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Girl Interrupted: How to Cope When Life Gets in the Way

By October 24, 2012 Life, Life Advice

Life happens. To the best of us. Things change; we lose a job, move to another city, break up with a significant other, lose a loved one. And when life comes crashing down or sweeping in sometimes you have to take a step back to regain your footing. Being sidelined by life is never easy but it is natural and it’s imperative that you take time to get yourself back to 100%.

Case in point: Things have been a little slow around here lately. For this I do apologize. My recent move to New York and getting acquainted with myself in this new place has taken a bit of the gust out of my sails. Between packing, moving, commuting, working, commuting, reading and writing there hasn’t been much time in life for well life.

It beeeeeeezzzzzz like that sometimes.

So what do you do when life gets in the way of doing the things you love?

Freeze. Have a Seat. Reset


Stopping can be the most beneficial thing you can do when  good or bad fortune befalls you. It may seem nullifying or like you’re stuck in quicksand but stopping can prevent you from spinning your wheels, messing things up due to lack of focus, even burning yourself out. When I moved I made the conscious decision to give myself some time to just stop. It felt horrible and I missed writing for you guys but doing a half-arsed job was not an option.

When life is happening and your focus shifts it’s okay to hit the pause button and tend to the things you have to do. Your work, personal health and well-being are your top priority.

Have a Seat

After you’ve come to terms with stopping (or considerably slowing down) have a seat. Not a literal seat, but a figurative seat. Get your bearings straight and try, TRY, as you might to keep your mind off of the world going on around you.

Sometimes taking a break can feel like you’re taking a step back or conceding defeat but don’t fall into the mind trap. When you have to get your bearings straight that’s the only thing that matters. And instead of worrying about what you’re missing our on or what other people are doing, focus on what you can do to restore yourself and get ready to return to your normal routine.

Read lots of books. Watch movies. Spend time with family and friends. Reconnect with yourself. Personally, I’m taking this time to focus on areas of my life that I’ve neglected like my health, finances and other creative endeavors.


Each stop is an opportunity to reset ourselves and prepare for the road ahead. By resetting your mind, body and spirit you are allowing the lessons to sink in and propel you forward.

But how will you know when it’s time to get on with your life as usual? You will know. The path will be clear and there will be space to do the things you need to do. You will be able to get back to your life and plans with more knowledge and a renewed spirit.

Sometimes we’re heading down a path and life comes in and interrupts our journey or puts us in an uncomfortable place. Don’t begrudge these changes, roll with them. Embrace them and let them teach and propel you to the next stop on your destination.

Have you ever been interrupted by life? How did you manage? Please share! We can benefit from each others’ stories!

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Motivated Monday: Staying Passionate

By August 20, 2012 Empowerment, Life

Life is funny. Sometimes you’re going full speed ahead toward your dreams and the next moment you feel derailed and your passion is waning. Keeping your enthusiasm and passion can be difficult. What’s a driven girl to do when she’s starting to feel ambivalent about her dreams?

Whether it’s a new dream causing your detour or you’re feeling stuck, don’t fret. Every successful woman has been here at one point or another. Full disclosure: there have been numerous times when I’ve wanted to close shop at Stylish Thought. Sometimes I’ve felt like nothing was happening or that I was writing into a bubble and no one was paying attention.

Thank goodness I ignored those temporary urges. But how did I know that they were just passing thoughts? Listening to your heart is the only way to know whether your passion is for the short-term or the long haul. Each time I’ve felt like giving up, I listened to my inner voice. Did I really want to quit or was I just momentarily frustrated?

What else would I do if I gave up? Would I be okay if Stylish Thought ended tomorrow? These are questions I asked myself and still do from time to time. Passion isn’t an endless road without detours or side steps. It’s not a straight course; it’s a winding road and sometimes you have to pull over to make sure you’re going in the right direction.

How do you stay on course? What do you do when you feel your passion fading?

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10 Things To Stop Worrying About Today!

By July 17, 2012 Life, Life Advice
Diane Keaton by Annie Leibovitz

We’ve all been there. We make a mistake and spend hours, days and sometimes weeks worrying about our snafu. We spend precious time sweating over things we can’t control and for what?!

According to famed life guru Wayne Dyer, “It makes no sense to worry about things you have no control over because there’s nothing you can do about them and why worry about things you control? The activity of worrying keeps you immobilized.”

In addition to keeping us stuck, constant worrying is linked to higher levels of stress, anxiety and serious health problems like heart attack.

