5 Indie Netflix Alternatives

Netflix is pretty much the standard for movies on-demand and streaming. Netflix doesn’t just provide a great catalogue of films to watch, it devours entire weekends and makes them disappear. We love Netflix and it’s normally our go-to but lately Netflix has pulled numerous movies from streaming and shifts their streaming library on a monthly basis. Plus, Netflix is mostly for mainstream films and TV shows, making it harder to unearth those hidden gems.

But there are alternatives. Several streaming sites and services that cater to niche movies and art house films are popping up and we couldn’t be more ready to surrender our Sunday. If you’re experiencing Netflix fatigue (aren’t we all) and looking for great films you’ve never heard of, check out these sites. Beware: Binge watching may ensue.

1. Mubi

Mubi is a curated movie site for cult, classic and indie movies. A new film released in the catalog every day, which you have 30 days to watch before it expires. It’s like Snapchat for film. There are only ever 30 movies in their library at a time and a monthly subscription will run you $4.99. Less than a bag of indie filmhouse popcorn!

2. Fandor


Fandor, similar to Mubi (and Netflix) is a streaming service for independent and award-winning films. USA Today says, “If you are looking to take your movie-watching beyond the mainstream, Fandor is just the ticket.” They’ve got the street cred and with films like Starlet, Dogtooth and Endless Summer, they clearly have what it takes.

3. IndieFlix

Indie Flix

IndieFlix is hardcore – not hardcore films – but totally devoted to independent film. You can stream thousands of movies from all around the world for just $5 per month. With a Roku channel and a partnership with PBS, IndieFlix might be a strong contender for your chilling with Bae time.

4. Facet Multimedia

Facet Movies

A Chicago based non-profit, Facet Multimedia started as a film appreciation group that now has a 75,000+ movie warehouse and DVD subsscription service. Sorry, no streaming – yet – but Facet Multimedia does offer an $8.99 monthly subscription and a library of rare and imported films.

5. GreenCine


GreenCine is the only DVD-only site on the list. But before you dis-count them, they boast a library of over 50,000 titles and have plans starting at $9.99 a month. GreenCine’s philosophy is that “Movies Matter” and they have an eclectic selection to prove it.

What sites, channels or Netflix alternatives do you use?