21 Flattering Form-Shaping Corset Outfits

Corsets were used to make women more beautiful while staying modest for centuries. Ladies used to wear them to look skinny in their dresses. Laced tightly with many laces, they had to wear them from childhood till the wedding night. Sometimes women were laced very tightly, restricting free breathing. There was danger incorporating wearing those corsets, such as poor digestion due to compressed organs in the stomach, back muscles atrophy, and rib cage deformation. Overly tight lacing is history now. Lucky for girls.

The word is derived from the old French diminutive of cors, meaning body. Figuratively, the word means to restrict or confine. However, the modern fashion industry has borrowed the term “corset” to refer to tops that mimic the look of traditional corsets without acting like them. The modern corsets and corset tops may feature lacing or boning and often imitate a historical style of corsets. Anyway, they have little effect on the shape of the wearer’s body since it is not their purpose now.

Corset tops are trending. Popular TV series like Bridgerton influence fashion. Tank tops are naturally essential in the heat, but if you get bored with your simple spaghetti strap or cropped tank, you can opt for a corset top for a throwback spin. The newest corset outfits are revisiting the popular trends from the ’90s. Corset-inspired tops detail boning at the waist, bustier necklines, lace fabric, and hook-and-eye closures. Modern features of the corsets include sweetheart, square, and curved necklines, bow-tie straps, puff sleeves, and pointed silhouettes, exposing some skin in a chic way.

Corset outfits are relatively versatile. You can wear them when you want to draw attention and get a sexy look, or in an everyday situation, at work, evening going out, or at different events. We selected 21 different corset outfits that might inspire you to combine them in new and fresh ways.

Trendy Corset Outfit

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Bella Hadid keeps extra trendy, hitting the streets of Paris in a white corset tucked into ripped jeans. Her fashion-forward look was completed with a black-and-white coat and matching sneakers.

Summer Essential

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A lemonade corset floral crop top features a beautiful floral ditsy print and a sweetheart neckline. You never get out of style with such a cute floral crop top. Pair it with jeans, skinnies, regular or ripped, and sneakers, and you’re ready for your fresh summer look.

An Elegant Corset Cop

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Champagne toast corset off-shoulder top, combined with jeans. You can add some jewelry to enrich the look, but it is elegant alone.

A Mini Dress

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A white mini dress with a corset belt would add freshness to your everyday outlook.

Oil Painting Printed Corset

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A nice set of a dress and oil painting print elastic corset cincher. The cami neckline looks pretty sexy, exposing just enough of the chest area.

Accentuating Your Figure

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This underbust corset accentuates your waist and bust. It is perfect when you want to cover up and still have a note of sexiness. You can wear a plain t-shirt, shirt, or long-sleeved blouse for a monochrome look, or a classic black and white combination of a black corset and trousers and a white shirt. You get extra style points wearing this combination.

A Tee With A Corset

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Kylie Jenner needs just a regular men’s T-shirt as a dress and a lace-up corset belt that cinches her waist to look sexy. She added kinky boots matching her corset belt. Green looks great!

High Neck Crop Top

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High neck, ribbed glitter grey corset crop top with laces up, in combination with dark gray jeans. Accessories like the belt, chains, and necklaces, contrast each other, just making the outfit more interesting.

Side Split Black Midi Dress

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You’ll stand out in a chain strap, side split corset midi dress during your next event. The power mesh snatches your waist and gives you a perfect hourglass shape. Gold metal chain straps, a front thigh split, and an overall look will ensure you’ll be turning heads in this outfit. You can also wear this dress strapless with dripping tape to hold you in place.

Romantic Off-shoulder Corset

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This vintage, off-shoulder corset top will make you look charming at a club party while keeping your casual style with jeans.

Head-Spinning Outfit

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Bella Hadid turns heads in a futuristic bustier at the Business Of Fashion 500 Gala in New York. She is not afraid to take fashion risks opting for unconventional styles. Bella took the sports luxe trend to a whole new level. Proving her statuesque physique can make any ensemble look good on her.

Sexy In A Corset Top

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French chic fashions are perfectly channeled through Hailey Baldwin’s sexy corset top. The revealing black corset top, black biker’s jacket, and long nude colored pants make her steaming hot. The plunging corset top reveals quite a lot. She accessorized her look with giant silver hoop earrings and strappy silver stilettos. Hailey Baldwin’s off-duty style has been on fire recently. Saint Laurent’s classic motorcycle jacket recently comes as one of her favorite staples, featuring zippers galore and a tie-round buckle.

Black Orchid Print Corset Top

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This ultra-flattering long sleeve corset top super snatches to the waist. The exposed satin seams make a soft and delicate finish. An outfit your can wear on festive parties, dinner dates, cocktail bars, or going out with your girls. With black trousers, high heels make a great outfit. It’s nice since it doesn’t need any bra. It’s cupped and lined.

Black, The Shoulder Lace-up Corset Top


This corset crop top features draped, long, off-the-shoulder sleeves. The seaming and lace-up emphasize your silhouette. Skinny jeans or a mini skirt are an ideal match for it. Wear it to look hot for your very next evening out.

Corset Tunic Hoodie

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Tunic hoodie black dress with a plunging corset neckline. Put some thigh-high boots on, or wear them over leggings or jeans. It’s versatile enough. You can change your outfit as your mood swings: show off, or block it all out with the oversized hood.

Mesh Cutout Corset

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This white mesh cutout corset is comfortable, but at the same time, it sculpts and frames your form to create a striking silhouette for an effortlessly chic and elegant look. It snatches the waist and uplifts the bust. So, no need for a bra. It sweeps across one shoulder lovely, in an asymmetric silhouette, framing your collarbone and splicing through the chest, making an alluring cutout. You can pair it with trousers or high-rise jeans. You’ll look lovely for a girls’ night out.

Safe Played

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A white top and jeans, get upgraded with the corset. You can combine it with a Tee, button-down shirt, or a tank top.

Black With Sexy Cutouts

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A black corset with asymmetric cutouts to the front is elegant, smooth, and super sexy. You can wear it with fitted jeans, skinnies, or black pants and make sure you’ll be noticed at night parties, cocktail bars, and going out with your girls. Being cupped and lined, you need no bra.

Denim Corset Top

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Corset top in denim combined with jeans, effortless look.

Blazer With A Leather Corset

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A black blazer with a leather corset makes a beautiful silhouette with regular black trousers seem suitable for occasions when you need to look classy.

Corset Gown In Deep Red

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This deep red corset gown is a personification of elegance, accentuating the waist and the hourglass shape. It features a draped neckline and mermaid’s bottom, while the wide straps may be on or off the shoulders—simple elegance.

If you’re kind of a girl that can stand some degree of discomfort to achieve the best look, these corset outfit ideas might help you get inspired to try them on. Maybe you’re a fan of some medieval books or movies, so you’d try to put yourself in the clothing of your favorite character, adopted for the contemporary age, of course. Or you just want to look different and add some sexiness to your outfit while keeping modest. It’s up to you how you’ll use corsets in your combinations. Share some thoughts on the corset topic and some experiences too.

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