20 Modern Gothic Outfits Inspired By The Old Gothic Arts

Since you might wonder what’s the difference or is there any difference between goth and gothic, I did some research on the topic. So, goth is mainly about music, while gothic is about fashion and aesthetics. Gothic relates to Goths, their civilization, or having the characteristics of a style. The term Gothic described a “barbaric” aesthetic in the 1500s. The word now refers to an attitude and a lifestyle. Although it displays a dark attitude and view on the life of sadness and depression, it doesn’t mean everyone being gothic is sad and depressed.

Regarding Gothic fashion now, it’s a style marked by dark, mysterious, antiquated, and homogenous features. Typical gothic embraces dyed black hair, exotic hairstyles, dark lipstick, eyeliner, nail polish, and clothing. Its makeup is quite dramatic. In contrast to the black attire, gothic makeup makes the skin appear pale. Fishnets are common. Styles are often inspired by punk fashion but also by Victorians and Elizabethans.

Although confused with heavy metal and emo fashion, gothic is different. It is considered that Theda Bara was a pioneer of gothic style with her dark eye makeup and revealing yet spooky clothing in the 1920s. The Victorian-style is still the heart of the genre, while other branches evolved to modern cybergoth and pastel goth. Victorian is classic. Mainly it’s mourning attire, so it is predominantly black, often with dark hues of purple, deep reds, or greens. Mourning dress was very strict with much black, and widows often wore a black veil.

The gothic community is prominent, with its dark style catching attention. If you’re looking to join the community, you might be interested in this article on how to dress like a goth. Some clothes you must have in your wardrobe – lots of black clothes: t-shirts, pants, skirts, and socks. Black pants and a shirt with a black jacket is a usual gothic outfit. The black conveys a mood of depression and fascination with death. Many outlooks are reminiscent of vampires or entities not accepted by the mainstream. It’s not all black attire gothic. You can add other darker colors, such as purples and deep reds. From accessories, skulls are one of the most common motifs, crosses, mainly Celtic and fishnet, and not only to stockings but gloves and tops.

Rules for Gothic outlook are not written in stones, so you can use your creativity. We are presenting some outfits to sparkle your inventiveness.

Printed Dress With Gothic Symbols

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Victorian style printed dress with gothic symbols of skulls and crosses. Front leather stripes and lace ornamented midi dress and the black leather choker with the heart symbol for further complexity of this outfit.

Princess Warrior

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This all-black ensemble reminds me of a comic book princess warrior. The knee-high platform boots with stripes give much weight and power to the outfit and the leather knee patches. Mixes of velvet and leather and cutouts on the shoulders make a complex and sexy look.

Sympathy For The Devil

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Black and red gothic woolen long hoodie cape, with a short front and long back, with pentagram sign. The double-breasted design keeps you warm and stylish. Leather leggings and boots are a good combination, contrasting the baggy top with the skinny lower part.

Lace And Mesh

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This flowing lace sleeve top emphasizes the figure, and lace inserts add elegance to your look. Combined with tight shorts and stockings, sexy and elegant. Devil’s mistress would certainly wear something like this.

Choker Halter Dress

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A velvet mini dress with choker halter neckline with Pentagram. Made in the Gothic style, but can also complement other outfits. Suitable outfit for spring or fall.

Black Crop Top With A Pentagram Symbol

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This crop top with stripes forming a choker with a pentagram attached with a front zipper skirt is a ‘cool’ item for your gothic wardrobe. Match a jacket on top, and it will go for another style outfit as well.

Transparent Corset

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Transparent corset lace embellished and pants with leather stripes on the sides make a very modern and chic outlook. Laced wristband, choker, and black earrings elevate the gothic elegance.

Elegant Off The Shoulder Party Dress

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Gothic off-the-shoulder velvet lace fishtail dress, choker, black heels, all-black ensemble, and pale skin. V-shape front chest with ropes and trumpet sleeves make this dress rich and sexy. Reminds me of Dracula’s mistress.

Pleated Corset Mini Dress

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High waist pleated corset mini in a comfortable fit and with short puffy sleeves and black corset belt with red laces – a mixture of unlike materials in one. Combination with stockings and boots, and a purse and a choker as accessories.

Deep V-neck

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Black lace long sleeve dress with deep V, low chest tight package hip dress shows much cleavage. Wrapped at the front makes additional sex appeal, while the lace bolero elegance.

Backless Crop Top

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This body-con backless crop top with tiny straps is perfect for a gothic-themed party or a concert. Paired with a pleated skirt, it makes a stronger impression. The chain belt with symbols and the red cross on the chest make symmetry in the mysterious outlook.

Very Much Victorian Style

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High collar shirt with ruffles and skirt to create a magnificent Victorian-inspired look!

Like A Raven

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This long, irregular dress with an asymmetrical cut reminds me of a raven. A hood is an additional decoration: high platforms, a choker, and suitable gothic makeup to round the style up.

Red-black Mini Dress

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Gothic fashion means an attempt to look distinctive. Knitted mini dress with cami neckline, stockings with stripes and lace embellished, several necklaces, and crosses from the accessories for an original gothic outlook.

Long Trumpet Sleeves On A Mermaid Dress

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The meshed parts of this dress are very cleverly made to show and hide for maximal attraction. The platform shoes give power to the elegance of this velvet dress.

Vinyl Body-com Mini

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This long sleeve vinyl body-con mini dress shows your shape ideally, fitting your body to the skin. You’ll look very sexy at a cocktail party or other occasion to add some spice to the atmosphere.

Checkered Skirt

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A checkered patchworked plaid skirt with an empire waistline paired with a cami crop top and fishnet stockings is very feminine and sexy. In contrast, comes the robust choker with metal studs and the chain necklace. The reversed Pentagram symbol is spooky. They say watching horror movies stimulates lust. Perhaps that’s why the pentagram symbol.

Modern Victorian Fashion

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Gothic fashion offers many great options for women’s outfits. Aside from tons of black fabric, common elements are unusual accessories such as corsets, belts, and gloves. This outfit is surprisingly feminine, thanks to the mix of Victorian elements like satin and lace. This costume looks very stylish.

Sexy Strap Dress

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Red plaid above the knee sleeveless dress with sexy straps moved like off-shoulder, pleated silhouette, and black stockings for a sexy gothic look.

Gothic Glamour

Photo: pinterest.com

The beautiful former Bond girl displayed her version of gothic glamour in a sheer and fringed black dress, keeping a modest but chic theme. Meshed fabric on the shoulders and décolletage offers a tempting flash of flesh, mainly covered by an ankle-length overcoat with feather detailing. Olga rounded her sizzling look with a pair of ruby red stilettos. She wears a pair of glittering diamond studs and a flower ring of accessories.

You don’t need to worship the devil or be a vampire’s mistress to adopt this trendy gothic style. Also, you don’t have to be a sad and depressed person. Hopefully, you are not. Make an adventure of adopting this gothic style. There are many elegant and sexy outfits we covered here and we would like to hear your thoughts in the comments below on whether you found some of these gothic outfits compelling.

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