Now while worrying about the big things in life like bills and money may not vanish at the drop of a blog post, there are a few minor things we can officially stop worrying about. Here are ten of those things.

1. Your Follower Count

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, whatever social media site you’re obsessed with today. In the grand scheme of life, how many followers you have matters as much as whether Kim K and Beyonce become friends. It’s a non-mfing factor.

2. Other People’s Business

We are a society obsessed with each other. It’s part of the reason social media has become so popular. We love knowing what the next person is doing, wearing and buying. But honestly, these things rarely have any bearing on our own lives and worrying or dedicating your time to others is something you can stop today.

3. Who your Trashy Ex-Boyfriend is dating

He’s your ex-boyfriend for a reason. And if he mistreated you, should you really care who the next chick is?  If you must, get a good look at her and then move on. Chances are he hasn’t changed and you’ve got bigger and better things to worry about: namely yourself!

4. Whether your bra & panties match

On “special occasions” yes matching lingerie is preferable but on an everyday not so much. I know women who obsess over this and in a perfect world, my unmentionables would match every day, but sometimes it doesn’t really work out that way. Making sure they’re clean is about all I worry about.

5. That Typo in your last blog post/work email/etc…

We’ve all been there. We craft a great email, post, tweet and press send only to find out it has a glaring typo. Doh! Before you get your unmatched panties in a bunch, realize one thing: the message is already sent. Unless its something like your client’s name spelled wrong, move on. If it happens to be a big blunder; correct, apologize and move on.

6. What *Insert Reality TV Star* is wearing/dating/basically anything they’re doing

This goes hand in hand with #2 but a level deeper. Reality stars are the new influencers but waiting on their every move is ridiculous. Stop worrying about what the latest TV star is doing, wearing, sleeping with because tomorrow there will be another show to focus on. It’s a conveyor belt that we should get off.

7. The Oh So Distant Future

Caring about your future is important, obsessing over it is not. Make plans, put in work and let God do the rest. That’s pretty much all you can do.

8. The Far Away Past

Your past doesn’t have to be your present, unless you make it that way. Leave the past in the past.Take time to examine and learn from your mistakes. Take strides to avoid making the same mistakes and close the door, matter of fact slam that sucka shut, never to reopen!

9. The Moves Others are Making

It’s easy to get caught up in the successes of others. Avoid lamenting others wins and becoming green with envy. Instead turn inward and see how you can accomplish your own goals.

10. How You Look to Others

Caring about your appearance and how you present yourself is great. But don’t let that care dictate who you are and what you do. Worrying too much about what others think of you is detrimental to your autonomy and individuality.

How do you deal with worrying? What advice would you give to stop worrying?

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Let Go, Let Flow: 20 Tips for 20-Something Women

By June 26, 2012 Advice, Empowerment, Life, Life Advice

Christine Hassler/ Jill Esplin

Life is an obstacle course and sometimes we get over hurdles gracefully and other times we wipe out. It’s par for the course. But navigating life doesn’t have to be land of the unknown. There are so many resources (your parents, mentors, teachers, bosses) who would be more than willing to give you great advice. 

And Christine Hassler may the perfect resource. An inspirational speaker and life coach, Christine’s specialty is dealing with 20-somethings and the issues we face. Graduation, new jobs, burgeoning relationships, self-love, you name it, she’s helped someone through it and with the Today Show, CNN and two books to her credit she knows a thing or two about 20-something life.

We recently spoke with Jill Esplin (a 20-something herself and life coach under Christine’s tutelage) about 20-something women, advice on living and navigating life with style.

1. Be Present: “The key to enjoying life is to be in the moment; in the joy and the upset. Everything happens there”

2. Don’t be Afraid to Make Mistakes: Jill says that playing safe is the surest way to not live. Don’t be so worried about making an epic mistake. Our 20’s our the time to experiment, fall on our faces and get back up.

3. Get Off the Internet: (after you read Stylish Thought of course): Jill says with passion, “You don’t find your passion online. You find it by doing it. So many 20-somethings think they can Google their way to a dream life. You have to go and explore”

4. Forget about Work/Life Balance: “I don’t believe in balance. Instead of trying to achieve balance, strive to be present.”

5. Stop caring about what other people think: Other people’s opinions are none of your business.

6. “Choose Me Before We”: Jill urges young women to put themselves ahead of finding “the perfect partner” Take 40 days to focus solely on yourself and see how more in tune with your needs you become.

