15 Flashy Addison Rae Outfits

Addison Rae Easterling was born and raised in Lafayette, Louisiana. She is the daughter of Monty Lopez and Sheri Easterling, who still live there. Through her father, she is from Spain. Rae has two brothers younger brothers, called Enzo and Lucas. When Addison was a little girl, her parents divorced. They were together and apart a lot during her childhood until they remarried in 2017. Monty has 5 million followers on TikTok, and Sheri has 14 million followers. Both parents are on TikTok, too.

At the age of six, Rae started competing in dance. She went to competitions all over the country, where she learned a lot. Prior to moving to Los Angeles to focus on TikTok, Addison briefly went to Louisiana State University (LSU) to study sports broadcasting. She then dropped out when she started to become popular on TikTok.

As of July 2019, Addison Rae joined the social network TikTok. She started posting dance videos to popular songs on the platform. For more than two months now, she has been part of the Hype House, which works with TikTok. Rae gained over one million followers on TikTok in just a few months. In November that year, she decided to leave LSU and go to another school saying that was the moment it all changed for her. “I knew I wanted to take it more seriously and spread my creativity to more places. I put a video on YouTube and started to use Instagram a lot more, so I did both of these things.” When she and her parents agreed to work with the talent agency WME in January 2020, she did so with her parents. In the same month, Addison released a weekly podcast with her mother called “Mama Knows Best” that was only available on Spotify in July 2020. It talked about their personal and professional lives. [6] With the help of Madeby Collective, Addison has started her own cosmetics line called Item Beauty with her as the Chief Innovation Officer. She is in charge of most of the products and is in charge of most of the new ideas for the brand.

In the Addison Rae style, you might see a little bit of Christina Aguilera or Britney Spears here and there. Other interesting things about her style include trendy items like baggy jeans, a shoulder bag, mesh, rectangle sunglasses, and sexy hair and make-up, as well as cool hair and clothes. If you look at her outfits, you’ll see a lot of colors and skirts as well as fun accessories, prints, tight clothes, short shorts, and tight clothes. A few of her recent looks can help us figure out what Addison Rae clothes are all about, so let’s look at 15 of them.

American Spirit Look

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The pink shirt is what makes this outfit from Addison Rae look like it’s from the United States. You have blue denim shorts mixed with pink, which is a good way to show off the American spirit.

Black Unitard

Photo: instagram.com

A black unitard and high-heeled shoes make Addison Rae look very sexy and over-the-top. The high-heeled shoes definitely draw attention and make people want to know where Addison Rae buys clothes so she can dress up as a bombshell. Even more interesting, the high-rise platforms make a subtle nod to Japanese aesthetics while at the same time contrasting the black unitard. Addison also has a chunky

gold necklace that looks like something a 2000s pop star would wear. On top of that, she balances the hotness with a big black jacket and a neat bun.

Red Polka Dot Dress

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When Addison Rae wears one of her outfits, she shows off her American girl next door look with ease. The short polka dot dress with red and black converse print and sexy, young low-top sneakers make for a very fun look. You can see how well Addison has put together a natural and glowing makeup and hair look, which is especially good for summer.

Y2K Inspiration

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You could find a lot of Y2K-themed ideas in this outfit. The outfit has everything you need to remember famous pop stars like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera from a long time ago, like when they were younger. How? In the Y2K time, the red hair extensions, lettuce hem top, and baggy camouflage pants make us think about that time again. It also has a lot of interesting things about it, like chunky jewelry like a bracelet and a choker.

Baggy Jeans

Photo: pinterest.com

How to put together this casual look doesn’t take very long to figure out. There are some fun socks, Doc Martens boots, and a corset top in this look by Addison Rae. A shoelace is used as a belt here, which is one of the more interesting things about it. In terms of accessories, the rectangle sunglasses and the black shoulder bag are the most important things. She has a gold necklace, a silver bracelet, earrings, and rings that are all different kinds of silver and gold, which is interesting. To make her look subtle and bold, Addison used simple hair and make-up. Unique pieces like baggy jeans, a shoulder bag, and a corset top all work well together.

