23 Unforgettable Aaliyah Outfits – The Iconic Princess Of R&B

Aaliyah Dana Haughton was an American singer, actress, dancer, and model. She was named the “Princess of R&B” and “Queen of Urban Pop” thanks for her influence in redefining modern R&B, pop, and hip hop. In the movie, she starts with Romeo must die. We remember her gorgeous look.

What makes her timeless is not only her music and films but also her fashion style: tiny crop tops, athletic wear, sunglasses of various shapes and colors, exposed underwear, and baggy cuts styles Aaliyah turned into iconic pieces. She can be described as confident, comfortable, and effortless. She’s making fashion waves decades after her passing away with oversized proportions and a sporty-chic aesthetic. The Baby Girl cemented her trendsetter status with the body-wrapping, bikini-style top. Aaliyah’s late effortless style made her a fashion icon for eternity. She was true to her sportier aesthetic but with a chic, fashion-forward edge. She looked gorgeous, wearing from Roberto Cavalli and Dolce & Gabbana to Azzedine Alaïa.

Her aesthetics became more actual since the beginning of the pandemic: people want to be comfortable more than ever, and baggy clothing is comfy. Exaggerated proportions, low-rise jeans, bandana headbands, and slinky tanks or crop tops are the influences of Aaliyah. They are making her as relevant in the fashion industry today as she was in her time. Balancing femininity with an edgier, laid-back chic, she was a pioneer of the tomboy style.

Being boldly androgynous and sexy at once, Aaliyah set the stage for Rihanna and other singers in the upcoming years. If you adore your oversized leather jacket; or like your jeans somewhat baggy, you bet that Aaliyah had some part of your fashion identity. Do you like to dress like her? See the following outfits we have selected for you to enjoy and get inspired to use for your unique outlook.

Definition of ‘Timeless’

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This slip dress Aaliyah wore at the 2000 MTV Music Awards. The gown’s high thigh split and feathered trim add more excitement. She looks fierce wearing this yellow zebra print dress designed by Roberto Cavalli.

One In A Million

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Her look matured over time. In the ‘One In A Million’ music video, she wears figure-hugging pieces in tactile leather-like textures.

All-white Iconic Outfit

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This is another outfit from “One In A Million,” minimalist and clean style. One of her most effortless yet iconic looks: a white crop top and belly button piercing with matching baggy pants.

The Bandana

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A lot of Aaliyah’s accessories are back. The classic print bandana can upgrade any nonchalant gear. The monochrome look and the silver jewelry copied by contemporary artists have Aaliyah’s signature.

‘Try again’ Music Video

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This is one of Aaliyah’s iconic looks from the “Try Again” music video and still influences pop culture. She looks icy, wearing a diamond choker with a matching bra and belt.

Loyal to Tommy Hilfiger

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Look back on Tommy Hilfiger’s ‘90s peak, and you see Aaliyah. She wore the brand and was featured in a 1996 Tommy Jeans campaign. Aaliyah’s loyalty to the Tommy Hilfiger brand still influences fashion.

Timberland Boots

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You might think that only heels are in-game for the red carpet? See that crystally white pair of Timberland boots perfectly matching her white outlook.

Oversized Layering

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The more oversized layers over her simple blacktop, the cooler the look. Her loose outfit style remains today.

Camouflage Jacket

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Aaliyah’s outwear inspires. Her oversized clothing was her mark, and some celebrities tried to copy her effortless casual wear. See Rihanna wearing a similar reverse camo jacket.


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The boyfriend fit revolutionized the term stylish woman in the ‘90s, taking inspiration from menswear. Aaliyah welcomed spacious streetwear in a time when her peers wore tight clothing.

Cutouts Are Chic

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Cut-outs top, low-rise white pants paired with a tiny shoulder bag are the epitome of chic. The subtle touches of her outfit are the ones that make her look like a million bucks.

Icy Girl

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Aaliyah’s jewelry shine. She liked silver and often wore an iced-out chain around her neck. It is yet another fashionable touch to her standard outfit.

A Bare Belly

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Low-rise pants and cropped shirts. Aaliyah’s washboard abs became a fashion of their own.

Bikini Top

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As she grew as a celebrity, the more experimental her clothing became. Stuck to her dressing roots, she wears Calvin Klein boxer shorts that peaked above her low-rise pants. The red patent jacket and metallic crossover bikini top are those that twist her outfit.

Sophisticated in Chanel

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Aaliyah always wore a sophisticated outfit. In her music video for “Try Again,” she wears a white Chanel ensemble with a classic silver Chanel belt. Adorable!

Asymmetric Top

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Aaliyah loved a crop top. This asymmetric watercolor top combines nicely with the white pants and golden heels, complementing the colorful bag and the chain over her waist.

Red Carpet Glamour

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The singer looks radiant in this beige embroidered corset dress. Aaliyah’s red carpet looks were perfection.

Belly Chain

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Aaliyah’s loved to sparkle. Simple jeans outfit at first glance, but the accessories make this outfit remarkable: the silver chain sits just above her jeans. It would be a pity not to show abs like hers.

Black & Chic

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This black dress with high thigh split, high heels, and perfectly icy jewelry is another iconic look of Aaliyah on the red carpet.

All Black Eclectic Vibe

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Black always works if you have any doubts about what to wear. Aaliyah loved black and wore it as often as white. Sultry and mysterious black catches what made her a mystery.


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In the early days, comfort was her priority. She is making an appearance in London with a sports jersey – light years away from the cropped leather looks later.

In Denim Outfit

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Aaliyah’s style was versatile. Take Aaliyah’s denim overall crop top, for example, combined with exposed underwear and low jeans.

Futurism From “Are You That Somebody” Music Video

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At the start of the millennium, the obsession with new technology impacted fashion. Aaliyah captured the futuristic outlook dressed in a grey mesh top and silver boxers, looking like a space-age goddess.

This girl was a fashion icon. The trends she started are still in today. She elevated the boundaries of how a girl should look like. You might like her casual and tomboy look or her chic and glorious outfit. Share what you loved the most about her. Any thoughts, ideas, or inspirations from these outfits? We’ll be glad to hear from you.

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