15 Awesome Biker Shorts Outfits

Our minds immediately go-to leather jackets and stylish silver rings when we hear the word “biker fashion.” Whether it’s a crooked zipper or an enormous chain, motorcycle-style has a purpose that goes beyond a bold and manly appearance. We can trace the evolution of the biker style back to the first horsemen who rode their steel horses. To truly comprehend the spirit of a true biker, one must be a die-hard rider who has ridden for many years. Fashion is the furthest thing from their minds. Bikers’ garb, however, has become surprisingly popular as a street style among non-riders and less enthusiastic motorcyclists.

Motorcycling is now accessible to people from all walks of life and economic strata unlike in its early days when it could only be afforded by the wealthy. At that time, a classic biker look included a well-fitting tweed jacket, a flat cap to keep the hair out of the face of the wind, and an otherwise tidy appearance. Riders didn’t skimp on safety gear either; high boots were used to prevent injury to the legs and feet. The motorcycle style we are familiar with today came about during the turn of the 20th and early 21st century when motorcycle racing swept the nation. Whereas racers in the past wore whatever they wanted, motorcycle clubs started crafting their own unique uniforms for their members. A sweater with the emblems and names of motorcycle organizations was a staple of motorcycle racewear. Around this time, the short, tight biker shorts also came into being.

Cyclists may have found the biker shorts difficult to wear or contentious, but we contend that they are extremely versatile and there is no right or wrong way to wear them. Influencers like Sarah Jessica Parker and Tiffani Thiessen, as well as Princess Diana and other ’80s and ’90s “It” girls, have used this once-functional item to make it seem fashionable.

Biker shorts were making a comeback into the fashion scene in recent years. We can see this clearly because designers like Off-White, Yeezy, Maryam Nassir Zadeh, and Jacquemus have made collections with skintight, stretchy shorts. By wearing them, celebrities like Kim Kardashian West, Bella Hadid, and Hailey Bieber have also helped push the trend into the mainstream. Princess Diana’s gym outfits have also been a source of style inspiration for bike shorts since the 1990s.

As proof that biker shorts can be dressed up or down, we’ve gathered the greatest Instagram motorcycle short outfit inspiration for you.

Sweatshirt And Biker Shorts

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It’s possible to dress down a sweatshirt by pairing it with a pair of tailored shorts, like a pair of biker shorts. Wearing a cropped sweatshirt with a loose-fitting hoodie, quarter-zip, pullover, or pullover with a hood will look great with these body-conforming trousers. It’s easy to boost an outfit with basic jewelry like hoops, a single chain necklace, or a simple bangle.

Boots & Heels Combination

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If you think sneakers are the best shoes to wear with bike shorts, you’re wrong. Putting on a pair of heels or chunky boots that don’t go with your sporty bottoms is an easy way to make them look fancier and more on-trend. Go for a sleek look by matching the color of your pumps, knee-high boots, or chunky Dr. Martens to the color of your shorts. On top, choose a more formal shirt or a basic one that is easy to dress up.

T-Shirt & Biker Shorts

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A pair of cycling shorts and sneakers look great with an oversized top, so choose your favorite. To summarize, the result is an outfit that’s easy to throw on, even if you’re short on time (as I often am). Are you on the lookout for something unique? Make a statement by combining different prints.

Sports Bra Extravagance

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Although it seems like a no-brainer, this match isn’t limited to health-conscious individuals. If you’re looking for a more fashion-forward look, layer on a blazer and a pair of strappy heels, or wear a bomber jacket and high-top shoes with socks. It is also okay if you don’t intend to participate in the ensemble’s workouts.

Matching Light Blue Set

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There’s no sign that the trend of ‘matching outfits’ will wane in the near future. However, monochromatic sweater combinations aren’t the only option. Sports bras, leggings, and yes, even biker shorts sets are all part of the Athleisure trend. Matching pieces from brands like Lululemon, MissGuided, Alo Yoga, and Gymshark may be dressed up or down according to your mood.

Formal Blazer & Shorts Outfit

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How can you take your bike shorts from the realm of athletics and make them suitable for the workplace? Add a blazer to your wardrobe. When it comes to fashion, a blazer is an essential piece that can be paired with a variety of other pieces to create a polished, polished style. You may also use this structured jacket to add color to your ensemble if it’s looking a touch too monochromatic.

