15 Simple And Stunning Outfits Worn By Elena Gilbert

Elena Gilbert is a fictional character and protagonist in the American supernatural teen drama television series The Vampire Diaries, set in the fictional town of Mystic Falls. She is subtle, relatable, and more of “the girl next door” type until her life gets flipped upside down when she meets the Salvatore Brothers.

Since the theme is a mystical world with vampires and supernatural, it doesn’t mean her outfit is suitable only for Halloween mascarade. Some of her wardrobes are pretty cool. She doesn’t look only causal in most of the scenes, but she’s hot as hell as well. As Nina Dobrev, the actress that plays the role of Elena Gilbert, says, it took her some time to get comfortable in her outfit. We notice now that with time everything she wears is done with confidence. She found herself comfortable in her own skin and brave enough to continue experimenting with some combinations.

Her outfit in the series draws much attention outside the screen, in the real world. Her basic dressing style is very casual and, to some extent, conservative, as she doesn’t show much of her body. The same reason it looks so sexy at the same time. She usually wears spaghetti straps with a sweater or jacket on top and long-sleeved blouses in darker colors like dark blue, purple, brown, green, red, and black. Regarding pants, she’s in jeans and black or brown trousers.

Bootcut jeans in all shades of blue and black seem the only piece of comfort she has in her stressed life. She pairs them with long sleeve casual tops, which makes her sexy. From shoes, she almost every time has converse shoes on her. Her dresses are pretty and fancy, sexy, but nothing that shows too much skin, pretty classy when she wears them.

We’ve selected some of her best looks during many series over the years, with no chronological sequence of her style development.

A leather black jacket

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A black leather jacket, red top, and flare jeans are what Elena wears. She always has black converse shoes, but any pair of sneakers will do well in this outfit.

Elegant Elena

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For a memorable entrance that will make everyone in the room turn their head towards you: a maxi length, sleeveless dress. It’s a chic, classic cocktail gown of lustrous satin shimmering down the body.

Skinny, Simple, Sexy

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A long sleeve slim U-neck long button skinny top and dark blue jeans for a casual and chic outlook. The silver necklace with a heart draws attention to the right spot.

Navy Blue Top

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Elena Gilbert wears a black lace trim tank top in the 4th episode of Vampire Diaries. And again, she looks like she’s not aware of how sexy she actually looks. Much to learn from this girl. It isn’t what you wear. How do you wear count equally, if not more?

Black Blazer And Boots

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Elena looks determined in this black blazer, jeans, and lace-up boots. This outfit is convenient for a day in town, shopping around, or even a casual Friday.

Elena Inspired Casual Look

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Elena-inspired dark blue bell-bottom jeans with a buttoned skinny blacktop and converse shoe combination. The 70s vibe of the long bell bottoms is so fashionable right now. Flared jeans look good with high heels or ankle boots with square or almond toes. The ankle boot needs to be tight at the ankle to have a clean, uninterrupted pant line from the knees down. The rounder toe shape gives a softer look. Combat boots or Doc Martens are a good combo as well, depending on what you want to achieve with your overall look.

Red Floral Mini Dress

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The tight, black cocktail dress might never go out of style, but it’s not quite suited for urban wear. A tight, mini floral dress, on the other hand, is sexy and casual and Elena pulls it off perfectly. Combined with a cropped jacket and heeled boots, this outfit is a perfect combo for looking hot and natural.

Casual And Hot

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Pointelle cami, bronze necklace, and a teal blue cardigan over. The woolen fabric of the camisole is so soft and pleasant to wear. Small eyelet holes create a lacy effect. It is a good substitute for the bra. If brassiere frees your nip, the cami frees the whole boob. She wears it so natural, with so much empathy in her look.

One Of The Best Prom Dresses Ever

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This Elena Gilbert’s Printed Gown stands for one of the best prom dresses on TV shows. The color of the strapless dress is incredible in the combination of her dark hair and olive complexion.

White V Neck Dress

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Elena Gilbert wears this white lace v neck slip dress in the third season of The Vampire Diaries. No comment necessary. Looks gorgeous.

Short sleeve cropped top, skinnies, and a shirt over. If you put much workout and diet for those perfect abs and feel proud of them, it would be a pity not to show them. You stimulate a healthy regime in the environment by showing your tiny waist, so it’s your duty as well J

Blue V Neck Vest

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A V-neck sleeveless top is easy to wear and easy to combine. Elena wears it with skinny black pants and platform shoes, decorating her outfit with the bag and necklace.

Urban Outfitters

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This is one beautiful color, indeed! A V-Front Strapless Dress with gathered strips for a ripple-like effect. The style evolved from the 16th-century ruff.

To Mask What Shouldn’t Be Seen And Expose What Should

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This tie-neck tank dress inspired by Elena from the Vampire’s diaries is very soft & breezy. You can go wherever you like in this tank dress with a chiffon tie at the snap-down front. It is elastic at the waist due to the gathered racerback. This sleeveless upper garment with wide shoulder straps and a low neck is usually worn over a shirt, blouse, or jumper. It is fitted through the top for support and then flares out. Bigger hips, butt, and thighs can be masked this way. The neckline is very flattering indeed.

All Black And Sexy

It looks super cute, and additionally, it is warm in the case of cold weather. Suitable and original ‘cool’ Halloween Costume: a black jacket, top, belt, and skinnies.

Black And Gold Ball Gown

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Elena looks stunning in everything, but she really took our breath away when she appeared at the Mikaelson Ball. In the black and gold modern Victorian-style ball gown with the lacy corset and blown-out skirt, she looks truly elegant and regal. The shawl and elbow-lenght gloves complete the look.

We saw some interesting pieces of clothing for different occasions, from casual to dressy, to be worn in your bedroom or outside. We wonder, what is your opinion about Vampire Diary’s outfit of Elena? Please do share your thoughts with us!

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