money to the children in his South Side block of Chicago very often. This was a rapper with a very unique and great style both in the music and in the clothing and brands which he wore.

Did you like King Von’s style? What about his music? He did leave a mark on the rap industry, there is no doubt about it. Tell us your opinions about his clothing and musical styles in the comments below.

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