23 Blair Waldorf Outfits For Classy Gossip Girls

Blair Waldorf, played by Leighton Meester, is the main character in the Gossip Girl series of novels and TV adaption. They regard her as the Queen B of the Upper East Side, very feminine. Her personality is an extraverted, intuitive, thinking, judging type, being career-focused, and loves challenges. She never stops until achieving her goals. She’s a kind of girl for a role model to follow.

Her outfit reflects her personality and femininity. In a word, it can be described as iconic. She wears skirts and dresses on any occasion, never causal. She looks her best no matter how she feels inside, showing nothing but nice outside. Her dressing style is classic, preppy, and polished, with her flawless outfit and perfect hair. She always looks as if she stepped out of a fashion magazine.

If you want to adopt her dressing style, you need blouses and not a single T-Shirt. Add some florals, houndstooth, and polka dot patterns to your outfit. Light and flowy fabrics with ruffles and bows are her choice of tops and can be worn all seasons round. She wears skirts every day: a-line, skater, pencil, and bodycon. Besides a skirt, the only other option is a cute dress – all dresses she wears look stunning, classy, and elegant. Peacoats and capes are allowed for winter. No flat shoes, heels only.

Extras are equally important: arm bags or a mini purse; stockings are a perfect and functional addition to her looks, especially in the winter. The headband is Blair’s mark as it is like her crown. Playful earrings or a statement necklace are essential accessories. They describe you and are part of your brand.

Make things match. Take care of colors. Prepare to suffer slightly for your look, since fashion knows no comfort. Show to the world in your best light. Let your clothing match your vibe, and show confidence. We have selected some of Blair’s iconic looks to get you inspired.

Wedding Blue

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This couture look wedding dress of the Gossip Girl was designed by Elie Saab. You can try out a shimmery blue for a formal event. Pile on the glamour with a silver headband and shoes.

All White

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This white dress designed by Marc Jacobs is one of her all-time iconic looks. Romanced by the idea of an all-white look? There’s something chic about the monochromatic outfit. Throw a white sweater over your shoulders, and you are ready.

Back-to-School Chic

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One of her iconic dressing outfits of Blair is her private school uniform. The headband locks every strand in place, formal details, and preppy silhouettes: the high neckline and the plaid skirt look accordingly.

Planned To The Smallest Detail

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This is yet another iconic look due to the details. The whole outfit is done very intentionally: the way the pattern in the tights mirrors the lace on the dress, bell sleeves, and matching pearl bracelets.

Florals in Fall

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Blair doesn’t look like a Dolce & Gabbana girl, but here she wears a D&G onion-print cap sleeve jacket. The praise goes to Blair for shaking things up when matching. The beret would look kind of tired, but she made it work. The below outfit adds to the look, featuring a dress that feels like a skirt set.

Purely Pale Colors

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Blair looks collected, even in a skirt and a sleeveless blouse. A baby blue hue in a feminine and sexy kilt is a good moment.

High Neck, High Society – Dolce & Gabbana

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This ruffled collar gives an aristocratic look to a standard floral dress. You can modernize the outlook by adding some tall suede boots. It is perfect for fall with a coat in subtle matching colors.

Bandage Dress

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Dropping the good girl covering for a bit, you could slip into something like this Staud dress. Don’t overdo it, but stay true to your style. The dress, the cardigan, and the accessories are a stunning combination.

Rarely Black

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A laced babydoll dress, laced stockings, heels, and a bow headband, all in black, is a rare outfit of Blair. You can see her only a few times in so much black, but it’s still an iconic outlook.

Bright Yellow Coat

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To make the boring school uniform more interesting, add some elaborate accessories. The bright yellow coat and equally bright red stockings are one of the ways how to do it well.

Dark Green Poncho With Pops Of Mustard

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This dark green cloak is beautiful, while these pops of mustard yellow definitely stand out. The fishnet stockings and mahogany heels add to this chic look.

Red Gown, Jaws Dropping

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A feathered and layered red gown was perhaps one of the best Blair’s outlooks in all series. Everything was perfect, from the pink heels to the jewels around her neck.

A Maroon Coat With Mustard Tights Looks Good

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This preppy look is standard Blair. The tights are pretty odd-colored. The combination with a maroon coat and mustard tights is slightly strange but still good-looking on her.

Like A Princess

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She looks like an actual princess in this pink confection. Only Blair can wear this combo and not look like going to a costume party.

Silk Scarf In The Hair

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What a cute summer dress. Blair shows as an expert in mixing patterns and colors that we never imagine together. She makes it work. Excellent colorful look with a matching headband and shoes and a pink belt.

Nautical Look

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Blair always dresses to the theme. When going on a boat, she sticks to a nautical look. This blue and white vintage dress is perfect with the red bucket bag and wide brim hat.

At A Gala Party

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An elegant gown with a giant shoulder bow and gloves looks chic for fancy events.

Losing A Shoe

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This outfit consists of a lime green cape coat with long gray gloves, yellow heels, and a polka dot scarf. Does this make you want to buy a lime green cape?

Green Tweed Skirt Suit

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The Forest green tweed suit looks so stylish. Blair took classic items and made them look modern, like here with the printed blouse.

Stunning In A Metallic Gown

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This elaborately embellished rose-printed gown is so pretty. Everything else is simple. Perfectly chosen look.

Walking In The Rain

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Blair looks picture-perfect walking through the rain with her floral skirt is simply chic. The combination mixes florals and shades of blue in a perfect match.

Small Details, Great Impression

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Blair wears a coat and tight combo. See the tiny hat attached to her headband. So unique for a gossip girl.

White Wedding Dress

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We saved Vera Wang’s white wedding dress for last, as we started with her blue one at the opening. This is a gorgeous lace dress with an unexpected bow.

The series brought the vibes from the 1940s and 1950s when girls traded comfort for the look. Blair is a stylish preppy queen, an expert at mixing and matching colors. To me, it’s hard to decide on her best outlook. We showed some of her most memorable outfits. Share what you liked, and did you get some ideas based on the selection.

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