15 Sports Jersey Outfits That Will ‘Up Your Game’

The game is coming up, so you’ve got your tickets now. You’re in for a treat! The only issue? Achieving the perfect balance between representing your team and looking beautiful on Instagram. Congratulations on being able to pull off a jersey with ease! Happy for you. When it comes to sports apparel, if you feel like a kid in a T-ball uniform every time you put it on, we’re here to help. Good thing brave souls before us (aka celebrities and style bloggers) have been there, done that, and have given us some wonderful wardrobe inspiration to copy. To avoid looking like you’re wearing activewear to a Super Bowl party or a basketball game, try one of these 15 fashionable ways to wear a jersey from your favorite team or player’s fan club.

There’s nothing quite like spending a Sunday afternoon with friends and family gathered around the television or grilling out in anticipation of a big game. You may not be a fan of the sport, but deciding what to wear to the game gives you an occasion to play around and put together a variety of fall ensembles.

When it comes to weekend attire, nothing says “athleisure” like a vivid football/baseball/basketball jersey. With so many options for mixing and matching, the possibilities for outfits are practically limitless. For a more sassy look, use an oversized jersey dress instead of a cardigan.

Style isn’t absent from a sports venue, even if the seats are a long way from the catwalk. Whether you’re a sports lover or not, you may still look cute and casual while you’re watching the game. We’ve put together a list of 15 outfits to prove it. You’ll be prepared the next time you’re unsure what to dress for a sporting event.

Baseball Jersey With Sneakers

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To begin, you could choose to model your appearance after that of Hannah Brown. On certain occasions, all you want is a straightforward getup consisting of some trousers, a white jersey, some shoes, and a baseball cap.


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Put on a turtleneck, which is the secret weapon of the fashion business when it comes to layering, under your sports shirt, and then finish off your outfit with a shearling jacket for an elegant finish.

Red Basketball Jersey

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Should you feel the need to ramp up your athletic look, you may wear your jersey with some classic shoes, denim shorts, and a cap in addition to completing the look with a cap.

Casual Sports Outfit

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Rita Ora was seen leaving her house in a Brooklyn Nets basketball jersey, so she was still going for an American look. The 23-year-old waved to the photographers as she showed off her trim pins in the sporty outfit, which she paired with a baseball cap backward. She wore her favorite pair of biker boots with her top, and her blonde hair was hidden by her navy hat.

All-black Ensemble

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This model-off-duty is shown here sporting a refined take on the jersey look by teaming it with a longer pair of trousers and sneakers. One of the secrets to achieving a trendy appearance is to stick to an all-black color palette.

Skirt & Jersey

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This outfit comes together thanks to the jersey and pencil skirt combination, which is completely out of the left field. This place has the best of both worlds: it’s an office and a street at the same time.

Jersey Dress

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This dress by Fashion Nova is sure to get a lot of compliments thanks to its stunning sequined design. You only need a pair of boots with a heel to complete the look, and you’ll be set to go!

Baseball Look

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Even though basketball jerseys might be the most popular among fashionistas, here is a case for the baseball jersey as well. The cool jersey along with the handbag makes for a perfect, red and white combination to wear to a Boston Red Sox game.

Winter Jersey Outfit

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This getup is successful since the white cap, jacket, boots, and slacks are all in keeping with the sporty concept. The gloves are the ideal accessory to complete the ensemble. You are completely ready to cheer now!

Extravagant Chicago Bulls Outfit

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Miley Cyrus strolled through the CenterStaging Studios lot in Burbank, California, wearing a long Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls jersey. She donned a baseball cap and black and white striped heels. Miley also wore gold chains, rings, and bracelets, which contrasted with her white-blonde hair and vivid red lipstick, giving her appearance a hip-hop vibe.

Hoodie Under The Jersey

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Add a layer if the armholes are too low for you. At the same time, Kendall’s Philadelphia 76ers jersey, tie-dyed hoodie, and white leggings give her a cool and comfy vibe.

Soccer Jersey With Track Pants

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Breaking it all down reveals exactly how athletic this ensemble is: a soccer shirt with short trousers and normal sneakers. In terms of sportswear, it’s the pinnacle of the genre.

Layered Look

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Here we have another great outfit idea for the cold weather. Even though you might believe it’s hard to show your support for your team while still keeping yourself warm, it’s not impossible. Well, ladies, this is the proper procedure. All three of your costume criteria may be met with a printed puffy coat, thick slacks, winter boots, and a furry trapper hat.

Hockey Jersey & Sweater

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If you want to stay warm at the hockey rink, follow Gigi’s lead and put on a hoodie or half-zip underneath. Style tip: French-tuck the front of your shirt into your jeans if the back is too long.

Cropped Soccer Jersey

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Instead of wearing a loose-fitting original jersey, a cropped one that hugs the body looks much more feminine. But if crop tops aren’t your style, the front knot is just as beautiful. Add a pair of retro sunglasses and you’ll look super chic in a soccer jersey.

We hope you ladies enjoyed our diverse list of jersey outfits you can wear at a sporting event. Even though the sport is deemed ‘a man thing’, we see more and more women taking part in it and helping it grow, which is something exceptional and raiseable. From soccer to baseball, basketball, and hockey, there are a variety of sports you can get yourself into and you’ll sure to get hooked on the excitement they offer right away. Let us know which is your favorite sports team, and which sports you enjoy watching in the comments below, or share with us your jersey outfit ideas!

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