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Coats for Ladies Who Love Coats

By December 15, 2010 Fashion, Personal Style, Trends

While the entire Northeast, and some of the South, is vehemently cursing Mother Nature for filth due to our recent subzero temperatures, I couldn’t be more ecstatic. Let me clarify. Me and the COLD are not friends, not even frenemies like Nene and Kim. I can’t stand that cold-hearted heffer. However, I do love outerwear and coats with a passion that should probably be reserved for my first born. And I love that cold weather necessitates wearing coats. So while I daydream of tropical climates while trekking to work in a down parka, I would never enjoy a climate where an adorable A-line wool coat wasn’t essential. I’m sure beach side Mai Tais would cure my sadness.

Island fantasies aside, coats are truly a magical feat in clothing design. They are both functional in warding off offensive weather, yet they come in a multitude of varieties that there is virtually a style of outerwear for every one. Talk about an equal opportunity piece, not like skinny jeans, don’t even get me started. Coats are one of the few fashion pieces that it is acceptable to splurge on. Quality truly reigns supreme over quantity and while I gag at the phrase “investment piece” it fits the bill.

While coats are a necessity in staying warm and fending off the plague it’s easy to let comfort and function dictate your choice. I get  it that in 30 degree below weather you won’t be reaching for your dainty scalloped edge dress coat, but ladies who love coats understand that warmth and beauty can be married in a beautiful union that will have complete strangers marveling at your style. And they’ll be none the wiser to the 5 layers you are wearing underneath. This post is dedicated to Ladies who Love Coats.


Vintage Lilli Ann / Blue Wool & Faux Lamb/ Leopard Holiday Coat

Bright Lights/ Coat City

French Connection/ Isabella Oliver/ Guess

Burst your Bubble Coat

Vail View Coat/ Sisley Puffer Jacket/ ASOS Puffer Coat

Faux Me Out Fur

Mahogany & Mink Coat /Sumptuous Faux Fur/ Shaggy Raccoon Coat

Are you a Lady Who Loves Coats?

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The Year of the Gentleman

By November 29, 2010 Fashion, Personal Style, Trends

There is something about a man in a tailored suit that complements his physique and stature that does something to me. Lately there has been a resurgence in menswear with a return to dressing (and hopefully acting) like a gentleman. Suits, bow ties, fedoras and wingtips are De rigueur in completing a look that is a throwback to the days when men wore pocket squares, tipped their hats and opened doors.

It should come as no surprise that I love a man with style. White tees and baggy jeans are not going to cut it and a man that knows the power of suiting and all its details is a style winner in my book. Now if he acts the part of the gentleman as well, then Houston we might have a problem. Whether his style is more dandy style than 007 there are a few pieces every gentleman should own.

10 Gentleman Must Have

1. Well made, tailored suit that fits. No pulling buttons, no bulky shoulders and no zoot suit lapels!
2. Muscle Tees are not gonna cut mustard; A real man needs a plethora of shirts in a variety of prints, patterns and colors
3. Ties for when you have to bring out your inner grown man and display your knot-tying skills
4. It’s very true that the first thing women look at is a man’s shoes. Choose them wisely!
5. A pullover cashmere sweater preferably with an ascot for those rustic evenings by the fire (with a glass of brandy. Sounds like a Robert Redford movie)
6. If Obama has a problem with your pants hanging around your butt, so should you. Belts are required.
7. Being on time is hot! Wrist watches, watch fobs, clock tower; whatever’s clever
8. Glasses and not the high ball kind. I’m partial to a nerd spectacle.
9. A Shiny pair of cufflinks because having your wrists hanging out is tacky
10. Man bags, murses, whatever you call them, carrying a man bag is the icing on the cake


While having your essentials is important, men who dare to dress outside of the box are coming out of the woodworks. Here’s my homage to sexy men who dress with panache!

{The Rat Pack/ Raphael Saadiq/ Lapo Elkaan/ Ozwald Boateng/ Professor Badass}

Are you melting for this debonair style? Do you like your man with a side of style?

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Designer Studio: Lauren Moffatt

By November 2, 2010 Designers, Personal Style

Lauren Moffatt is a NYC designer with a vintage aesthetic, love of color, textiles and design details. Named one of WWD “Designers to Watch” Lauren attended Philadelphia College of Textiles and Design (Philly stand up!) with her now husband and business partner Rob Pepin. Her 2011 Spring collection initially caught my attention when Gala Darling featured it in her weekly Carousel.

