23 Must-Have Goth Outfits For Women Of Mystery

Goth fashion origins in the post-punk scene in the 1980s in the United Kingdom and is actual today, unlike many other subcultures started in that period. The style was developed by fans of Gothic rock, a branch of post-punk music, and its name originates from the genre name. While its roots are in the gothic style, which existed for centuries, this style continued to diversify and spread. Its characteristics indicate influences from 19th-century Gothic fiction and horror films. Nevertheless, the center of this subculture is music festivals, nightclubs, and organized meetings. The followers have associated tastes in music and fashion.

The music preferred by goths includes gothic rock, deathrock, cold wave, darkwave, and ethereal wave. On the other hand, the dressing styles draw on punk, new wave, and New Romantic fashion. Victorian, Edwardian, and Belle Époque eras have also influenced the style. It includes dark attire, dark makeup, and black hair. As it evolved and grew, this unique style has become associated with a few signature traits.

So, if you want to get into the goth scene, there are some basics you need to have, such as lots of black pieces of clothing since black is considered a staple of goth fashion. Black will be the most frequent color of your outfit. You will also need many plain socks, pants, tops, and skirts. Those are the essential pieces of clothing you must have. T-shirts are great for the start of building your ensembles since they’re affordable and come in many styles. An oversized T-shirt and pair it with high socks or fishnet stockings, boots, and jewelry would do for a more feminine style. Take black clothes in velvet, lace, leather, silk, PVC, or cheesecloth for a classic goth look.

It’s acceptable not to wear all black all the time. You can add a bit of variety to your outfits by mixing red, grey, white, violet, blue, or pink. Goth fashion is all about creativity and doing it yourself, so you can look for clothes at flea markets, indie shops, and second-hand shops. To boost the flow of your creative juices, we’ve selected some goth outfits for your inspiration!

Designer’s Goth

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Designers never snatch but select from a range of gothic tropes that feel adults appropriate. Tom Ford here picked a black coat, leather trousers with a gray Tee. The heels are perhaps not within the classic style, but they look nice in the overall outlook.

Romantic Vintage Goth

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Dark velvet lace patchwork bell trousers with a high waist, a cropped corset top, and a coat over. The accessories and nails add to the mystical style.

She Wears A Purple Velvet

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This InsGirl outfit features fishnet stockings, gloves, and a choker as neckwear. All of it looks very sexy. This goth purple velvet dress is elegant, feminine, and sexy. It will make you an eye-catcher.

Fishnet Top And Many Accessories

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This combination consists of a goth fishnet cropped top, leather miniskirt, ripped stockings, and boots. The typical goth choker and many chains on the high-heeled boots give much complexity to the look.

Preppy Goth

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A goth style outfit you can wear at work and look professional without leaving your fashion: A rule of thumb length jacket with leather sleeves, leather leggings, and gloves, with contrasting a white Barrymore collar shirt.

Conservative Yet Goth

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A conservative outfit, but quite a sexy detailing. A jacket over the minidress with a laced finish. The white-collar shirt and the black hat contrast the overall look with innocence, while the stockings, laces, and platform shoes enhance the sexy look.

Dressed For A Night In A Club

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A Black laced bodysuit romper, a-line skirt hold with a suspender, and fishnet stockings are really sexy outfits for a night out.

Mesh Top + Skirt

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Mesh top, high-waist goth skirt, and a choker connected to the cropped top, altogether pretty sexy.

Victorian Style

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You can try a purple cross corset belt in Victorian style and a black dress richly ornamented with laces. It will enhance your dramatic appearance.

Corset Belt

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The 16th-century trend of corset belts is fashionable again! A distinctive corset style piece will bring your all-black goth outfit to the next level.

Business Casual

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This is an ideal business casual goth outfit that looks great for every day: a flared shirt-dress and leggings.

Corset Ties Mini Dress

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This mini dress with corset ties will emphasize a lovely silhouette. Absolutely adorable!

Deathrock Goth

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Pretty extreme yet sexy: leather corset, fishnet top, choker, and many accessories. For those whom maximalist is a way of living.

Partly Rock, Partly Street Style

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After examining the possible goth fitness outfit, the result was that it is one part rock and one part street fashion. It seems so evident!

Red Tank Top

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Red matches black nicely. You can use this tank top with your typical goth clothing, such as black leggings.

Rebellious Look

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This punk goth style plaid asymmetrical high waist half skirt looks rebellious against all standards. The combination of the lacing ruffles off the shoulder-cropped top bravely emphasizes this girl’s tattoos.

Goth Girl At Work

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A simple black shirt, trousers, and a belt is a way to keep up with your style and wear a casual combination at work.

Halloween Witch Look

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Dressing up as a witch is a piece of cake for a goth girl. You can match a skirt with a plain black or maroon velvet top. A choker and bracelets as accessories will do great. Red hair and a hat will round the witch look.

Aesthetic Goth

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This goth ensemble would do for a new adventure. Hood looks add to the mysterious look. You’ve got more options to wear under the hood, such as a dark shirt and shorts or black tights. Finish with long boots. The smoky makeup around the eyes perfectly matches the complete outfit.

Cybergoth Style

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Mixing dark clothes with not typically goth elements – bright neon colors. Achieving a futuristic but goth look is all about the neon color, like the hair extensions and boots ornaments on this girl.

Alice? Who’s Alice?

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This look reminds us of Alice in Wonderland with striped socks matched with a black dress. Add a fishnet for your arms or as stockings, and you’ll look steamy!

Fancy Adult Goth

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This dress is partly goth, part glamourous, showing the best of a woman.

No, It Isn’t The ‘Predator’!

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Industrial goth includes more metal. Accessories might contain collars, dreadlocks, gas masks, and leather bracelets.

You might notice from the selection that the goth image combines various styles. While black is the most utilized in clothing, hair, and makeup, some alluring royal purple or vivid red can differentiate the all-black ensembles. A lace dress with a corset is a classic and irresistible piece for goths and a way to achieve elegance. Metal chains, leather, or black pearls are options for rounding the look.

I hope you got some ideas of how to look like a goth in different circumstances. Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below.

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