15 Sporty Jordan Outfits For Stylish Laid-Back Look

Nike makes Air Jordan basketball shoes, athletic, casual, and style clothing in the United States. Air Jordan was started in Chicago. It was made for Hall of Fame basketball player Michael Jordan when he played for the Chicago Bulls. Late in 1984, the first Air Jordan shoes were made just for Michael Jordan. On April 1, 1985, they became available to everyone else. Peter Moore, Tinker Hatfield, and Bruce Kilgore worked for Nike to make the shoes.

In 1984, when Michael Jordan was still with the Chicago Bulls, Peter B. Moore made the first Air Jordan for him. Along with the release of iconic colors, like the Air Jordan 1 Royal. Air Jordan Metallic, Air Jordan Black Toe, and more are also available. Even though they all failed, the Air Jordan 1 Chicago is the only one that stands out. According to legend, the famous Air Jordan shoe line rarely got off the ground. Soon after Michael Jordan released the Air Jordan I, the NBA banned it because it had colors that were not “regulation.” Let’s just say that Jordan didn’t listen, and that’s how the big basketball shoe boom started.

In 1994, Chicago Air Jordan also made a retro version that had a Nike Air tag on the tongue. While nothing changed for 20 years, this was thought to be the best retro. In 2013, the Air Jordan 1 came out again with Nike Air branding, and it stayed in stores for two years.

In 2015, there was finally a real Chicago 1 style with Nike Air written on the tongue and no Jumpman silhouette. On October 29, 2022, they will change Chicago Jordan 1 once more. David Stern, who was the NBA Commissioner at the time, banned the red and black colorway of the Nike Air Ship, which was the prototype for the Jordan I because there wasn’t much white on them. This rule called the “51 percent rule,” was thrown out in the late 2000s.

If you want to know how to put together some cute outfits with your Jordans, you’ve come to the right place. This article will show you 15 ways to put together cute outfits with your Jordan sneakers.

First of all, girls usually wear Jordans in two styles: girly and Tomboy. You may also see people wearing Jordans with urban, street-style, and sporty outfits. But we want to show you in this article that there are a lot of other ways to wear them. Read on to see our top choices and recommendations!

Sweatpants And Tank Top

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So let’s start with an old favorite. This athletic look can be worn to the gym, on a jog around the city at night, or even to Target, which is like a marathon in itself. Plus, it’s dang cute. First, put on your Jordans. Got a cool pair of shoes with a bold color, like these black and white ones? Then keep going! Let your shoes be the main attraction, and wear your favorite tank top with some cute shin-length sweatpants. Add a white short-sleeved jacket to finish off the look. And voila! You are a masterpiece of sporty, athletic, maybe it works out!

Denim Shorts

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Try on this flirty summer outfit if you want to look like a modern girl next door. This outfit is all about how you carry yourself. Tuck a muscle tank or other tank top with thin straps into a pair of short, high-waisted shorts. Use a chunky belt and some bracelets to dress up your outfit. The Jordans are, of course, the most important part of the outfit. So get a cool pair in black and white. Wave your hair like it’s at the beach, and you’re ready for summer!

Black Leather Pants

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Put on a pair of skinny black leather pants and your favorite graphic t-shirt for an edgy look for hip-hop, rap, or rock concert. Like themes? Try a denim ensemble by choosing a white tee to go with your denim jacket. Gold jewelry, like a thick ropey-style necklace, and your best Jordans are all you need. This is a casual style that you can wear to many different events.

Grey And White Sneakers

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Do you have a favorite way to put colors together? Why not use it to make an outfit? This inspiration board shows how cute it can be to wear gray and white together. This is a great outfit for high school girls who love to wear cool sneakers. Add diamond stud earrings to a casual outfit to make it look fancier.

Black Sweatshirt

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Every college girl needs a Jordan outfit she can always wear. Why? It’s casual and cute, and it’s easy to put together. Also, it’s easy to walk around campus in some comfortable shoes. This black-and-denim look is pretty much all black, and it’s also very stylish. Go for it!

Wool Coat

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Pair some white Jordans with a green wool coat, boyfriend jeans, and a white t-shirt for a warm winter outfit. With a pink beanie on top, you’re ready to go out on chilly winter days.

Hoodie & Sweatpants

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Put on a pair of white Jordans with some casual sweatpants, a hoodie, and a small bag for a cute, cozy look. Great for trips to Target and long days of shopping when you want to look cute and feel comfortable.

All-green Outfit

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Get yourself some bright green (or even neon green could work) Jordans and a green dress to go with them. This look is cute and flirty, and it’s easy to put together. You can also tie it all together with a two-toned long-sleeved top and a green purse.

Camouflage Leggings

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Look no further for a girly street-style outfit. We love how this model can wear tomboy clothes and still look beautiful and girly. In this look, a red baseball cap is also very acceptable because it goes well with red lipstick and the red accents on these black and white Jordans. You can go anywhere in camo leggings or pants and a blue sweatshirt.

Cute Mini-dress

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Get a little hipster and put on your favorite short dress with any fun pattern you can find. This outfit is perfect for going out with friends, having coffee dates, or going to the movies in the summer. Add a clutch or small purse and some sunglasses to dress up your outfit.

Winter Teddy Coat

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Are you going somewhere during the cold winter months? Check out this beautiful outfit! If your outfit is all black, add some visual interest by topping it off with a cozy, comfortable teddy coat. This look is pulled together by the Jordans, sunglasses, and backpack purse.

Black Jeans

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If you’re going to summer camp or going shopping, black jeans and a shirt will look great with Jordans. This look is very simple and doesn’t take much time to put together.

Varsity Jacket

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Rihanna not only knows how to rock a pair of Jordans, but her casual summer girl style gives varsity players a run for their money. Pair a black varsity jacket with cutoff shorts and your favorite Jordans to get the look. Add sunglasses and a swipe of deep red lipstick to finish off your look. Under your jacket, you can wear a sports bra or a crop top.

Tomboyish Yet Feminine

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For a more feminine Jordan look, we’ve shown you how to combine them with a cute dress. And the versatility of the Jordans can work with sexier looks as well, like this sexy street outfit, combining baggy jeans and a black one-sleeve wrap-around crop top, accessorized with a cute leather purse and some jewelry.

Tiger Skirt

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Need a cute and seductive outfit for summer? Yellow Jordans look great with a tiger-print miniskirt and a black t-shirt. Add a pop of color with a bright purse and you’re sure to have all eyes on you wherever you go.

For the first 80 or so years of the 20th century, shoes were just shoes. Then, in the middle of the 1980s, Nike made a pair of basketball shoes with an ex-Tarheel on them. The Air Jordan was made, and, as they say, the rest is history. So, do you like Jordan shoes? We think they’re one of the still modern even though they’re a couple of decades old. Time has not worn them out, pun intended. Tell us what you think down below!

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