Photography by Ricky Codio

Stylish Thought Manifesto!

  • Your personal style trumps any trend Vogue can sell

  • No matter what has happened or what you have done; your past does not define you, it refines you!

  • Supporting other women & the causes that champion women are intertwined in the fabric of which you are made

  • You are a WOMAN WHO WERKS™; building your empire and legacy one step at a time

  • You relish in the freedom to choose your life’s journey; wherever it may take you

  • Dresses were made to be worn, kisses meant to be kept and life meant to be lived!

  • The only status quo that rules you is the status quo of your heart

  • You want it all, but understand you don’t have to stop there!

  • Polka Dots are your friends & you never met a color you didn’t like

  • You love with an open heart, sharp tongue and funny bone!

  • Deepak Chopra is your homeboy

  • You embrace the big mouth broad within

  • Good friends make all the difference (and keep all the secrets)

  • Self-love trumps all!

  • You like your men like you like your clothes; perfectly fitted & made just for you!

  • Knows that it’s not the dress size but the size of your heart that matters

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