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Vintage Vanguard: Flirty 50′s Dresses

By November 14, 2010 Vintage

Sundays are my day to lounge around, catch up on my Google Reader and scour Etsy and Ebay for that rare vintage find. I’m always on the hunt for the perfect flirty 1950′s frock; one that is equal parts bombshell, housewife and party girl. I envision myself wearing it to a Sadie Hawkins dance, where the most popular guy in school will ask me to dance and gives me his letterman jacket at the end of the night. Le Sigh, those scenes only happen in movies.

Anywho, here are some fantastic frocks I’ve found on my internet jaunts. Now if only Etsy sold Don Draper-esque hunks we’d be in business!

Vintage-Dresses- Etsy
1. Harlequin 50s Christmas Dress / 2. Raw Silk Suzy Perette Dress / 3. Emma Domb Couture Tea Dress / 4. 50s Lace Bustier Lipstick Dress / 5. Streak of Gold Vintage Dress

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Vintage Heaven: Annie Creamcheese Vintage

By September 21, 2010 Vintage

My love of vintage clothing is well documented. The thrill of thrift shopping and vintage stores is an adrenaline rush that invigorates me like no other type of fashion. The allure of unearthing a hidden treasure and the history of vintage garments is much more interesting than an H &M dress that everyone has.

So imagine my excitement when I walked into Annie Creamcheese Vintage, a fully stocked vintage clothing boutique in Georgetown, DC  Annie is packed to guilds with everything from women’s and men’s vintage, loads of  estate jewelry and an entire designer vintage section. The collection is massive and is clearly from years and years of scouting flea markets, estate sales and auctions. They also have a Las Vegas location!

Annie Creamcheese Vintage
3279 M Street Northwest
Washington D.C., District of Columbia 20007
(202) 298-5555

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The Making of a Pin-Up

By May 10, 2010 Beauty, Makeup Counter, Vintage

Long before Beyonce donned a Bettie Page wig and became Hunny B, beautiful women in contorted positions, curled hair and round hips were the epitome of sex appeal and fantasy. From Jane Mansfield to Dita Von Teese, the art of the Pin-Up is alive and seductively kicking and recently I got to experience the feminine power that is the pin-up girl.

My Day as a Pin-up

So what do I have in common with Marilyn and Betty (besides a sizeable rack and penchant for alcohol)? When I reached Celeste Giuliano’s Philadelphia studio I would soon find out. Vintage movie posters lined the walls opposite ceiling-high closets packed with polka dot and sailor inspired dresses, high waisted shorts and enough stacked heels to make any vintage lover swoon.  In the corner across from the makeup and hair stations was a retro 1940s salon hair dryer and a bubblegum pink stove sitting in the studio. Celeste spares no novelty in her retro wonderland where she transforms everyday women into beautiful, pin-ups. This isn’t just her business, it’s her way of life.

A dark-haired, petite and bubbly woman Celeste, who attended the University of the Arts, greeted me, introduced me her all girl (and highly experienced) team and showed me the outfits she chose based on our phone consultation.  A red polka dot halter dress, a navy sailor dress with a sweetheart neckline and the dress I ultimately wore, a cherry print halter dress with neon green straps were picked with the expertise of a professional with over 10 years experience. Garters clasped, hair coiffed in cascading victory rolls and my face  unrecognizably beautiful, I was ready for my close-up.

A bright red backdrop set with a white oval mirror, vintage hat boxes, gloves and a compact mirror awaited. My own personal dressing room. What I thought would be awkward and feel like extreme dress-up, felt natural and empowering. As I tucked my knees in and thrusts my hips out I felt womanly powers flowing through me. Walking in the footprints of some of the sexiest women alive and damn did it feel good. Before I knew it, Celeste said “You’re finished.” I walked away feeling euphoric and wishing I could live as a pin-up every day.

How to bring a little Pin-Up Sex Appeal in your life

Pin-ups will always be the mysterious vixens that stare seductively from a photo, whether it’s for war soldiers missing the comforts of home or a crowd of fans at a burlesque revue. In the brief time that I donned garters and a ruby red pout, I realized that any woman can bring a bit of pin-up sex appeal to her everyday life.

1) Buy a pair of garters and wear them to the supermarket

2) Opt for a devil red manicure instead of your usual pale pink

3) Unbutton the top 3 buttons on your cardigan (be work-appropriate of course).

Ultimately, the feminine power of the pin-up is in knowing that true sex appeal and beauty transcends time and that every woman can be a pin-up.

For more information or to book your own Pin-Up photoshoot visit Celeste Guiliano.

And because who can resist Beyonce

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Ten Reasons I Love Vintage Clothing

By October 19, 2009 Vintage

Vintage Dresses

Like au courant fashion lovers, I have a serious relationship with vintage clothing; a relationship that began before I was born and has stayed with me to this day. I didn’t initially wear vintage because it was hipster thing to do or; for me it was sheer necessity and force. My mother made us wear vintage clothing because with 5 children to clothe, thrift stores and consignment shops were the natural solution.

At first I rebelled, being a typical child wanting to blend in with my peers; no one was wearing polyester blend pants in the 3rd grade. But my mother soon allowed us to come on thrift store jaunts and Saturday flea market trips with her. Not only was this bonding time but I became transfixed with the power of vintage. Here are my reasons why I love vintage clothing.

1. It never goes out of style: Fashion is constantly repeating itself, so why waste money on new reproductions of old styles when you can wear the old styles themselves

2. It is one-of-a-kind: While this is not completely true, you’ll still be hard pressed to find someone wearing the exact same piece, albeit, in the same way.

3. It can be inexpensive: I’m no Daddy Warbucks and while I’m waiting on my lottery winnings, I’ll spend my coins on the inexpensive vintage that I love. There is higher-end vintage and when my winnings come I’ll buy those pieces as well

4. It has a unique smell: So I know I’m probably alone on this but I love the way Goodwill and Salvation Army stores smell. It’s intoxicating and gets me amped to go through racks after racks of clothes

5. It’s environmentally friendly: I’m not the biggest eco-champion, but I try to do my part. And wearing vintage recycles clothing and stops wasteful spending

6. It reminds me of my Mom: My mom introduced me to fashion and vintage clothing and while our styles differ greatly, flea markets always remind me of our Saturday trips when I was younger

7. It’s like jumping in a Time Machine: Let’s do the time warp again! Playing dress up with vintage clothing is like stepping back in time and being someone else for a day

8. It’s the Thrill of the Hunt: Finding a gem out of a hundreds of pieces is like a modern day treasure hunt and makes it much more treasured

9. It’s a great Business Model: There are thousands of vintage business stores because there are millions of vintage pieces floating around the world and Read #1 and #2

10. There’s so much Variety: Vintage encompasses so many eras and time periods that there is a style for all types of vintage lovers; 40’s retro, 80’s hipster, 20’s flapper and the list goes on

How did your love affair with vintage begin? What are you reasons for loving vintage?

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