7. Understand that Soulmates are Everywhere: “Soulmates are anyone your soul learns a lesson from”, says Jill.

8. Take the plunge: In our twenties, hopefully we’re not burdened with houses, mortgages and kids, so deciding to start a business or move across country is a simple decision. Ask yourself, what do you want?

9. Follow your passions; wherever they lead: You don’t have to quit your job but take small steps like starting a blog or a creative project and before you know you’ll be living your dream.

10. Don’t tolerate nonsense: “When your self-love increases, you can walk away from situations and people who not self-serving.”

11. Change your self-talk: So often we speak negatively about ourselves. Jill says in order to make positive changes in our lives we have to change our self talk and affirm our strengths instead of beating ourselves up

12. Take time to yourself: 20 minutes a day to chill, relax, breathe and stop the stress you may feel over life.

13. Understand, no one has it figured out: This is very affirming to hear from a life coach. Take the pressure off of yourself to figure life out and start enjoying life.

14. Get help, when necessary: Therapy may seem scary, but if you’re experiencing more struggle than you think normal or going through a quarter-life crisis, talking with a life coach or therapist may be just what you need.

15. Walk your Talk: This is harder said than done, but Jill advises that if you want happiness you have to choose happiness. Simplistic but  true.

16. Assess how you’re living: Are you in a lackluster job, an unhealthy relationship? Examine what’s going on in your day to day experiences and take time to envision where you would like your life to go and set a plan.

17. Bookend Your Day: Start your day with silence and solitude. End your day with the same.

18. Embrace your Friendships: Friendships in our twenties hopefully build into long-lasting relationships. Cherish your friendships and embrace and nurture your girlfriends.

19. Make tough decisions: In a world of limitless choices, Jill tells young women to listen to their hearts and make a choice. Keep yourself moving, by making a decision and don’t get caught up in worrying about whether it was the right one or not.

20. Know that you can’t mess up your destiny! Or as Bethenny Frankel says, “All roads lead to Rome” What you do in between is your journey, embrace your journey!

To learn more about Christine and her individual coaching visit and L.A. ladies check out her latest Women’s Retreat

My ladies, what are some things you would tell your 20-something selves? 20-somethings, what advice is helping you navigate life?

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Take Me Away: How to Plan a Staycation

By June 12, 2012 How-To, Life
How to Plan a Staycation

Image Source

Hi,  I’m Alicia of CarterGirl Events and I’m a city girl with an undeniable love for hosting, planning and home decor. But there are times when I am exhausted, overwhelmed and am in need of a vacation but my city girl budget won’t allow for a random week in Tahiti.  

What’s a girl to do? She plans a Staycation. What the hell is that? A staycation is the budget friendly remedy that will get you back on track. Sort of like a weekend getaway, but in your own city. Because they are pretty brief, usually only 2 days or so, staycations are easy to fit into your hectic schedule. Besides, there is nothing like a quick “getaway” to regain that triple R feeling: Refreshed. Relaxed. Renewed.

Hotel Vertigo in San Francisco

Where to stay:

Bed and Breakfasts and boutique hotels are my top recommendations for staycation accommodations. Here’s why: the ultimate purpose of a staycation is to regain your triple R. These unique spots are known for low occupancy and high customer service. Check out sites like Groupon and Living Social or special rates and discounts. Tablet Hotels features stylish and unique hotels for cool accommodations. Here are a few recommendations for boutique hotels across the country.

Los Angeles – Maison 140 Beverly Hills
New York City – Crosby Street Hotel  
Philadelphia – Morris House Hotel  
San Francisco – Hotel Vertigo of San Francisco

What to Pack:

Ok, this part is super simple. Your most comfy, cozy pj’s are non-negotiable. You’ll be doing plenty of NOTHING and you want to make sure you’re dressed for it! If you are into fitness, you should definitely pack your workout gear. Sometimes, I release the most stress and gain the most creative inspiration when I’m working out. Pack your favorite dress for your hot date with yourself. (We’ll get into that a little later).

There are a few other staycation essentials that you will not want to forget. Pack that book you’ve been trying to finish and all those magazines you have been dying to catch up on. It’s also a good idea to grab some of your favorite treats and snacks to munch on in the room.

Staycation Survival Kit

What to Do:

The true answer is NOTHING. DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!! But, I know that’s not as realistic as I would like. Here are a few ideas:

1. Be a tourist in your own city. Most cities have a tourism bureau site where you can see special exhibits, tours and festivals that are being featured at local museums and attractions.

