19 Jaripeo Outfits For Sexy Country Latina Women

Jaripeo is a kind of bull riding in central and southern Mexico. It originates from the 16th century. It started as riding bulls to death but evolved to riding bulls until they become tired. Jaripeos take place in bull rings or modern arenas. ‘Las Reinas del Jaripeo’ or ‘The queens’ are the feminine side of a Jaripeo event: a group of three to four 15 years old girls. They enter on horseback wearing long, colorful, traditional Mexican dresses, followed by ten to twelve men on horseback. It might look like a rodeo, but it differs: while the American rodeo includes bull riding, lasso, and roping and is more of a show, Jaripeo consist of bull riding, dancing horses, and live music and is considered more of an event.

Gorgeous women walk with their bell sleeve blouses and flashy jewelry, the sound of the dance party during the night, and much fun in the tradition. With the clothes, music, and history, it’s more than an event but is a part of a culture. Jaripeo can be described as outgoing, adventurous, and cheerful, strongly connected to Mexican culture. They are community events where people gather for food, live music, bull riding, and dancing horses. At night a transition is done from the bull riding to the dance. Everyone dances to the beat. Men hug the waist of the woman while holding her right hand. At the end of the night, you leave the jaripeo with your feet aching and boots covered in dust.

The word jaripeo, as its origin, has the meaning of art demonstrated through music and symbolic clothing. Women wore traditional dresses known as enaguas and danced until they could stay on their feet. Girls prepare hours before the event, which usually starts in the early afternoon and finishes not before 11 PM. They wear their boots, flared jeans, a belt, and a cute blouse or a solid top. From accessories, a set of gold hoops, gold chain, and ring are essential to the outfit. Some girls wear cowboy or western hats. A big buckled belt is essential. Dresses are another option for the jaripeo outfit, but the belt is a must and contrasts to the dress.

We have selected some options for your look at a jaripeo event. Hope you’ll get inspired and use one for your next occasion.

Strapless Top

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A strapless top with lace and flared jeans, simple and good looking. The necklace and earrings are the minimum accessories to wear.

Western Hat

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White crop top with laces, high-waist jeans, and a hat. This western hat adds a unique flair boasting a 3/4 curved brim, and a bow tie ribbon hatband enriches the pinch front crease crown. It is a fashionable hat to complement your overall look.

Hot Or Not

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This girl looks hot in her flowers printed crop top, high waist jeans, and hat. The belt is a particular part of the accessories, alongside the necklace. All together, magnificent!

Shirred Crop Top

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A shirred crop top with front strings is eye-catching. You can combine it with shorts or flare ripped jeans like the girl in the pic. The belt with a big buckle, silver necklace and earrings are part of the traditional accessories.

White Dress & Boots

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This is another way to dress for the jaripeo event – a dress. The dresses are usually minis, or at least short at the bottom. This one looks beautiful with the décolleté neckline and contrasting color belt and boots matching.

Sexy Tie Knot

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Sexy self-tie front knot crop shirt with balloon long sleeves and bell-bottomed jeans. The rest is traditional: the hat and much pearls jewelry. The belt, in this case, differs from the standard but looks elegant in this outfit.


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This one is traditional: the hat, wide dark blue jeans, and a flashy silver-black shirt. You can look confident in this outfit.

Black & Jeans

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A sexy combo of a black cropped top with arm warmers, a black hat, and bell-bottomed jeans. Don’t forget the black belt with embellishment.

Dress, Belt, Boots

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A low neckline extends around the upper part of the arms, baring the shoulders and tiered bottom dress, tight in the middle with the big buckled belt. The boots match the belt and the leather necklace with the big cross.

All White, No Belt

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Sometimes you need to stand out by breaking some of the traditions, but still on the theme: this girl looks really sexy in the all-white ensemble: the hat, the tied knot cropped shirt, and white high raised jeans. Notice the flash of the golden earrings!

Start The Change You Want To See In Others

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This bold outfit of a tiny crop top covered with a jacket, denim shorts, and over-knee-high boots caught my eye immediately.

A Poncho

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This girl looks very elegant in the ornamented poncho, minimalist blouse under it, and regular black pants. She’s got some unusual pieces of accessories.

Off Shoulder, Bell Sleeve Ornamented

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A stunning white mini dress with an off-shoulder neckline, bell sleeves, really beautifully decorated on the end of the sleeves, and the bottom part of the dress. The boots have a beautiful design as well.

One Shoulder, One Sleeve

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This black mini dress with an asymmetric one-shoulder neckline looks unusually sexy. The belt and earrings are standard, but the flashy blue boots are not.

For The Dancing Night

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Why not look super hot during the night of the event with this kind of rose embroidered bodycon dress. It features a plunging V neckline followed by the roses ornament.

Flirty Floral Plunge Dress

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This Mexican wrap dress, floral embroidered, is ideal for the dancing night. Its floral pattern looks really nice.

White And Neat

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White eyelet solid long-sleeve button-down shirt and jeans with a big buckle belt. Simple, white, and neat!

Curvy Is Sexy

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These girls look ‘hot’ in traditional jaripeo clothing: the ornamented crop tops and wide bell-bottom jeans.

Blue Accessories

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This is a combination to consider: a black midi skirt with a high-thigh slit, white blouse, belt, and boots. The rest are a blue necklace and earrings. The minimum makeup emphasizes the girl’s beauty.

Whether you are regular or just want to taste a bit of the Mexican culture, do your best to prepare the appropriate style for full engagement in the jaripeo event. You will discover that a whole fashion industry developed for this subculture. On the other side, there are a small number of clothes on which the outfit consists. In the meanwhile, why not look at your best? You never know when to be prepared to impress. And to have fun, of course. There are plenty of ideas to draw from the selection we presented. Share your thought and ideas in the comment section below.

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