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Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself – A Stylish Thought Video

By April 26, 2012 Editor's Note, ST News
Stylish Thought Video

Have we met? I’m Fajr Muhammad and this is

Stylish Thought is an epiphany. It’s your permission slip to dress how you feel, do what you love and become the woman of your dreams! And hopefully, it’s your toolbox to do all of those things and more! 

Recently, we shot a video to express exactly what Stylish Thought is all about. Style meets substance! 

Watch the video and get a glimpse into what having a Stylish Thought day truly means!  Hope you enjoy it! 

Directed by Derrick Woodyard

Special Thanks to Smak Parlour, The Book Trader and The Sweet Spot

Did you enjoy the video?! I would love to hear your thoughts! And if you love it, please share it! 

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