2. Wine and Dine. Make a reservation at that chic restaurant that just opened. Put on that sexy dress you packed and enjoy a great meal and maybe even some champagne with your favorite date, Y.O.U. !

3. Spa. Spa. Spa, baby! Here’s where those discount sites I mentioned before will come in handy. They are almost always offering some sort of deal or discount at local spas for massages, facials… the works!! Depending on your budget, I would say book as many services as you can. There’s no such thing as too refreshed, relaxed, and renewed right??

4. Movie/Marathon Night. I have a guilty pleasure for anything on Crime Tv or Lifetime; seriously, I could watch those two networks all day long. What’s your favorite movie or show? The weekends are the perfect time to catch a marathon. Throw on those pjs, grab your snacks and tune in! This is also a great way to enjoy the amenities of your hotel.

So the next time your job is stressing you out or you’re going through a rough patch of life you are now equipped with the know how to get back to YOU. You know where to stay, what to pack and what to do. If you follow these steps you are sure to enjoy the staycation of your dreams! One thing to remember while on your staycation is to focus on Y.O.U.

Enjoy! Have you planned a staycation? How did it go?

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20 Ways to Boost Your Creativity

By April 24, 2012 Advice, Life, Life Advice
Georgia O'Keefe

Sometimes you get in a funk. Life seems bland. Rent is due, so you can’t shop. Busy at work, so you can’t hang out. You need some revitalization and an extra boost of Vitamin C ~ Creativity that is! 

Georgia O’Keefe

Whether you take an art class, take a long walk, you have to get those creative juices flowing! Think of a few  things you love to do, you can do it! Still need an extra boost, here are a few ways to do just that!

1. Grocery Circular Shopping — Try new meal ideas based on what you can get on sale or on promotion at your local grocer. Green bean casserole might be a good idea when solid white albacore is .50c a can!

2. Design a Personal Logo — A quick and easy logo can be useful in so many ways! Who says your signature has to be a script version of your name anyway?

3. The Broach Approach — Add pizzazz to ANY outfit with a simple embellishment on your lapel, shirt pocket or collar. A small glint of razzle-dazzle is always appreciated!

4. Create a Vision — Board that is! Vision boards are a great way of keeping goals and even that expensive pair of shoes on your mind daily. As a “law of attraction” devotee, visualizing what you want everyday always leads to results.

5. Spring Cleaning Twist — Before you throw out that white shirt with the stained pits or your once favorite black pumps, think of all the possibilities! Make that shirt an “under a cardigan only” shirt; add a pair of clip-on earrings to the front of those shoes!

6. Water Retreat –Take a hot bath (or shower), it will stimulate your body and senses in so many ways, you might get sudden inspiration to write a book!

7. Nail Fun — Regular manicures are essential, but when your polish starts to chip, you need to erase and re-do between appointments. Use this go ‘round to try a quick design technique like polka dots or lines.

8. Baked Goods — Every now and then it’s ok to indulge in cakes and cookies. What better way than to make them yourself! Don’t just settle for circles, pull out those cookie cutters or just use a knife to cut out a fun shape. Take them to work and leave in your break-room if you think you will have cookie monster syndrome.

9. Just Lamping — Overhead lighting can be so harsh sometimes, but adding a lamp to your bathroom, living room or work-space can be so uplifting and change your mood instantly!

10. Star Gazing — It’s nice to look up at the sky at night, but that won’t help you in an outfit crisis. Do a quick internet search of your favorite celebrities for style inspiration. They’re your favorites for a reason!

11. Language Learning — Maybe you don’t have time to study a new language but you always have time to learn something new. Look up ways to say everyday terms in other languages. Of course it’s mostly for fun, but who knows? It could start you out on the path to linguist studies after all.

12. Jewelry Meltdown — If you’ve got gold and silver earrings with no mate, rings you don’t wear and gifted bracelets that were never your style, take them to a jeweler and have them melted down into a piece (or pieces) that you’ll love!

13. Make-up Party — Even if you’re the only one in attendance, playing in your own make-up is just as fun as it is challenging…a good challenge, that is. See what you can do on your own. You’ll be surprised at what your lil hands can do.

14. Turn on the Tube — Many television networks feature D.I.Y programs and segments. Check your listings and tune in! Oftentimes, the Susie Homemakers and Martha Stewarts’ of the world submit their projects that are easy to do over and over again.

15. Smell That — from incense, to candles, to fine oils, humanity has found a way to survive on things that smell good! Ok, maybe not, but just thinking of your favorite scent makes you feel good. And when you feel good, you have the power to create!