Titled “The Honeymooner” is feature resort-ready dresses in a variety of mint greens, pinks, blues and whites, scalloped finishings and 60s styling with knee high stockings, socks and boater hats. I want every piece to wear while devouring a delicious eggs Benedict brunch and flea market shopping in Palm Springs.

Isn’t this collection so charming?!

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5 Lessons Nicki Minaj can Teach you about Personal Style

By November 1, 2010 Fashion, Personal Style

“Let me get this straight—wait, I’m the rookie?”

She’s the Barbie of Hip-Hop, complete with interchangeable wigs and all pink everything.Whether you’re Team Nicki or would rather send her and her gimmicks packing, you have to admit that as one of the lone females in mainstream rap she is holding her own with her multiple personalities and over the top, theatrical fashion sense.

Nicki Minaj definitely has a unique style that borrows from females of rap past (*ahem Lil Kim*) and current pop stars (*Lady Gaga), but Nicki puts her own stamp on it. While I don’t recommend going in public with any manner of butt pads (did you really think that caboose was real) you can learn a thing or two from Ms. Minaj on how to evoke your own personal style in everything from your hairstyle to your voice-overs.

Have a Style Icon

Nicki Minaj draws inspiration from everything from Barbie to the Harajuku girls. She combines influences calling herself the “Harajuku Barbie” and her love of pink is reflected in her clothes, nails and wig colors.

Lesson:We all draw inspiration from some external source; whether it’s art, our stylish grandmothers or celebrity style and having a style idol, whether real or plastic, is a good starting point to build your own iconic look around.

Accentuate your Assets

It’s not a secret that Nicki is thicker than a Snickers. The girl’s got back (and front) and she’s not afraid to flaunt her surgically God-given assets. Whether she’s wearing a form-fitted bodysuit or cleavage-bearing dress, you best believe that her curves are on full display.

Lesson:Flaunt what you’ve got, even if you had to endure multiple silicone injections to get it.


When Nicki first stepped on the scene, she was more street wear than Avant Garde. Her style has evolved because of her fearless attitude and willingness to experiment. Nicki effortlessly goes from bouffant to bangs from Timberlands to stilettos and never gets locked into one look.

Lesson: Don’t be afraid to step outside of your box; even if waiting on the other side is a Marie Antoinette powdered wig and booty shorts. Shake things up and experiment Damnit!

Show Your Personality

Wallflower Nicki Minaj is not. From her multiple personalities (Roman Zolanksi anyone?) to her contorted facial expressions, the girl is full of off the wall character. She expresses herself with crazy styling, wild hair and makeup and she doesn’t apologize for being unique.

Lesson:Be unapologetically you! Whether people love it or hate it, wear what makes you feel good and express your singular and unique qualities through fashion. Weirdness is Welcomed!

Know your Color Palette

The girl loves color! Black is certainly not Nicki’s safety net and she loves to be bold and bright and knows that she looks best in prints and hues from pink, orange, green and red. She doesn’t let passe fashion rules dictate what she wears.

Lesson:Asses your color palette and wear hues that complement your skin and your mood. Break out of the all black everything mold that Jay-Z ushered in, unless of course you’re Diane Pernet.

For your Viewing Pleasure

Nicki and Will.I.Am discuss Fashion

Nicki Minaj has a fun approach to fashion and doesn’t take herself too serious! Hope you’ve taken notes because there will be a fashion test! I kid, I kid.

How do you feel about Nicki’s personal style?

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Designer Studio: (212)

By October 20, 2010 Designers, Personal Style

Feminine details, quality fabrics and affordable prices. Vancouver born, New York breed label (212), the brainchild of two friends Anthony and Scott, was their answer to the age old fashion conundrum, “Why are there no designers making well made, beautiful clothing at a price point we can afford?” I’ve been asking myself this for years and finally (212) has the answer. Launched in 2005 the (212) label specializes in youthful silhouettes, fun prints and vintage styling .

