On Our Radar: The Newest R&B, Soul and Disco Divas

By August 31, 2012 Music
New R-B Divas

We’re always on the hunt for new artists and soulful sounds here at Stylish Thought. These ladies are spicing up classic music recipes, mixing old and new grooves to create something completely unique! From neo-soul to classic R&B beats, with just a dash of eletro-pop and the occasional disco rhythm- there’s something for everyone.

Aluna Francis

Aluna Francis, one half of the new R & B band AlunaGeorge, is beginning to cause quite the stir in her native England. Francis was at the helm of an electro band that saw a wide variety of different musicians come together to create songs that were a little over-complicated and experimental. When that didn’t pan out, Francis teamed up with George Reid to create a new group reminiscent of 90′s R&B and soul with an element of the eletro-pop Francis is known for. Reids knack for sweet beats paired with Francis’s soft vocals has proved to be a winning combination.

See for yourself in AlunaGeorge’s “You Know You Like It.”

Little Jinder

New to my roster of favored artists is Josefine Jinder, a 24-year-old Stockholm sweetheart whose sound is a mix of synth, IDM, disco and the rich musical history and environment of her native Sweden. What I admire most about Jinder is her ability to produce and her background in sound technology that makes her legit. Popular with UK club kids and the Trouble & bass scene, Jinder is quickly crossing over to mainstream with stellar remixes of her more obscure recordings. One of my top remix of all time is Jinder’s “Keep On Dreaming (The Living Graham Bond Remix)”.

Check out her Soundcloud: Little Jinder

Lulu James

This new neo-soul Londoner is turning heads with her grungy beats and old-school voice. She and producer Domzilla are calling their tricksy, slow-burn sound “21st-century soul”. James has commented on her lack of interest in commercial music, saying that she’s not looking to make music that’s already been done before. Though that seems a bit tough to execute these days, I’d say she’s off to a great start. Check out her new single, Rope Mirage, out on iTunes now.

Check out her Soundcloud: Lulu James Official 


Having been in the business for years, this norwegian songstress and DJ is still making moves. I’ve been a fan of Annie’s for some time now and I had the pleasure of revisiting her tracks while cleaning out my iTunes library. I’m still amazed at how under the radar she’s remained in the US. Check out one of her grooviest tracks “The Greatest Hit,” an electro-pop track with the just perfect amount of disco added. Enjoy!

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My New Favorite Tool: Evernote

By August 30, 2012 Career, Life

I am a huge note taker. I carry a journal with my everywhere and love to be able to jot ideas, snippets, photos, anything down. So when I first discovered Evernote my world was changed. Evernote is a mobile and web application that allows you to sync information across multiple devices.

You have one log-in and whatever you enter into your Evernote on your phone automatically syncs to your computer, iPad or tablet. You can jot down notes, save photos, clip articles or save links to your Evernote.

It’s so handy because while surfing the net, I can save full webpages or articles to read later on the train. And while doing my morning commute I can jot down ideas or work on articles and get to them later on the computer.

They have a free model as well as premium access. Evernote has really changed the way I store information and I highly recommend it to all my on the go ladies looking for an easy and efficient way to store your ideas. :)

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Fajr’s World: Rent The Runway & The 10! Show

By August 27, 2012 Fajr's World
Rent The Runway

This past Friday, I had the really cool opportunity to model for the amazing fashion site Renttherunway.com on local NBC show The 10! Show. Rent The Runway is a genius service where you can rent designer clothing, jewelry and accessories for a fraction of the cost. Why buy when you can rent?!

The experience was divine, getting to wear a lovely emerald green Yigal Azrouel gown (that I adored) and beautiful jewelry on television was surreal. I honestly don’t remember the taping, it was all a blur, in the best possible way.

Special thanks to Rent the Runway who hosted our August Philly Style Bloggers meetup and for having me display your lovely garments.

Catch me and the clip from NBC’s The 10! Show below. That screenshot is hilarious, I was werqing it :)

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Motivated Monday: New Beginnings

By August 27, 2012 Empowerment, Life

“Don’t despise small beginnings.”

