17 Femboy Outfits To Embrace The Feminine Side

The femboy movement is not a new thing. It dates from the times in the last years of the 20th century. In those times, men dressing as females were meeting in less public places out of fear that they’ll be critically observed by the wider public. The embodiment of traits in a boy or man associated with feminine behavior, mannerism, and style, can be backtracked in the history of Ancient Greece and Rome. And while the term was perceived as derogatory depicting men who do make-up and take hormones, the term nowadays has a friendlier and socially accepted vibe. As metrosexuality attracted much attention in the fashion industry, femboy now does the same. This is a trend together with androgynous clothing. As humanity progresses, the different genders are blending even more. So nothing must be as it used to be.

So, having a feminine-like thin body might be an advantage, and you can wear an outfit that you like and be who you want. The tight clothes, skirts, and headbands are not reserved strictly for women. Same as some women look very sexy in men’s wardrobe, some men can also look much better in so-called women’s clothes. Luckily, the fashion industry elevated gender fluidity to a new level. One can wear what he finds pleasable and be authentic with no fear of being judged. The style is something personal, not a matter of gender.

Here the femboy outfits come in, redefining the meaning of masculinity. The boundaries of acceptable clothing for particular gender are pushed even further. Macho is not the only accepted men’s style anymore, and not only Scots can wear skirts. There are many possibilities. Now there are more options for one to look cute with his appearance. New designers don’t make specifically female or male clothing. A completely new body language fashion style emerged.

In this review, I’ll acquaint you with some femboy clothing ideas, appropriate for any body type and budget – to blend in your appearance and tack that perfect femboy style.

Sweets, Spice And All That Nice

Photo: instagram.com

Regardless of a man or a woman wearing this playful combination of a denim jacket, T-shirt, mini-skirt, and long black socks is always a good idea in itself. The outfit seems reasonably comfortable to wear.

For Halloween or Slightly Gothic

Photo: instagram.com

Miniskirt in squares of different shades of gray, black stockings, and short blacktop take the inspiration from the classic girls’ school uniform. This outfit looks sexy for someone with long skinny legs, whether a boy or a girl.

A Cute Dress

Photo: instagram.com

Don’t you find it for a cute outfit? Black dress combined with a black mesh skirt. It looks fantastic on this guy bragging about his new clothing.

Warm And Cozy For The Cold Weather In Eastern Europe

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A black winter jacket, red and black shorts, and net stockings look pretty sexy in this combination. And the guy wearing this outfit supports the Ukrainian President.

A Skirt With Golden Buttons

Photo: instagram.com

This guy shows the combination he made with his new black leather skirt with golden buttons. He combines it with a designed white T-shirt and a lumber shirt over it. The bold skirt fits excellent with the black tights.

Oversized Pullover

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An oversized black and blue pullover, net stockings, and white socks with blue stripes might sound dull, but seeing the picture, all this looks pretty damn sexy.

What’s Your Sign?

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This is a good match of a T-shirt with horoscope signs, tattoo-like leaves underneath, a dark blue mini skirt, and long dark blue socks with white stripes.

Maximum Mini

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This outfit shows much skin: another miniskirt, white tank top, and high red&white long socks.

Warm Arms

Photo: instagram.com

Black tank top and shorts with black and white arm warmers and long socks.

Wants To Wear This So Badly

Photo: instagram.com

Black and white combination of a blouse, shorts, net stockings, and long socks. It is obvious why this boy wants to wear it so badly.

Santa Baby

Photo: instagram.com

An outfit for the Christmas party: red dress with white ribbon, discovering much skin, and long white socks look like a combination of a Santa Claus costume and a schoolgirl uniform.

White Cropped Shirt With White Mesh Skirt

Photo: pinterest.com

This is a very creative and chic way to style a white mesh skirt. To achieve this day party outfit, you can wear a white cropped shirt on top. Wearing white ankle strap and open toe heels would complete the outfit elegantly.

Posh Look

Photo: pinterest.com

A stylish black jacket, narrow leather pants with zippers on the legs, and high heels make an elegant outfit for an adventurous boys’ night out.

Take It Easy

Photo: pinterest.com

This guy says he doesn’t take life so hard. His outfit promotes youth and a carefree attitude: a sleeveless denim jacket; semitransparent black blouse, denim shorts, a rebel rivets belt, murky stocking finishing with camouflage boots. What to say about the shades, the hat, and the haircut? Quite a lot of effort to look like taking everything easy.


Photo: pinterest.com

Camo doesn’t have a big place in the femboy style, but it is not uncommon. Wearing camo in unconventional colors, like this pink camo skirt and short pink pullover does match the aesthetic. You can complement the look with ripped stockings and other accessories.

Mishmash and Match

Photo: pinterest.com

The way this guy wears the lumberjack shirt over the sleeveless black T-shirt, and dark and long socks, gives a new aspect to this piece of clothes. The devil is in the details, so the black nails’ design, the haircut, and the glasses significantly add to the style.

The Exceptional Dion Lee

Photo: pinterest.com

Living in New York inspired the designer for a  diverse outfit. He shows confidence created by living in the Big Apple, which pushes his limits again in each collection. Intimacy and suspension are the designer’s play themes. Subversion through tailoring makes provocative cut-outs while waists laced in entangled fishnet. Broader conceptions of femininity and manliness didn’t apply, so boys looked sexy.

From skirts and stockings, cropped vests, tank tops, and high heels, possibilities in men’s fashion are pushing the limits. More freedom to imagination make combinations endless. If I sparked an idea of a femboy outfit, great. Feel free to mix and match the presented designs. And be bold in your fashion experiment. Don’t be ashamed to show your combinations to everyone. The tastes are not to be questioned. Have feedback? Please leave a comment down! Your thoughts might inspire more interesting fashionable ideas.

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