17 E-Girl Outfits Showing Nihilistic Aesthetic

Being an e-girl? To look like emo-styled anime is not enough. It’s a complete style. While “e” stands for “electronic”. The reason e-girls exist is TikTok. Sharing the aesthetic nihilism like emo girls, punks, and goths, accenting the way of the cartoons. Whether you’re a die-hard e-girl best in gaming, a casual type playing for fun, or the n00b a beginner, your purpose is to draw attention. You deserve it. And your outfit is one of the most important for getting noticed.

How to dress and look like an e-girl? Pick a plaid mini skirt, fishnet stockings, striped long-sleeve shirt, and T-shirt over the top. Winged eyeliner, heart stamps, anime-inspired blush on the cheeks, black nail polish, and bleached hair. There’s no particular definition for this fashion. It comes more like a vibe than a style, yet immediately recognizable.

Regarding the pieces of clothes and accessories, certain items are a must, such as plaid skirts, oversized T-shirts and jumpers, cropped tops, pop-colored trousers, platform sneakers, beanies, choker neckwear, and butterfly hairclips and belt chains. There are plenty of ways to get this style with not much trouble. To stand out from the crowd, you’d better add some personality to your style. As we said, there are no strict rules, only the e-girl vibe. Why not be your best one.

Prepare good lighting and your camera, and strike a pose. Good luck! We present here some trendy E-girl outfits to give you an idea. The rest is up to your imagination and taste.

Plaid Pleated Skirt

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The plaid skirt is one of the must-have items in an E-girls wardrobe. You can wear it with a T-shirt and chunky sneakers. When cold, simply put on a pair of tights with polka dots or stars. This is to keep you warm and adorable at the same time.

Oversized T-shirts

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The oversized T-shirts keep you feeling fresh and insanely adorable. You can try one with an application of your favorite metal band or a scene from your favorite film. If chilly, swap the long sleeve for a turtleneck to keep warm. Throw on a pair of high-waisted jeans or trousers and sneakers: and you’re ready to rock.

Pop Color Trousers

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Colored cargo pants are very eye-catching. Make sure they’re somewhat loose across the legs. For short girls, go for high-waisted trousers to elongate your legs. Choose bold colors. Play with proportions. The beanie and platform shoes are one of the most recognizable e-girl items. Make everything stand out.

Platform Sneakers

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These sneakers’ colossal platform keeps you feeling tall and stable. Choose a color match to your outfit. White is a good choice here, along with the hat, sunglasses rim, and jacket. Soft shades work well as an alternative for delicate styles. Paired with jeans, you can make no mistake.

Looking For Something Extra?

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Claw clips have a comeback when Alexander Wang modeled them. Butterfly clips are ideal for holding twists or buns and can instantly elevate your outfit. Use shades according to your hair color, or match your clothes. These delicate accessories will make it easy to look like an E-girl.

Plaid Top & Skirt Set

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This Punk style plaid asymmetrical high waist half skirt looks gothic retro. The combination of the cropped top and chain on the belt takes your style to the next level. Although the chain might look simple, it’s an excellent way to add an extra layer of an E-girl. You can wear it below your hips or slightly higher for a more delicate finish.

Black Fishnet

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Black fishnet top, miniskirt, tights, with corset belt for an overall e-girl outfit. It is one of the sexiest outlooks. The accessories and hair color just add to the style.

Ribbon Top And Plaid Skirt

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A black long-sleeved ribbon top and a plaid skirt are standard. These high knee socks and big platform boots will stamp your mark as an e-girl.

Not Yet Another Black Outfit

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This cropped top and high-waisted cargo pants make your legs look longer. The front-laced combat boots with a high platform give you power and stability to the height they add.

Ripped Stockings

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This is a naughty e-girl outfit with an oversized top, black pleated miniskirt, long socks, and ripped stockings. It finishes with platform sneakers as usual.

E-Girl Skirt

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This e-girl skirt is an alternative fashion of grunge and gothic. The choker, cropped top, and arm warmers are all black, finishing with the over-the-knee boots. Very sexy!

Corset Top And Plaid Skirt

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Things are getting hotter. This corset top with pleated lace-up plaid skirt and stockings with straps is simply too much of hot. Black and pink are a great combination of gothic-style colors.

Cropped Top, Shorts, And Many Accessories

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Show some skin and make them turn their eyes on you! Emphasize your waist with a crop top. Throw different patterns into the mix. This girl is complete from top to bottom with her choker necklace, shorts with chains, long designed socks, and platform boots. It’s all about being yourself. Don’t forget to have fun.

E.T. Loves Rainbow

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Why not feel cozy while shooting for Instagram or TikTok? You can with this oversized T-shirt with an application from the E.T. movie and a striped rainbow long-sleeved tee underneath. Bright colors like yellow or orange are an excellent choice! And in this case, the rainbow spectrum is simply perfect – the more color, the better. If chilly, change the long sleeve for a turtleneck. Black mini skirt and a pair of platform boots, and you’re ready for the show!

Sexy Is All Right

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This is one adorable combination of a black pleated miniskirt, white cropped top, and a leather jacket. Stocking with straps, front laced platform boots, and belt chain just complete this ideal e-girl outfit. It has all the standard items, but it radiates a personal touch. This is what I’m talking about when emphasizing the personality in your style. This girl knows how to wear it.

Somewhat Extreme

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Extreme? Why not, if it’s you. I find this a cute e-girl outfit with the crop top, pleated micro mini skirt, chains on the belt, and two different colored high up to the knee platform boots. The application on the top is original: two skeleton hands trying to catch the boobs. Arm warmers and a face mask to keep you safe. Pink and black are in perfect harmony.

A GNR T-shirt

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Choker, chains, and locks on the neck, Guns N’Roses application on the T-shirt, sexy micro mini skirt, fishnet stockings, and platform shoes are all in place, making this original e-girl outfit.

Your success as an e-girl depends much on your outfit. The rule of success is that you’re more successful as you draw more attention. It’s the rule in business and a rule in e-commerce. Here we gave you some ideas for an e-girls outfit to use as inspiration for you to be original and stand out from the crowd. Use it well. And please do share your opinions with us for further improvement.

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