19 Nifty Indie Aesthetic Outfits

Indie is an aesthetic based on individuality and independence. The classic Indie aesthetic origin dates back to the late 70s and early 80s in the UK and the USA. As an anti-establishment and subgenre of music, it’s associated heavily with the new wave, punk, and rock scenes in Manchester, Birmingham, and London. The aesthetic is relaxed and effortless, featuring dark colors, flannel, leather, and oversized jeans. Recently the aesthetic had a modern resurgence known as Indie Kid. Unlike Indie aesthetics, this style is all in bright colors, grainy photos, and oversized clothes. Wide-leg jeans, chunky sneakers, crop tees, and bucket hats are part of this style.

A band t-shirt is a classic item in the indie aesthetic. Remember, it has rock roots. You might never hear a Metallica song, but it doesn’t matter. These Tees add an edge to an outfit. You’ll find them very comfortable, so I believe you’ll like to wear them every season. Match it with wide-leg jeans and combat boots for a grunge outlook. You might also swap out blue denim or bleach black pants. Tuck the fabric into the pants, or let it hang loose. Mix and match with an oversized coat, denim jacket, or a fur vest.

The punk scene from London in the 70s has a significant influence on the style – high-waisted denim with bell bottoms or flare and a button-front shirt or band tee is a common choice. The traditional side is effortless, so nothing should be too tight or form-fitting. Little or no jewelry is needed. Flannel and high-top Converse sneakers, combat boots, or skate shoes are preferred. The 90s-inspired aesthetic cannot do without a leather jacket that instantly elevates your look and gives a ‘cool’ vibe. A biker jacket with buckles with a band tee, singlet, or a shirt will make a classic grunge style. For a modern interpretation of the aesthetic, wear a leather bomber. You need some flannel as the skaters wear. This fabric style is timeless and ideal for a casual outlook. The flannel can go with a leather jacket, mom jeans, and chunky combat boots or alone in warmer weather. It will do fine. Plaid pants will give you a more fashion-forward feel. Matched with a sweater, denim or leather jacket, and some grunge-worthy chains, the ensemble has eternal appeal. Keep your head warm with a beanie. A perfect way to polish off an indie outfit, commonly used for grunge or rock-inspired combinations.

Shortly, the original Indie form is all about looking as if stepping out of a rock concert or like a band member. Putting an indie outfit together might be challenging. We present 19 different indie outfits to guide you in your quest for a new vibe of clothing you are about to experience.

Hooded Jacket

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Black, drop shoulder drawstring hooded jacket with long sleeves, tied for a cropped effect showing the tanned belly with high waist denim and white sneakers. For accessories, there’s a bag matching the jacket and a necklace.

Strawberry Printed Tank Top And Mid-rise Jeans

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Spaghetti-strap floral bow-adorned strawberry-printed tank and mid-rise jeans, typical indie aesthetic outfit. In combination with a pink cardigan and baggy jeans gives an eclectic indie ensemble.

Print Tank Top And Jeans

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A wave print knitted tank top matches jeans, shorts, and leggings. This vintage retro aesthetic can combine with other wave print clothing.

Zebra Stripes

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A zebra stripe tie-back halter top and white bell-bottomed pants look elegant with the bag that matches the top. The shoes are pretty extravagant.

Bright Colors

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The first thing you are the color choices, bold and bright, even enhanced even more. Blue, red, green, and purple are usual colors in the modern Indie style. A one-color outfit is also an option for making a bold statement.

Oversized Sweatshirt

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This outfit features an indie aesthetic oversize sweatshirt and a white pleated mini dress. Simply Indie.

Leather Jacket

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A leather jacket is almost indefinitely versatile, instantly elevating your look and giving an Indie vibe. You’ll stand out in an oversized leather bomber with a sleek collar, flannel mini skirt, a black top with a ring collar, and knee-high boots.

Denim Overall

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Overalls are very versatile. You can wear them over any long sleeve top. The oversized sweater with a patterned turtleneck like this is an indie style. A pair of chunky sneakers complete the look.

Tee With The Band Printed

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The simplest way to style for a concert is to put on a printed Tee with the band pic and a pair of jeans and sneakers. This girl looks pretty comfy in her ripped relaxed jeans and sneakers. You can tuck the fabric into your pants to cinch your waist. Or let it hang loose. Through on an oversized coat or a denim jacket if the weather gets colder.

A Leather Flannel Outfit

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A flannel shirt over a choker neckline cropped top and skinnies. Add a leather jacket with a leather shoulder bag, and you’ve written ‘indie’ all over the outfit.

Flannel Shirt

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There’s no indie closet without some flannel, timeless and perfect fabric for a casual look. A flannel or check is warm and looks great layered or alone on warmer days. This is a great way to use the shirt over the crop top and ripped jeans.

Purple Streetwear And A White Beanie

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This street outfit looks cute with the purple T-shirt, ripped jeans, white beanie, and sneakers. A beanie will keep your head pleasantly warm. You can also hide bed hair and look beautiful. This accessory will polish your indie outfit. You can wear your hair out or with your locks in a low bun. It gives a rock-inspired outlook.

Opens Stitch Crop Top

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An indie knitted V neck single-breasted crop top for a casual yet sexy look shows this girl’s beautiful abs. High waist denim cinched with a brown leather belt and matching bag… No need for additional comments.

White Crop Hoodie

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This soft, oversized hoodie looks so comfortable and easy to style. Add a pair of sneakers and a jersey headband to get the 90s vibe.

Floral Skirt

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There’s some gypsy effect in many indie clothes, such as this empire waistline midi skirt, perfect for the spring and summer. Combination with a crop top looks effortless. You can also add a leather jacket over to elevate your outlook.


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Show some bare skin with this bandeau. Combine it with boyfriend jeans and put a solid-colored zip-up over it if the weather gets chilly. Low-rise jeans or high-waisted cargo pants are also a good pairing.


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This brown vintage crop top and bell-bottomed pants set will take you back in the 70s with that hippie look.

A Floral Silky Crop Top

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A floral backless pink silky crop top and white pants with some gold jewelry for a summer indie outfit

Summer Indie

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An orange tie shirt and white shorts, socks, and sneakers. Comfortable and look good. Go for it if you have nice-looking abs.

After scrolling down the presented outfits, you might still wonder what is the indie aesthetic, first of all? It cannot fit into one specific fashion style, but it is more like an umbrella term for retro or hipster and a blend of y2k, grunge, and streetwear. Plaid clothing, grungy outfits, and punk/rock/indie band ensembles on their shows are indie aesthetics. Making it works for you and your style is the most important. If you found the selection above useful, or have something to say about it, simply write it down below. We’ll be glad to read your opinion.

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