Glamorous Dress

Photo: pinterest.com

For a night out, Addison Rae’s clothes also come in glamorous styles that would look good on her You can see a trendy printed dress with a ruched hem and high ankle-strapped heels that go with it. The look is very sexy and would be great for a night out or your first date. The hair and makeup are both inspired by the 2000s style.

Pink Dress

Photo: pinterest.com

Addison looks beautiful here, posing in the pleated mini dress with her hand on her hip and a mini fan held to her face while she looked at it. She looks very confident in the bright pink outfit and wears platform heels to show off her toned legs. The Tik Tok star pulled her caramel-colored hair away from her face with a clip and wore gold earrings, a bracelet, and a necklace.

Black Vanity Fair

Photo: pinterest.com

Here, the TikTok star wore a black gown from Vanity Fair with a structured, sheer bodice that showed off her curves, making her look slim. Her favorite designer at the moment, MNOT, did an amazing job with this black gown with a structured sheer bodice that had boning and a long sweetheart neck. Addison incorporated the 90s into her look with a pieced updo, silver shadow, and a coral lip. However, when it came to jewelry, she channeled Audrey Hepburn and wore a pearl choker with a lot of different strands.

Red Gucci Gown

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Addison made sure to go all out for her first Met Gala. The young social medai star wore a vintage electric red Tom Ford for Gucci gown from 2003 when she went to a party. Her hair was also a different color on the red carpet. At the Met Gala, Rae’s hair was dyed bright blonde. She’s been going from dark brunette to a lighter blonde color. As a hairdresser and the creative director of Virtue Labs, Adir Abergel was inspired by Tom Ford’s Gucci ads from the early 2000s. She styled her hair into a sleek straight blowout.

Cowboy Outfit

Photo: pinterest.com

Addison Rae has chosen to wear a white tank top and blue denim shorts that realy encapture that old-American cowgirl look. If you look at her clothes, you can also see that they all have one thing in common: a pair of fashionable cowboy boots. The best thing about this look by Addison Rae is that it can be worn for both festivals and everyday life.

Pop-Punk Girlfriend

Photo: pinterest.com

Here, Addison adopted the pop-punk vibe and she has dressed very well for the role. She wore a leather bustier top with Reformation’s Newsprint Jeans, which have become very popular in the recent period.

Pencil Skirt

Photo: pinterest.com

Addison as we know is a big fan of t-shirts. Here she combined one with a beautiful plaid pencil skirt showing that every look fits her perfectly, no matter if it’s formal or informal and everyday.

Always A Lady

Photo: pinterest.com

This collaboration with the Los Angeles brand ‘Iamkoko.la’ is a perfect representation of Addison’s fierce personality along with the stylish and comfortable clothes. The cute crop and sweatpants make for a perfect combination on a warm spring day.

Workout Outfit

Photo: pinterest.com

This is Addison’s workout outfit. She also loves going to the gym and doing Pilates. In an interview recently she also stated that she loves outfits like this very much and that she would wear them every day casually when she goes out to the market or for a walk.

Pink Floral Dress

Photo: instagram.com

Addison’s outfit for 2021 People’s Choice Awards. A Betsy Johnson dress with flowers on it, and she also wore a choker from Christian Dior. Addison showed off her cleavage in the low-cut 2000s-style look. The dress was blush-colored and had floral embellishments all over. A Christian Dior choker and pink satin Jimmy Choo heels were very glamorous additions to the TikTok star’s outfit. Addison wore her long hair in waves with some of it up, and she used very little makeup.

Addison Rae is a girl who visually represents like every single trend that you’re wearing right now. The TikTok star has a unique ability to switch between different styles quickly. After going full early ’00s, she’ll dress like an Instagram baddie, then switch to a more casual look. She’ll finish with the pop-punk girlfriend look all in the same week! She took the world by storm in just a couple of years and she’s only 22. The future is bright for this young star, and we are excited to see what she will bring to us with her positivity, creative spirit and outgoing personality.

Do you like Addison Rae’s clothes and do you follow her on TikTok? What do you think about her meteoric rise to the top of the social media ladder? Let us know in the comments below.

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