15 Flashy Carnival Outfits Around The World

Carnival was a tradition in the Caribbean and South America before it came to the rest of the world. It is a party where people wear costumes and masks and dance and sing as they parade through the streets. The rich cultural show frees the soul, and everyone gets to show off their bodies in beautiful costumes. People say that the act brings healing and good news and helps spirits move on to the next world. Maybe your body shape keeps you from going to carnivals and celebrating your heritage, or maybe it’s on your list of things to do before you die.

If you want to go to a carnival, you need to know what the theme is so that you can choose a costume that goes with it. Once you’ve figured that out, you’ll have a clear idea of how the costume should look. Most of them are bikinis that are two pieces and have feathers and jewels on them. Carnivals always give us a challenge, but they also give us ideas for costumes. Spring Carnival can sometimes be fun, creative, and full of color.

Here, we show you 15 of the most stylish and beautiful ideas that you can easily copy for your local carnival or any other one you plan to go to.

Ostrich Feather

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This bikini feathery outfit is a unique piece of clothing you can wear at every carnival. In comparison to other ostrich feathers, the barbs are wispy and loosely connected, and the stiff quill makes it simple to put them into foam. These large ostrich feathers can be used to make gorgeous centerpieces and costumes.

Diva Noir

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Samba queens from Rio de Janeiro wear this outfit on the streets of cities all over the world. 470 black medium pheasants, all feathers in pristine condition, plus Swarovski crystals, diamonds, and rocks in black accent make this a very expensive outfit.

Nicky Minaj Costume

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As Nicki strutted the streets of Port of Spain decked out in an extravagant teal and purple costume complete with feathers and a jeweled corset fashioned by popular mas band Tribe, she demonstrated why she is Trini to da bone.

Bauta Mask

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“Behüten” means “to protect” in German, and that’s what bauta, a classic Venetian mask, is all about. In most cases, it’s white and is utilized to conceal the face. To complete the look, a black hat with three tips is always worn.

Rihanna Crop Over Carnival Outfit

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Rihanna’s carnival costume, which has a jewel-encrusted bodice and green and pink feathers, is guaranteed to draw a lot of attention. You can add a bunch of jewelry without any doubt because they all fit perfectly here.

Brazilian Style

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Samba schools in Rio De Janeiro lead massive parades that feature hundreds of performers dressed in a rainbow of brilliant colors. Even though it may appear as if there is no order to the colorful costume frenzy, revelers wear the colors of their samba school’s annual theme.

A Tribute To Heritage

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Colombians have worn outfits like this for decades. For their Carnival, they dress as a slew of fictional and historical characters from Columbian folklore. Your ancestors will be grateful.

Celebrating Mother Earth

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Ecuador uniquely celebrates Carnival, complete with earth-themed costumes and traditional clothing. Family, acquaintances, and random onlookers are routinely doused with water on these occasions. The outfits normally feature large dresses like this one with a lot of beads and jewelry.

Elaborate Headdresses

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The next outfit we have comes from the small Caribbean island of Martinique. On the island of Martinique, the grand procession is led by a Queen and Junior Queen who are chosen by their respective communities. Even the grandmothers show up in their best traditional Creole costumes, complete with brightly colored headdresses and ornate skirts.

Gilles From Binche

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The Gilles, or clown-like performers, are the main attraction of the Belgian carnival and among the funniest costumes, you can find at a carnival. They arrive on Shrove Tuesday, the first day of Lent, dressed in brightly colored uniforms, wax masks, and wooden shoes.

Dinagyang Carnival Masks

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Dinagyang revelers in Iloilo City wear masks made of feathers, beads, and sequins during the fourth weekend of January. In addition to the elaborate masks, attendees dress up in full-body costumes or body paint for the festival’s music and dance on the streets.

Festima Masks Carnival

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One of the most famous masks gathering in the world along with the Venice Carnival is the one in Burkina Faso, called Festima. Traditional celebrations of West Africa, particularly Senegal and Burkina Faso, have been going on for generations. Festima, a holiday commemorating the preservation of an ancient African tradition of mask-making, is celebrated to honor this heritage. Animals and ancestral spirits are depicted in Festima masks constructed of wood, straw, leaves, and textiles. Locals believe that mask wearers represent their masks’ subjects.

Peacock Outfit

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This amazing peacock-style outfit is a bullseye whenever you choose to wear it. You will look very vibrant, glitzy, and dripping with glimmer. Comfortable to wear, because the cloth is soft against the skin and flexible.

Rainbow Samba

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You could never go wrong with a rainbow costume. It’s bright, flashy, and always draws attention. Pair it with a necklace and colorful earrings to get that perfect colorful look.

Midnight Robber

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The Midnight Robber’s colorful exaggerated outfits based on the American Wild West include an inflated cowboy hat with a fringed brim that has become one of his most beloved and well-known characters in the classic carnival line-up. The hat’s crown can take on a variety of forms and hues, including that of a coffin. With his flowing cape, black satin shirts, black pantaloons, and boots, the Robber is often shown as an ominous figure in the darkness of night.

These are just part of the many ideas you can incorporate when you go to a carnival next time. There is not a small number of costumes you can choose from, and you will not make a mistake with any of them. It’s just a matter of taste! We hope you liked these ideas and we would love for you to show us your costume ideas, in the comments below, for any local or international carnival you intend to visit!

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