Each day is a fresh start, a new beginning and a chance to do over. I woke up this morning happy about putting a period on the end of last year and moving into what awaits me.

Today is my birthday and what better way to start new with a new age and new understanding?

I love birthdays, not for the parties, cake and friends (though that is all great) but for the freshness and opportunity to start anew.

Each year on our special day, we all get a chance to celebrate ourselves and the things we’ve accomplished, to thank our friends for being there for us and to look forward to another year with loads of experiences under our belt.

I’m looking forward to this new year of fun, lots of love, new relationships, a new location and plenty more Stylish Thoughts!

Thanks for celebrating with me! Have a great Monday!

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Required Reading: 8.24.12

By August 24, 2012 Links
Elle Varner in Ammo

  • Blogger extraordinaire Gala Darling is hosting a Blogacademy in NY in October! Sign up!
  • Refinery 29 is highlighting Working Girls for the month of August. Check out Jamala Johns, loved her style & words on work.
  • Who doesn’t love Brad Goreski from Rachel Zoe fame? Check out his interview with Elle mag. 
  • Sweet little hotel roundup for you lovebirds from The Huffington Post
  • I’ve been trying to lower my sugar consumption. Check out this shocking infographic on just how much sugar we consume.
  • Your favorite TV apartments floor plans. Carrie’s apartment was huge!
  • Interesting take on why women can’t gain influence in Hollywood. Really a top-notch piece from Forbes.

 Have a stunning weekend!

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Help! I’m a Hair Length Junkie

By August 22, 2012 Beauty
Amel Larrieux

Amel Larrieux. One of my Hair Idols.

I love long hair. Sue me. Or don’t sue me, just give your locks to add onto mine. While some naturals are product junkies or curl junkies (we’re an addicted bunch, non?) I live for flowing tresses that stretch past the shoulder. Now while I love length and my hair is for all intents & purposes “long” , I’ve never been able to grow my hair beyond shoulder length.

After a summer of weaves, I recently took down an install to find that my hair was shorter than I remembered  (or maybe the weave gave me a faux-sense of length). Any who, my now neck-length hair is a bit bewildering. I know it’s just hair, but I’m not used to anything above my shoulder and it really is my hope to grow my hair healthy, long and strong.

I’m at a crossroads about my hair. Constant heat has caused severe damage and I’m looking for natural ways to repair my hair, restore it and grow it to the floor. Any tips would be great!

Stylish Thinkers, how do you care for your hair? What has helped you grow & retain length?

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Motivated Monday: Staying Passionate

By August 20, 2012 Empowerment, Life

Life is funny. Sometimes you’re going full speed ahead toward your dreams and the next moment you feel derailed and your passion is waning. Keeping your enthusiasm and passion can be difficult. What’s a driven girl to do when she’s starting to feel ambivalent about her dreams?

Whether it’s a new dream causing your detour or you’re feeling stuck, don’t fret. Every successful woman has been here at one point or another. Full disclosure: there have been numerous times when I’ve wanted to close shop at Stylish Thought. Sometimes I’ve felt like nothing was happening or that I was writing into a bubble and no one was paying attention.

Thank goodness I ignored those temporary urges. But how did I know that they were just passing thoughts? Listening to your heart is the only way to know whether your passion is for the short-term or the long haul. Each time I’ve felt like giving up, I listened to my inner voice. Did I really want to quit or was I just momentarily frustrated?

What else would I do if I gave up? Would I be okay if Stylish Thought ended tomorrow? These are questions I asked myself and still do from time to time. Passion isn’t an endless road without detours or side steps. It’s not a straight course; it’s a winding road and sometimes you have to pull over to make sure you’re going in the right direction.

How do you stay on course? What do you do when you feel your passion fading?

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Required Reading: 8.17.12

By August 17, 2012 Links
The Little Princess

What We’re Reading!

What We’re Watching!

This video is bananas and has a great message! CinderFella by Todrick Hall

x Have a great Friday!


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