15 Beautiful And Badass Buchona Outfits

Sinaloan narcos’ flamboyant girlfriends are known as “buchonas,” and “buchona” is a slang term that arose in the state of Sinaloa to describe them. Sinaloa is the Pacific coast region that is home to the Sinaloa cartel, once led by the notorious Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman. Former beauty queen Emma Coronel Aispuro, Guzman’s wife, is the buchona whose name everyone knows — the buchona máxima if you will. Despite her criminal associations, her appearance and lifestyle continue to spark heated debate on the internet.

If “buchona” originally referred to a narco’s girlfriend, the phrase has evolved over time to include women who are connected to or play active roles in the cartels. It can also include ladies who adopt the buchona style — women who dress flashily but don’t disguise their love of partying, money, or men. Narco culture has long infiltrated the mainstream, raising concerns about the glorification of violent traffickers. For the time being, Buchona culture is mostly a source of intrigue, owing to its emphasis on physical style rather than cartel administration.

And, as with anything narco, the defining feature of that style is excess: The breasts are large, the booty is round, the waists are small, and the lips are pillowy. Hair is worn straight and waist-length, and nails (also long) are often decorated in baroque style. The makeup is similarly heavy, with a focus on dramatic eyes trimmed with artificial lashes. Unless you’re wearing Versace or Louis Vuitton, you’re not a buchona unless you’re sporting tight, sausage-casing-tight clothing. Cowboy hats and other elements of rural, northern Mexican life are also included in the aesthetic, but in highly glamorized ways.

Red Leaf Print

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This look is very striking and very close to the body, so your curves will be super noticeable and you will overflow with sensuality. For this outfit, you will need black faux leather pants, a black blouse with an attractive red leaf print, heeled sandals, a small bag, and your gold earrings.

Red Dress

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To show off your legs, wear a beautiful red dress. To make it even more flattering, try making your dress have no sleeves and match your dress with your heels.

Croptop Fit

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Grey and denim blue tones. For this outfit, combine your skinny jean with some rips, a grey crop top fitted to the body, grey sandals, and a medium-sized bag. The curves of your figure will be more noticeable than ever.

Satin Dress

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For those days when you want to impress, nothing better than a strappy satin dress with a leg slit! This opening will make you look very sensual and sure of yourself. To further accentuate your figure, you can wear either a belt with a statement buckle or a handbag. Do not forget your heels to further lengthen your legs.

Chain Print Blouse

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An important feature of the buchón style is the blouses with quite striking prints. In this case, the black blouse has a chain design, it is combined with black jeans and a black belt. Earrings and rings are important to complete this look.

Black And White Outfit

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If you want a more classic look this time, choose to try this idea. Put on your fitted blouse and high neck, your white pants, and some fairly tall black boots. This look will be very flattering, as it will highlight your hips and reduce your waist. Thigh-high boots will make you look and feel very sexy. Try to wear a hat that elevates your look and remember to wear your delicate chains and bracelets of different lengths. If it’s a cold night, wear a white coat or blazer.

Dress With Golden Colors

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Our next idea is a very stylish one. This outfit consists of a blouse dressed in soft and delicate material with a gold print and a very flattering cut.

Leather Dress

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Bodycon dresses, which are very tight, are another type of Buchona dress. Most of the time, these looks are very attractive, hug the body, and show off the breasts. You can wear these dresses as long, short, or mini-dresses. These dresses show off your curves and make you look 100 degrees hotter than when you wear traditional dresses. For the best look, wear your leader dress with sandals or shoes with heels.

Winter Coat Look

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All you need to pull off Buchona-inspired coats is Something with spotted patterns, a lot of fur, and dramatic collars and sleeves. Wear these with a black slip-on dress, leather pants, or a body-hugging jumpsuit and some heels!

The Palazzo Look

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This look is called Palazzo. It is a patterned shirt paired with a pair of black pants that are extremely snug. This is rapidly altering, however. We recommend pairing your favorite printed blouses with leggings and seeing how stunning they may look together. Aside from the fact that this is a beautiful outfit, it’s also highly stylish and posh. You’re ready to snatch the day with this attire and a pair of stilettos!

Colorful Leggings

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Buchona looks aren’t exclusively pants and skirts. Leggings are also very well represented. Buchona women aren’t wearing the most basic leggings, however. It requires a short plain silk shirt, high shoes, and a lot of glittering jewelry to complete the appearance of these branded and patterned ones.

Reverse Plain Look

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The most popular combination of the buchona attire is the patterned shirt on top and the basic item on the bottom. A seldom-considered option is to wear the plainest pieces first, followed by the more ornate ones. Plain tees from brands like Gucci, Gigi, and Versace can be worn with pants with animal or snake-print patterns, such as leopard or snakeskin.

Cowgirl Boots

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Are there any Buchona styles that don’t feature boots? Very rarely. Boots are an integral component of the buchona style, and you can wear them in any color or pattern. Boots in various furs spotted patterns, or snake print patterns can be worn at various calf and calf-heights. It doesn’t matter what style of boots you have, pairing them with the rest of your outfit will always give you a boho vibe.

Long-sleeve Blouse

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The front placket and cuffs of this white shirt are embellished with exquisite embroidery and ruffles. For a feminine and attractive style, use it with jeans or leggings. It’s a versatile garment that may be worn when running errands or attending social gatherings. You’ll be able to relax and enjoy the day thanks to the plush material.

Leopard Print

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There are several ways to incorporate animal print into a Buchona look, particularly leopard print. The patterns can be worn long or short. You can wear them as shorts as well. Accessories like headbands, shoes, bangles, earrings, and necklaces are other ways to wear leopard prints.

In the buchona style, there is more to it than merely a fashion trend. It’s a period, a way of life, a piece of history. The persons who originated the trend were quite outspoken about their personal life, including their wealth, romantic relationships, appearance, and use of cosmetics. This influences the way people dress, what they wear, how they make themselves look, what kind of makeup they wear, and what kind of body they have. When it comes to buchona, there is no longer a one-size-fits-all aesthetic, and there are multiple approaches to attain brilliance. Now, buchona fashion is welcomed and worn around the world by people of many socioeconomic and ethnic origins as well as shapes and colors.

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