18 Goblincore Outfits For A Special Earthy Look

One of the internet’s latest aesthetic trends, goblincore, appreciates the beauty of the “ugly” things in nature, like moss and mud. Goblin is at the core of the subculture, with goblin as a term isn’t the same as the devilish thieving creatures in folklore. It celebrates the natural ecosystems not considered beautiful by conventional norms – soil, animals, and second-hand objects. Followers of the subculture collect shiny objects: silverware, small jewelry, and coins, like goblins. The subculture is connected to maximalism and escapism. They are a lighthearted example of the fascination with nature’s “uglSiness” and randomness.

It surfaced in online communities in the late 2010s, appreciating aspects of nature not typically regarded as beautiful, such as frogs and snails, moss, mud, plants, and fungi. Earthy tones like brown, black, moss green, and rarely beige are typical for the aesthetics. Regarding clothes, the followers often wear corduroy pants and jumpers, oversized knitted sweaters, dirty boots, brown cardigans, and worn-out pants. Second-hand and economical clothing, comfort, brown, green, and clashing colors are characteristics of goblincore outfits. The imagery of natural creatures such as snakes, frogs, snails, earthworms, animal skeletons and rocks, and plants and fungi like ferns, moss, and mushrooms are also part of the style. Three words to describe the movement are chaos, dirt, and mud. They are anti-consumerist, so their maximalist style decor is found or built, not bought. Another catchphrase of the community is that they have no gender but are just bugs.

How to dress Goblincore? Oversized sweaters, overalls, worn boots, chunky knits, fun socks, oversized cardigans, and chunky belts are regular staples of the aesthetic. The style is similar to cottagecore, a romanticized style based on farm life, with the difference that goblincore is a dirtier sister to it. Simply said, cottagecore is a butterfly while Goblincore is a moth. Many shops sell this style, although they’re anticonsumerists. Wearing a shoulder bag or a fanny pack is an elevated version of the look for storing shiny objects found on their adventures.

Let us check out some goblincore outfits we have selected for your information and appreciation of the aesthetics.

Green Beach Long Skirt

Photo: pinterest.com

Well, this one is not that ugly, actually not ugly at all: a green beach long skirt with a brown leather ornamented belt and laced crop top. Many accessories give that fairy look. This one is at the edge between cottagegore and goblincore, just to warm you up for the ‘dirtier’ aspects of the aesthetic.

Knitted Wear

Photo: pinterest.com

Notice the bag for collecting the precious. High waist patched skirt and knitted top, gloves, and fur shoes. Looks like a goblin in the woods.

Green Shirt & Brown Skirt

Photo: pinterest.com

This is a successful attempt to use ordinary clothing to make a new style: a green shirt with stripes, sleeves cuffed on elbows, a high waist above the knee skirt, flats, and socks.

Coudroy Brown Overall

Photo: pinterest.com

Knitted short sleeve top, a practical corduroy overall with large front pockets, and cuffed trouser legs to avoid soaking in the water or mood, with pumps. The bag is big enough to collect the hunted treasure.

Knitted Crop Sweater

Photo: pinterest.com

A knitted crop sweater in green, brown, and purple, with cargo pants above ankle length and pumps. Shall I mention the bag?

Vintage Woolen Top

Photo: pinterest.com

A knitted in different patterns and colors casual long-sleeved woolen top with a round neckline, soft and pleasant for cool weather, and a pair of black slim-fit jeans.

Pleated Long Skirt

Photo: pinterest.com

To find beauty in the ugly things is a gift. A long pleated skirt, an oversized sweater in earthy colors and patterns, and a simple linen bag.

Open Shoulder Crop Top

Photo: pinterest.com

Goblincore patterned off-shoulder sleeveless crop top and a pencil skirt. A shiny necklace as an accessory.

A Mix Of Styles With Goblincore

Photo: pinterest.com

A brown corset, green overall, and a semi-transparent black top with goblincore accessories and a bag.

Everything Oversized

Photo: pinterest.com

An oversized turtleneck pullover, corduroy shirt, and high-waisted baggy jeans for a goblin-like look.

A Sorceress Outfit

Photo: pinterest.com

In the dark woods with goblins, this would be a sorceress’ outfit – a dress of light fabric with prints of birds and flowers.



The green, yellow and brown colors make one fully camouflaged in an autumn environment when dressing like this. A striped Tee, green corduroy pants cuffed to the under the knee, a knitted cardigan, and boots. A basket for collecting precious objects.

Green Knitted Vest

Photo: pinterest.com

This is a retro outfit of a knitted green vest with rhomboid patterns, brown corduroy trousers, and a plaid shirt with peasant sleeves.

Green Crewneck Sweater

Photo: pinterest.com

Green crewneck sweater with a mushroom application faded print, loose fit, and tights. This is a way to emphasize the length of your legs.

Magic Frog Sweater

Photo: pinterest.com

Swamp witch sweater with an application of a frog in a vintage witch hat sitting amongst stars. The business is finding its way into the nonconsumerist movements as well.


Photo: pinterest.com

This girl looks like she just arrived from the fairy tales with the brown vest, green top with lace decorated long sleeves, and pleated midi skirt, finishing with chunky shoes and long thick knitted socks.

Velvet Lace Dress

Photo: pinterest.com

Goblincore velvet lace dress with a touch of goth aesthetic. This girl looks like one of the fairies from the woods.

Richly Decorated Sweater And Green Oversized Pants

Photo: pinterest.com

Oversized sweater tucked in the green corduroy trousers, tighten with a belt. A beautiful red cap and a bag for the treasures.

You saw 22 outfits of the emerging goblincore movement. Don’t get confused if you hear that someone is turning into a goblin mode. It doesn’t have anything to do with fashion. It is only an expression of embracing messiness, spending all day in bed, eating junk food, and feeling ok with it. You don’t have to. Nevertheless, you got acquainted with the goblincore fashion movement. If you want to accept this style for your outfit and hit the road to the woods in search of shiny objects, see the dirty but cozy loose-fit clothes we presented and share if you like this style.

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