(212) is available at Refinery 29 Boutique

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Dress You Up in my Love: Getting Ready Playlist

By September 27, 2010 Fashion, Personal Style, Style Inspiration

Playing dress up is by far one of my favorite past-times with dancing my ass off a close second. So what do you get when you put getting ready and dancing together? A DRESS UP DANCE PARTY! Putting on some Prince, Vanity 6 and RuPaul, pulling out all my makeup and dancing around my apartment works me into a frenzy. Grabbing a hairbrush microphone, I lip-sync for my LIFE and QUEEN out voguing all over the damn place; all while tearing my closet to pieces. It’s great cardio and you’ll have a helluva good time.

To get down with these Funky Tunes, check out the playlist here

What songs do crank when you’re getting ready?

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Designer Studio: Shavonne DeAnn

By September 14, 2010 Designers, Personal Style

What would New York Fashion Week be without a renegade showing? As well-known designers paraded their creations down runways in Lincoln Center, Moore College of Art and Design graduate and local designer Shavonne DeAnn decided to take to the steps of Lincoln Center and show fashion week exactly what she was made up.

In a move that is the essence of independent design, four models wearing a muted color palette including a fishtail romper, full swing trench-coat/dress and hooded dress with rosette shoulder details, took to the steps and drew an astonished crowd includingNew York Magazine and June Ambrose. Talk about building a buzz!

Shavonne DeAnn is well on her way to one day showing at New York Fashion Week. Her designs are sculptural in soft colors and I need that romper in my wardrobe for next spring! Here are few pieces from her Fall Lookbook.

For Your Viewing Pleasure: Shavonne DeAnn Sneek Peek

Check out her YouTube Channel and follow her on twitter @ShavonneDeAnn

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Beating the Nothing to Wear Blues

By August 30, 2010 Fashion, Personal Style

Standing in front of my closet, thumbing through dress after dress nothing sparking my fancy. A wash of sadness and frustration came over me. The clothes before me were uninspiring  and I was tired of looking at them, let alone wearing them, day in and day out. My denim was dull, my frocks a failure and shoes a bore. My wardrobe is more tired than a no good, cheating man, lost my dog, country anthem. It’s clear I have the “Nothing to Wear” blues.

Fashion Gone Rogue

Not those Jeans Again!

We’ve all been there. Our wardrobe has lost its luster. Every item of clothing feels outdated and frankly you feel stylishly uninspired. You’re reaching for the same jeans day in and day out and  you’re feeling the urge to go out and drop some hard-earned cash on new duds because you’re convinced that everything in your closet is tragically unwearable.

As we change and our style evolves, we outgrow items of clothing that we once loved. Compound that with living in a society where mass consumption is celebrated and you have a recipe for a constant feeling of the “Nothing to Wear” blues.

Before you go out and buy more clothes that you’ll be tired of in 6 months time, take some time to think about what you want your style to say. With a little examination and ingenuity you can unearth those hidden gems lurking behind that moldy t shirt you wore 3 times this week (I won’t judge).

How to beat the Nothing to Wear Blues

Assess Your Wardrobe

Before you decide to scrap the lot of your closet and donate it to Goodwill, take an inventory of what you own. So often great items get pushed to the back of our closets (and our minds) and we forget about that amazing cashmere sweater you only wore once. Taking a day to clean out your closet, organize clothes into various categories and try things you haven’t worn in awhile can rekindle your love affair with your clothes.

*Take note of holes in your wardrobe. If you’re a denim lover and only have 2 pairs of jeans you may need to invest in a few more pairs for variety.

Remix your Outfits

While your getting busy playing dressup, mix items that you wouldn’t normally wear together. By mixing and matching pieces you already own, you’ll create new looks that can serve to rejuvenate your wardrobe without spending a dime. Additionally, knowing what works ahead of time will save you from the dreaded morning dress mad dash.

Rethink your Style

Sometimes the Nothing to Wear Blues is less about the clothes you own and more about your own insecurity with your style. If you’re uncertain about your style or developing your look, it may feel like what you own doesn’t mesh with who you are. To avoid having a wardrobe of clothes that you can’t relate to over time, avoid buying tons of trendy pieces. Stock up for well suited basics that you can build any look off of as your style develops.

Do Selective Shopping

Once you’ve examined your wardrobe and have given your clothes a second chance, you can shop selectively, buying items that fit and work with your existing pieces and build a wardrobe full of stuff you love as opposed to pieces that leave you feeling like you have nothing to wear.

How do you deal with the “Nothing to Wear” blues?

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