15 Hannah Montana Outfits – Best Of Both Worlds

Sixteen years ago, on March 24, 2006, Disney Channel launched its first TV show: Hannah Montana. Billy Ray and Miley Cyrus were both famous actors and singers when they were younger, but Miley was just starting to get attention. When Miley’s show premiered, it was watched by 5.4 million people.

As a 13-year-old, Miley Stewart lived two lives in Malibu: one as a student and one as a pop star. Cyrus played Miley Stewart in the movie. As a child, Hannah Montana was a big hit because of her cute, quirky persona and her catchphrase “sweet niblets.” But the show could produce hits from a fictional pop star that made Hannah Montana a real-life sensation.

Miley Stewart’s public and private lives are very different from each other. Miley must go to great lengths to keep her life as a normal teenager and keep her friendships with her friends safe. She thinks of herself as “just Miley,” and she tries to keep that identity safe and sound. This is shown in the pilot when Miley fears that her friends might not treat her the same way if they learn that she is famous since her friendships are very important to her. In the New York Times, Jacques Steinberg said the show should not be confused with real-life and that happiness comes from staying true to one’s self.

Melanie Kennedy says Miley needs to learn how to stay true to herself while still being a celebrity in the Celebrity Studies journal. Tyler Bickford of Women’s Studies Quarterly says the lyrics in the theme song “celebrate authenticity” while also highlighting the benefits of being a celebrity. Morgan Genevieve Blue of Feminist Media Studies said that Hannah Montana was different from other shows about secret identities because Miley’s alter ego was so public.

Since the conclusion of the show in January 2011, Hannah Montana has had 20 Hot 100 hits, including one that reached number 10 (He Could Be the One). When Hannah Montana, Hannah Montana 2, and Hannah Montana: The Movie all went to number one on the Billboard 200, she also had three No. 1 album on the list. She also won a Billboard Touring Award in 2008 for her 2007 Best of Both Worlds Tour beating the likes of the Jonas Brothers and Michael Bublé.

Almost a decade later, Disney Channel’s vice president of music and soundtracks, Steve Vincent, talks about how the show’s biggest hits, like “Best of Both Worlds” and “True Friend,” came together and why the show and the early recording sessions with the pop star in the making were a crash course in real stardom.

There was always an outfit that Miley Stewart (aka Miley Cyrus) wore that was even more outlandish than the last time she dressed up as a pop star like that. It was a lot to process. There are a lot of sequins and patterns in the Hannah Montana style guide. Also, there are a lot of statement belts, rhinestones, and anything else that says “POP PRINCESS” to anyone in a 10km radius. He thought she looked just like a teenage pop star queen, so there was no such thing as “too much.” Her style changed over time, but it never lost its main goal: to make Hannah the most interesting person in the room.

Here are 15 of the best of both worlds outfits that Hannah wore during her rise to stardom.

Ed Hardy T-shirt

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Back when everyone had to have something by Ed Hardy. Hannah Montana was also the same. Even though this look, with the T-shirt over a similarly bad long sleeve, didn’t do her alter-ego any favors in terms of style.

Yellow Outfit

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We think that a little sunshine has moved into her wardrobe. That golden jacket is a must-have for any teenage girl even now. This outfit is for sure a one-of-a-kind piece.

Pink Bomber Jacket

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We think bomber jackets are cool, and they’ll likely be cool for a long time to come. And, this pink, short-sleeved version with long sleeves can be the kind of bomber you want to keep around for a long time.

Skirt Outfit

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There are some parts of this outfit we can agree with. There is no reason why you couldn’t wear this vest over a T-shirt every day. Even though it’s a little outdated, it still is a great piece of clothing.

Pink T-shirt And Leggings

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Something about this look gives us that 2000s vibes. Hannah looks very good here and this was one of her most notable outfits in the show.

White Jacket

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Miley Cyrus was a teenage idol at the time and this Hannah Montana look perfectly encapsulates that. The white jacket and pants along with the pink shirt are as Hannah as it gets.

Sequin Scale Dress

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This sequin dress comes in a wide range of colors and is a great piece for anyone to wear. For a fancy dinner or gala, you can change out the fish-scale pattern for a fine glitter dress. When you want to make a big statement, turn the champagne mid-thigh boot into a sleek, heeled thigh-high boot that looks great.

Ruffled Dress

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This dress and jacket are the perfect outfit for a date night. Pull out your favorite dress so that you can be your most confident self for the night. If you want to stay warm while walking around the city or having a drink outside, you can wear any jacket or cardigan as a cover-up. Throw on some sexy heels or Doc Martens to finish the look. Hannah Montana always wore Doc Martens.

Red Jacket And Jeans

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A really iconic outfit. Start with your favorite pair of jeans, whether they’re skinny, bootcut, or mom jeans. All you need is a structured, buttoned-up blazer to look good. Pumps and a chunky necklace or two make this outfit both sleek and sexy. You can wear it for a night out or dinner.

Zebra Print With Polka Dots

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This look has some good ideas. In the summer, a skirt-shirt-tank combo is the easiest way to look good. You can cut down on the belt and maybe only use one pattern, too. With flats instead of chunky Doc Martens, you can wear this look to the beach, for lunch with friends, or just hanging out.

Monochrome Print

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She must have known monochrome was the best thing ever. Today, this all-white jean outfit can be easily remade with a few simple changes. Swap the boots for skinny jeans and the cropped jacket for something big enough to wear over a crop or tank top. Add black/nude pumps for a touch of formality, or keep it casual with a chunky shoe. The white jeans can even be swapped out for true blue jeans if you want to wear this outfit after the last day of school.

Blue Dress

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Here we have a wonderful light blue dress. The black belt just fits right in. Even though this colorful outfit looks like it was made in the early 2000s, there is an easy way to make it look more modern. However, Hannah was ahead of her time.

Cowboy Look

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Hannah inherited her father’s style. We know that Billy Ray is all about that cowboy look, and here Hannah Montana perfectly catches the countryside vision. The red jacket along with the jeans and the most eye-catching piece of clothing here, the boots remind us all of that western era.

Sandals And Tunic

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This beautiful orange tunic was one of the more contemporary Hannah Montana outfits that still are very modern today. The sandals just add on that comfortability in this look which can be used for many occasions such as going out or even more formal ones.

Rocker Outfit

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The black jacket here adds to the great skirt and high heels. We absolutely love the musical note dress, even though it’s teenage-y and was a thing a while ago. But Hannah Montana was a teenage star after all.

Hannah Montana was ahead of her time in terms of fashion as well as music. Even though her outfits might be outdated 16 years later, her music still can turn up a party. Miley Cyrus did a great job with this character, which kick-started her career as well. We can be thankful Hannah Montana was a part of our lives.

Do you like Miley Cyrus and her most famous character Hannah Montana? Is her style similar to yours? Let us know in the comments below!

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