15 Gorgeous Outfits By Alexis Rose From Schitt’s Creek

Those who have watched Schitt’s Creek know who Alexis Rose is. It’s a fictional character in the aforementioned sitcom which aired in 2015 and played until 2020 on CBC. Alexis was introduced as the spoiled socialite daughter who was the center of attention everywhere. Her style yells class and richness, so she never failed to amaze us with her outfits.

Alexis Rose is the daughter of a fashionista, Moira Rose. Following in her mother’s footsteps, Alexis is the main star in the show. After losing everything, Alexis and her family were kicked out of their home and they packed anything they could on the way out. And while she is a true fashionista, her suitcase was filled with her accessories and best outfits. She became the style icon and main inspiration to many ever since she step her foot in the Schitt’s Creek show. If you are looking for inspiration or just want to recreate some looks, Alexis is the girl to follow.

Her outfits feature fast-fashion clothing, but one thing she loves for sure is the mini dresses. We often see her in a cute, little dress, halter, or long-sleeved. Luckily, her outfits are not custom, and she shops like all of us! Many of the brand clothes she is wearing can be found in a resale which is the most sustainable way of shopping. Since Alexis mostly wears Zara and Isabel Marant, the best way to recreate her looks is to set up alerts for these brands on marketplaces like thredUP, and Poshmark where you can find secondhand Zara pieces.

And if you are not loyal to any brand, you can score her outlook with what you have at home. You can match a floppy hat with a floral mini dress with ruffles and get the ultimate look. A slip midi dress with simple gold jewelry for layering is perfect for a night out. On the other hand, her accessories mainly include layered necklaces, statement earrings, and gold jewelry in general. To mimic Alexis’s style, you can wear multiple rings instead of one. And multiple necklaces. She rarely wears one necklace, it’s always a layered-up style.

You can shop Alexis’s outfits from ethical brands like Thief and Bandit, GANNI, and Bunosilo. You can find her flower jacquard belt pants, birds of prey pants, and cotton white adjustable top in these shops. Her sexy, wide-leg paisley trousers fit her perfectly and with her layered gold jewelry, Alexis looks just mesmerizing. The laid-back top looks like an earthy vibe.

The Perfect Summer Dress

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Alexis Rose has rocked her perfect summer dress in white with red design. It’s perfect for a mother-daughter lunch. Or you can wear it to a music festival. It’s perfect since it’s a flowy white tunic dress. You can often find her dresses in the fast-fashion retailer Zara while one of our favorite pieces is from the designer Isabel Marant.

Floral Dress

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This beautiful floral dress with a blue, green, and red mix of colors is the perfect fit for the spring period. Combined with a pair of sandals, or black leather shoes, you are set for success. This is the typical look to see Alexis in and she knows how to do it. Her booties add a sense of versatility and it’s the right choice for a casual day out.

Vintage-Looking Mini Dress

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This vintage-looking dress aspires to be a matter of revolution and growth. Alexis retains her individuality, mannerisms, and quirks with this type of dress that fits her perfectly.

Beautiful Medley of Floral Prints Dress

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The beautiful dress with floral prints makes us obsessed with it. It can be worn as a mini dress or with a long-sleeve shirt. If you want a bit more, you can mix colors and add more patterns in dots, stripes, or animal prints. A top knot bun with red lip color is the popular trend that will drive you crazy. Adding big hoop earrings on top of it, you will have the perfect styling technique for looking gorgeous.

Gold Mini Dress

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The dress is to die for! It’s the perfect length and the glowing color makes it even more perfect. Alexis loves being the star of the show, and in this style, she rocks a bold gold mini dress. She matched it with shoes and earrings for the ultimate golden look. It’s a perfect example of how she styles her outfit and knows how to be dressed.

Sequin Mini Dress

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Well, we all know the saying of how everybody needs a little black dress in the collection. And Alexis knows how to do it. Anyday is a good day to look perfect. She amazes us in this sequined black mini dress with a dainty necklace and hoops. Adding the rings as accessories, it’s a glamorous style. She is always the star of the night, and with this look, she proved to be a true inspiration to everybody.

Business Attire

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This business attire style is a breeze in fashion. She takes the Millenial approach by doing positions she can best do. Putting a cream blazer on a skirt and white top is the perfect combination for a cute business look. Ever since she’s been working with her family members and has been organizing small business events, she just must look perfect.

Embroidered Lace-Up Dress

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The embroidered lace-up dress is one of her best outfits. The long-sleeve dress with cute red and blue embroidering patterns is the perfect combination Alexis can put into the display.

Blue, Haltered Off-The Shoulders Dress

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By now we all know that Alexis loves herself in mini dresses. Ruffled, flowy dresses are mandatory in Alexis’ wardrobe, and she rocks the look of this haltered off-the-shoulder mini dress. It fits her amazingly and shows off her figure in a super flattering way. Her hair up in a bun emphasizes her neckline and shows all of the dress’s features. In this episode, she thought the dress is too short, but the top of the dress is what’s important here.

White Floor-Length Gown

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Alexis is a total beauty in this white, floor-length gown. She is the goddess-like character we often see in movies. Except, she is the main star in her series. The silky features of the dress make it uniquely elegant and the V-shape in front of the chest uncovers exactly enough to tease our fantasies.

Beaded Collar Dress

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She is a fan of mini dresses, what we can say?! Alexis wore this dress on the Creek Holiday Special and it’s the perfect dress for the winter holidays and Christmas. It’s elegant, with beautiful floral patterns and the right tones of red which make it suitable for any winter holiday.

Printed Halter Dress

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Alexis’s printed halter dress yells summer. It’s the killer dress, with abstract prints and plain tones that make Alexis look gorgeous.

Paisley Sweater

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The paisley sweater was featured in Season 4, Episode 5. It’s a crocheted dress with long sleeves, paired with Green velvet, lace-up heels from Zara. the hat is white floppy with black ostrich feathers. Her earrings are Leotie beaded drop earrings and the entire look is just fabulous.

White Top and Paisley Print Wide-Leg Pants

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This outfit screams class. The pants are Chloe Metallic Jacquard Flared pants, while the top is Knot Front from Zara. the shoes are Topshop Lena Metallic Platform Sandals and the bag is Chloe Hudson stud leather mini saddlebag. A true goddess with her semi-bun.

Embroidered Dress and Vest

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Alexis looked perfect in Season 5 in the episode “Meet the Parents”. She was the star of the show with this mini embroidered dress with contrasting colors. Adding the shiny waistcoat with beads complements the outfit and adds a sense of glam. Her bag is Phillip Lim Pashli’s mini shoulder bag.

While we can admire Alexi’s outfits and try to recreate some of them, it’s more than enough to say she has a sense of style. Whether it comes to a floral ruffle dress or a patterned skirt with a structured blouse combination, she rocks every style, chic and casual. What do you think? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below.

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