15 Snazzy Emo Girl Outfits

Emo is both a deep and artistic subculture and a type of music. It values being true to yourself and having strong, sometimes dark emotions. The emo “look” has been around for decades, but it is still a classic style for teens and young adults. Your “emo” style can be seen in how you dress, put on makeup, and do your hair. You can rock the emo look and make it your own by adding your style to it.

Emo outfits are very different, but they are always connected to emo music. So, the styles worn by emo bands can be used to figure out what’s cool in emo fashion at the moment. In general, emo outfits take style cues from the goth and punk subcultures, and they often include tight, black clothes. Much of what makes someone look emo is not their clothes, but their hairstyle, makeup, and posture. This makes it harder to know what clothes will look emo when put together.

Unlike goth clothes, emo outfits can have any number of colors, although black and white are usually worn with these colors. Pastel colors are less popular than neon ones, but there are no rules about what colors can be worn with emo clothes. Fit is much more important than style when it comes to making an outfit look emo. Happy designs for kids can be turned into dark emo clothes with very little work.

Here we chose 15 outfit ideas you could easily make to fit your emo girl soul.

Casual Scene Girl

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If you want to dress like a man, you can wear band t-shirts, skinny jeans, and studded belts to copy the male emo style. But if you want to add a fun, girly touch to a casual outfit, wear a plain tank top in a classic color with a frilly skirt, and long striped socks or ripped pantyhose. To finish off this punk look, wear Converse shoes and necklaces, and bracelets with a lot of different colored beads.

Smart and Sassy

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For a smart casual event, you can keep your skinny jeans and studded belt, but instead of a band t-shirt, wear a black shirt under a black tank top. You should also switch out your Converse or Vans for cute boots and add lace fingerless gloves to up the sass.

Emo Hair

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Emo fringes are just as common on girls as they are on boys, but there’s something else to think about: color. The better your hair is, the brighter it is. Use bright colors like white, blue, purple, and pink to highlight your hair for a unique, quirky look.

Crop Top

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Adding rock-style elements to an outfit is another effective way to make it emo-style. Putting on a black cropped top with a chain belt is a great way to look dramatic and strong in an emo style. Finish the appearance with a messenger bag decorated in your favorite underground music bands’ emo patches and badges.

Bell-Bottom Jeans

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When they first came out, wide-leg jeans with buckles were a popular outfit for emo teens. Now, hardcode emo-style fans can’t live without them. The look is simple, and you can make it yourself at home. All you need are some belt buckles that aren’t being used. You can try out different types and sizes of buckles, but I think heart buckles look the best and are sure to draw attention.

Oversized Sweater Look

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Being emo isn’t just about looking cool; it’s more about the message you’re trying to send. To showcase this message, you can wear a sweet, pastel-colored, oversized sweater. This emo outfit is great because it doesn’t take much time to put together, and you can mix it up as much or as little as you want!

Emo Mini Skirt

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We can’t say enough good things about denim miniskirts and fitted tops if you want to look dressier on a date with your significant other. As long as you wear all black, it’s easy to make an emo outfit that is both casual and sensual. If you think the denim dress is too plain, you can add a black-studded belt, combat boots, and a layered spike necklace or bracelet to make it more interesting. Add a black and white blouse and a pair of canvas shoes or branded Converse shoes to finish off the look.

Sporty Emo Look

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Going all black isn’t always emo. You can wear white and denim but keep some punk elements, like red hair and eye makeup, in your wardrobe.

Black Dress Look

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A dress in a tartan pattern looks great with ankle boots with laces and black tights when going for a gothic or emo vibe. This outfit is perfect for the fall season in our opinion.

Tartan Dress

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When putting up an ensemble in the gothic-emo style, a tartan dress looks fantastic when paired with ankle boots with laces and black tights. This attire is ideal for the fall season.

Aesthetic Emo

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Have an exciting trip? Or to school on a day in the fall. This is a good emo outfit that you could wear. Hoods are also a big part of the gothic-emo style of clothing. Under the hood, you can wear a dark shirt and shorts or a shirt with black tights and long buckled boots. With smokey eye makeup, hair can be left open.

The Avril Look

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Around the 2000s the emo look went up the scale in the realm of the mainstream with some help from artists and celebrities. Avril Lavigne, who was quite popular at that time, brought the emo look of converse sneakers, baggy threads chain pants, tank tops, and a necktie, and it looked something like this.

Halloween Look

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We like to call this the Halloween look. Dressing up dark and emo-ey is never a bad choice. Fishnet stockings and sleeves will go well with a pleated black skirt and blouse with a contrasting white collar. Some chains and accessories here and there and you have a modern emo Wednesday Adams look.

Emo Corset Look

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In the Goth scene, corsets are a great piece of clothing. Not only are they hot and very girly, but they also come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors, and anyone can wear one. So, if you’re just getting started with gothic fashion and want to keep things simple, try these tips. You can go for this style.

Emo Gown

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We saved the best for last. Just take a look at this beautiful gown. Combining leather, silk, and net into a single gown. What more could a girl ask for? Wear it at your friend’s party or on your own if you are hosting one. However, you will look stunning in a pair of high-heeled lolitas. How stunning does this appear?

Emo is more of a way of life than a fashion style, so it’s hard to say what clothes are emo. People who act a certain way, wear their hair in a certain way, and talk about certain things are likely to be labeled as emo, no matter what they wear. The best way to choose an emo outfit is to check out what popular people in the emo movement are wearing. This way, anyone watching the movement will always have a good idea of what is acceptable at the moment. The emo gothic style is a very unique style corresponding with one’s mood. Do you like this, ‘controversial’ at times look? If so, we would like to know your thoughts and opinions about it.

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