How to Shave Your Bikini Line Without Getting a Cut

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Statistics show that 77% of women shave their bikini line. That is a large number. If you are one of those, you probably know the pain of a shave gone wrong. And sadly, that happens more often than not.

What you get with a wrong shave is bumps, ingrown hair, and irritated red skin. You might be thinking that is all part of the package when it comes to shaving your bikini zone. However, it is not. And it is not worth it.

Therefore, today, we will talk about how to shave your bikini line properly. And then, some of the mistakes many of us do, and how to avoid them. Here are some advices from our friends at Rock The Trend that can help you get a clean, and bumps-free shave at your bikini line.

Invest in a good razor

This is the most important step in getting a clean shave. No matter how much you like to save, do not cheap on your razor. We have to be honest, the $1 razors cannot do the trick.

Picking a good razor is crucial. You want a razor with more blades, one that allows each blade to cut with less force. More blades make your razor more effective and efficient.

Choosing a firm and sturdy razor is often a challenge. Therefore, you should do some research. Check some of the best bikini razors, and find the most suitable for you. Remember, throwaways are good for traveling, but they are labeled “disposable” for a reason. Do not use them regularly.

 Preparation is the key

Many women think that shaving is just as simple as getting your razor and shaving your bikini line. It is not. Without good preparation, bumps happen. And you definitely do not want that.

The key is to spend a couple of minutes in warm water before shaving. Spending time in warm water will soften the outer layer of your skin. This will make it easier to remove hair, and reduce the chances of getting razor burns.

After a couple of minutes in warm water, pat your skin dry, and remove excess water. Once your bikini zone is clean and dry, lightly exfoliate with a wet washcloth or a scrub. This will remove dead skin cells and impurities, allowing your razor to get close to the skin and provide a clean and smooth shave.

Do not forget the shaving cream

Some people think that shaving cream is nothing more than a feel-good and smell-good part of the shaving treatment. But it is more than that. You are shaving your skin, and without shaving cream, there is not enough slip. This will lightly abrade your skin, which will cause irritation. You do not want that, as irritation can lead to all sorts of skin issues.

With that in mind, the same as with the razor, invest in good shaving cream. Do not go for random and cheap cream. Look for moisturizing ingredients in your shaving cream, gel, or lotion. Those include olive oil, shea butter, coconut oil, and similar natural moisturizers.

Before shaving, apply a thin layer only to the area that needs shaving.

What about the shaving direction?

This is probably the place most of us make mistakes. The direction you shave does matter in the end result. How you shave is important, and even more for people prone to bumps.

With that in mind, it is important that you shave in one direction with the hair growth. Going against hair growth can cause even more irritation.

Glide the razor gently along the bikini line, and keep the blade downward. Do not add too much pressure. One pass is fine, especially if you have a clean, fresh, and quality razor. It is crucial that you avoid re-shaving in the bikini area.

Post-shaving treatment

If you think the treatment finishes with shaving the area, you are wrong. It is crucial that you calm the skin after shaving the bikini area. Wash off as soon as you put the razor down. You can also hold a cold compress over the area for a few minutes. This will prevent irritation. If you are prone to redness, apply an anti-redness serum that is fragrance-free. Look for products with tea tree oil, a natural anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic ingredient.

And do not forget to moisturize. Hydration is important and always look for an unscented and alcohol-free moisturizer for your sensitive area. Apply to both sides of the bikini line. This will lock in the moisture, and prevent over-drying of the area.

Clean the razor

The last step in a clean shave is to clean your razor. Make sure to sanitize the blades after every shave. You can use rubbing alcohol and warm water. If the razor looks rusty, or you have used it for a while, it is time to get a new one. Replace the old blades if you’ve used them for more than five to seven times.

Store the blades in a clean and dry place. You do not want them picking up bacteria sitting around the shower.

Mistakes to Avoid

We touched on a couple of mistakes during out step by step guide for how to get a clean bikini shave. But let’s talk more about the common mistakes, and how to avoid them.

Shaving the second you enter the shower

If you want to get a razor burn, shave the moment you enter the bathroom. Your hair follicles are not ready for the trauma you are about to cause. Instead, make shaving the last thing in the shower or the bathroom. We said before, a couple of minutes in warm water will soften the hair follicles and reduce the risk of irritation.

Using shower gel or old razor

The key to clean shave is using proper tools. They make all the difference. When it comes to your shaving cream, use one without heavy fragrance. Pick a fresh razor, and get the job done. Some people use their shower gel as a shower cream, and that is just screaming for a disaster.

Not trimming

If it has been a while, you need to trim your hair before shaving. When the hair grows longer than a quarter of an inch, trim it back. Then, step back into the shower, soften the area, and get the razor blade.

Dry shaving in a rush

This can happen to the best of us. Some days, you just do not have time to get the job done. You are rushing in for a date, and you suddenly realize you need to shave. And then you quickly take care of business in a hurry. You do not want to get yourself naked in front of your partner like that. There will be redness all over your body. At the very least, press a hot washcloth against the area for a few minutes before shaving.

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