21 Flashy And Fashionable Drippy Outfits

Drip! It is a metaphor, like in the song by Bruno Mars. Drippy is about how you look and wear your clothes. You might be dripping with money or confidence. You look ultra-cool! The meaning and origin are disputed. Mentioned in late 2000 as the new slang for “cool”, “drip” really became popularized in 2018 with the hit Drip.

Some people say that drip is not all about wearing expensive brands or designer clothing. To some extent, yes. Not all about brands. It means the search for attractive fashion items or very tastefully put-together outfits. It is something you have to pursue and attain. It has a lot to do with the status you project with your clothing. How you dress is what you say about yourself to the world without words. If you dress regularly, you won’t stand out. Dressing drippy means you dress in a way you stand out from the pack, from the ordinary.

Drip is about brands and their connotations with them. Not about how you wear your clothes. Speaks about domination. If you wonder whether you dress drippy, ask yourself: whether your friends are a little bit jealous of you? Do your outfit provokes questions about where you might get that? Do they suppose to wonder how you found the money for that? If you are not drawing that attention, your styling is not drippy. You’re just a regular guy.

There’s nothing wrong with being regular. However, if you want to elevate your look to one of your favorite rappers, you’d better find a good-paying job! Another thing is the style – it is how you wear your clothes. Style is more important, not the drip. But let’s stay on the topic and look at some drippy outfits for men.

Camo Pants

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A hoodie with camouflage pants and black sneakers, a side patch gray bottom black cap, and a Cristian Dior saddlebag.


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Trainers, white Tee, and sneakers. The material shines with quality.

Matching Colors

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This guy put it all together in style. A black baseball cap, jacket and pencil pants, grey, white and red Tee, part of the sneakers, and the cap. Just be careful not to wear skinnies too often due to possible health issues. Mind your balls!

Yellow Hoodie

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A North Face hoodie, tight trainers, and yellow sneakers match the hoodie. The brands are in-game, but the combination is more important to look drippy. The cigar is a big no to the outfit. Don’t look at it. It doesn’t fit in any way.

Neat & Classy

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This outfit is classy and drippy: a white Oxford button-down shirt, brown trousers, moccasins, a watch, and a wristlet from accessories. But it is not only the clothes, but it’s also about how he wears them. See the unbuttoned shirt, cuffed sleeves up to the elbows, and over ankle cuffed trousers.

Summer Is Time To Show Muscular Legs

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The general rule is to show your best attribute. This outfit consists of a hoodie, shorts emphasizing this guy’s muscular legs, white Nike socks, and sneakers. The over-shoulder bag is part of the drippy unisex look.

Winter White

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A flashy white pumper jacket with a hood and a knitted beanie under it ripped slim-fit jeans, and white sneakers matched the coat. The shiny blue belt is part of the attention-grabbing pieces of accessories.

All Black With A Gucci Belt

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This guy reminds me of a son of a famous drug dealer in this outfit with a black jacket, blouse, and ripped jeans. The sneakers look great, but the Gucci belt dominates the outlook.

Beige Cargo Pants

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In this case, the combination dominates the brands: cargo pants and a blue Tee with a flannel shirt to keep you warm and stylish, a blue cap, white sneakers. Everything matches!

Trainers With Hoodie

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This one’s easy: just empty your pocket on expensive trainers and sneakers. A simple Tee beneath and a bag over the shoulder.

Red And Black

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Red Tee with black jeans and red sneakers. The necklace adds to the drippy style.

Chicago Bulls Fan

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A Chicago Bulls printed T-shirt, jacket, tight dark blue jeans, and red Air Jordan Nike Sneakers. The suede leather casual belt with a metallic logo buckle from Salvatore Ferragamo. The label is famous for its made-in-Italy pieces. The artistry inherent in its shoes is also found in accessories like this belt.

Loose Urban Style

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The street style became looser. It looks like a combination of home and street attire, although drippy.

A Camo Jacket

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A camouflage multi-pocket hooded jacket, street style, slim fit jeans with cargo pockets, cap, and sneakers. Rich accessories and the watch put some drippy style.

Fancy Clothing, Suitable Matching

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A Nike puffer jacket, gray Tee and trainers, and multi-colored sneakers. The jewelry according to the style. I’d only put the strings inside.

In Pastel Colors

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Pastels are fresh and warm, showing calmness and sophistication. They’re more delicate to pair, especially if you keep to your drippy style. But if you do them right, you’ll stand out. A white T-shirt, socks and sports shoes, and light-colored shorts. The black belt on is a bold fit. The hat with a black ribbon also matches. The golden necklace is elegant and not over intrusive.

Summer Inseam Shorts

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Cuffed shorts with a striped unbuttoned shirt with sleeves cuffed to ¾. Accessories – the necklace, wristband, and the watch look pretty classy. Mind that this kind of 9 to 11-inch inseam shorts fits best for taller men, at least 6 feet tall. The cuff at the bottom of the shorts will work to create a shorter look. This kind of shorts won’t look well on very skinny legs. So, choose optimally.

A Knock Out Outfit

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Michael B. Jordan rarely makes a mistake in his style and no wonder he was the best-dressed man in 2018. This plaid jacket is eye-catching, street style, but very casual, an attack against the buttoned-up culture. The black Tee and trousers match the pattern of the cover. And the necklace put some freshness to the dominating black background. The loose black jeans with a dark, simple outfit underneath. Nothing fights against the checks.

European Style

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This classy flight leather jacket with an effortless shape, smooth and practical. It fits straight through the body and does not taper at the waist or the wrists. The soft, thick sheepskin is a good insulation material that works wonderfully well for keeping warm. This outfit perfectly matches the turtle neck brown sweater. The light jeans with cuffed legs contrast the casing and the combat boots.

For Trapezium Body Shape

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Stripped crewneck casual sweater and black trousers with high waist. An interesting detail on the necklace.

Ralph Lauren Jacket

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A beige Polo jacket, a Nike turtle neck sweater, and light blue jeans. A golden necklace as an accessory.

With these 21 drippy outfits, we trust that we determined this dressing style called ‘drippy’ to a certain extent. You noticed that it is not all about spending a fortune for a few pieces of clothing. It is the pursuit of excellence and matching your best outfit. A dressing that makes other men envy you a little bit, and girls/women secretly throw glances. Of course, more money means more power to choose, but still, there are some ways to make your style look more expensive. Anyhow, it’s another story. Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below.

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