16. Snack your Way — If your snack drawer looks like mine, you’re stocked in case of major disaster. In the meantime, collabo that apple with that rice cake and that peanut butter for a snack that’s sure to get you through the rest of your work day.

17. Play On! — Create genre specific or rhythm specific playlists to complete daily tasks. Listening to Mozart may not do it while you attempt to run 3 miles today, but it might help complete that report at work that’s due by noon.

18. The Pin-Up Look — If you’ve got hair that can twist around your finger, you can pin curl it – a quick technique to attain flirty locks. A quick internet search will pull up video results for all kinds of hair, sure to guide you if needed.

19. Finishing Touches — Rule of thumb: a blazer dresses anything up; a scarf, dresses anything down. Try it the next time you’re transitioning from one place or event to another.

20. Craft Store Delight — When all else fails, your local craft store will make a believer out of you. From soap and candles to jewelry, t-shirts and wreaths, the goodies in these stores force you to think creatively. You pretty much start from scratch with everything, but if that scares you, check with the store for classes and see for yourself how easy and fun original creations can be!

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Celeste Price is a writer, nail design enthusiast and lover of fine dining, shopping, traveling and being a mom to the bossiest little princess in the world! Follow her on Twitter @Celesteness and say hi! 

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I hope this brief list got your motor going and stirred the pot of creativity that is brewing inside of you! Anything we missed on this list? How do you boost your creativity? 

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Work it Out: How to Get Back into a Gym Routine

By March 6, 2012 Health and Fitness, Life Advice

Remember way back in January when we all proudly proclaimed that 2012 would be the year we would get it right and get it tight? We’re coming up on March and two months have passed since you’ve even thought about hitting the treadmill. But there’s hope and it’s never too late to get back in the gym and start making fitness a priority.

Even as an avid gym-goer, I fall off the wagon more times than I care to admit. It’s easy to avoid the gym and there are millions of excuses to not workout: “I have to work late” or “I left my gym stuff at home”. Hogwash. Aside from losing weight and better health, regular exercise helps boost your self-esteem, sleep routine and sex life (I knew that would wake you up).

Whatever reason you give yourself to get back in the saddle, here are some more ways to make getting to the gym and working out foolproof.

1. Get a Buddy

Sometimes you need someone just as invested in your fitness as you are (and vice versa). Find a gal pal who’s looking to get in shape as well and make a pact to help and push each other. Feeling too tired to attend spinning class? Text your buddy and let her push and motivate you to go. Do the same thing for her in times of her gym weakness. Compliment each other on your progress and before long you’ll both be in shape and having a great time together.

2. Pack your Gym Bag the Night Before

This is one that I’ve learned the hard way. Rushing out the door, late to work, is not the time to pack your gym bag. It’ll be the last thing on your mind. Make having your gear foolproof by packing your bag the night before and setting it by the door to grab on the way out. Before long, packing your trainers and leggings will be a nightly ritual that you can’t do without.

3. Take a Class

The gym can be a scary place. All of that oddly shaped equipment and seemingly professional exercisers. Take the fear out and ease into your gym routine by taking a class. Fitness classes are ready made workouts and lead by trained instructors. Scan your gym’s schedule and try the first class that piques your interest. Don’t worry about skill level (unless its stated), have fun and don’t worry about looking perfect. No one really knows what the instructor is doing *wink wink

4. Commit to a Schedule

The most difficult part of getting back into the gym is finding the time. Between work and night life, the gym is a distant thought but no matter how busy you may be there is at least 30 minutes a day you can commit to working out. Instead of heading straight home after work, hit the elliptical for a few minutes.  Have a more flexible work schedule, start a mid day sweat session to shake up the day. Commit to going 2-3 times a week and before you know it you’ll be going 4-5!

Extra Credit : Get a Trainer

Not everyone can not afford a trainer. They cost a pretty penny. If you can work it into your budget, I highly recommend it. Personal trainers craft specific routines to your needs, body type and fitness level. They push you when you think you can’t go further and help you craft the body of your dreams.

In the times I’ve had trainers, I’ve felt extremely motivated, not to mention fit.  If you can’t afford full sessions, take advantage of the free sessions you get with your membership. Grab some quick tips and work them into your regimen.

What gets you motivated to get back in the gym? Let me know in the comments below

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Sometimes You Have To…

By February 29, 2012 Life, Life Advice
Let Go Let God

Via Etsy

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