Slip Shorts Under Skirt

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Many individuals are aware of the usefulness of wearing biker shorts beneath a skirt or dress, but they rarely do so. When it’s cold outside, an extra layer of clothing can keep you warm and help you feel less exposed in a flowy garment that can pick up and blow around in windy situations. Own it, even if your shorts are showing a little. There is a slew of ’80s-inspired fashions making a comeback, making it easy to channel your inner disco ball.

Sports Crop Top Outfit

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The next outfit we have for you today is this great and comfortable sports look. Bella Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski are famous for making the crop top and bike shorts look famous. Add sneakers and an unbuttoned sweater in the fall, flip-flops and big sunglasses in the summer for a street style, or a sports bra and a mask if you’re going to the gym.

Puff Sleeves Surprise

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The trend of big sleeves is still going strong, and if you want to wear this fun style in a way that isn’t too much, bike shorts are a perfect balance. The unexpected combination is what makes this outfit idea stand out, but it’s also comfortable enough to wear all day. Accessories don’t have to be super simple either: Add chunky socks, layer necklaces, or top things off with a fun hat to make sure your look goes beyond the basics.

Button-down Summer Outfit

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This one is a must-have for a reason, and if you like to wear button-down shirts with everything from jeans to midi skirts, you’ll love this combination, too. You can leave some or all of the buttons undone, tuck the top in, tie it at the waist, or let it hang loose as a shacket. There are many ways to style it, and the result is always perfect.

Cardigan Combination

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Rachel Tyler nailed another one of these biker shorts looks. Here is another great idea where Adding a cardigan to your outfit is another way to add a cozy and sexy contrast to the bike short’s sporty look. If you want a more fitted and skin-baring look, choose a cropped cardigan and fasten the top button. An oversized sweater that falls past your knees instantly makes the outfit feel cooler.

Colorful Look

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Instead of a sweater and jeans for fall, try a sweater and bike shorts. When worn with a colorful fair-isle sweater (because bright colors aren’t just for spring and summer), these bottoms are a great transitional piece. If you misjudge the weather, you can always tie the knit around your arms and show off your favorite tank top or sports bra. This outfit by Amaka Hamelijnck stands out because of the ribbed cotton shorts in ivory. You don’t have to wear trendy bottoms with just sneakers.

Silk Scarf Idea

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This is the sign you’ve been waiting for if you’ve always wanted to wear a silk scarf. Even though the scarf might make you think of glamorous Old Hollywood movie stars or vintage runways, it is still an important part of every outfit, even a biker short outfit. A scarf can protect your hair and give you a dramatic and fun look right away. There are also a lot of different styles to choose from, whether you like bright, bold patterns or neutral colors.

Oversized Jacket Outfit

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When it’s cold in the morning, the best way to dress is in a menswear-style jacket with bike shorts. This unusual mix of things makes for an appealing retro look. The Detroit-Organic Jacket from Carhart looks great over a vintage T-shirt because it has clean lines and a utilitarian style. Add an edge of modern street style with a designer bag and Air Force 1 sneakers. This outfit is so versatile that you can wear it to a workout class in the morning or to meet friends for a glass of rosé in the evening.

Pink Bomber Jacket

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You probably have a bomber jacket, but have you ever worn one made of leather over bike shorts? Charlotte Groeneveld, a style star on the streets of New York City, wears this classic jacket over shorts and a pair of classic white sneakers from Common Projects. These items will turn your casual outfit into a stylish one in an instant. While you’re at it, throw on a pair of bold sunglasses and a pair of statement earrings to make your look more interesting. Now you’re ready to go get your coffee in the morning.

Bike shorts are a comfortable, useful piece of clothing that can move easily between work, exercise, worry, and rest, which are all things that happen in a life spent mostly at home. So maybe it was always going to be that the beginning of the 2020s were the years where the biker shorts would make a full comeback. Yes, the pandemic stopped everything in its tracks, but it slowly begins to finish and the world is going back to normal, so who knows. But like 1,000-piece puzzles and sourdough bread, quarantine has given them a new appeal. Do you like biker shorts and what do you think about this piece of clothing? Let us know your opinion in the comments below

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