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By November 6, 2012 News
Women's Suffrage

No matter what you believe or who you support, please exercise your right to have a say.

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ST Classifieds: August 2012 Events

By July 27, 2012 Personal Interests

Stylish Thought Classifieds is your monthly agenda for all events; conferences, art shows, festivals and more… Mark your calendars!

Stylish Thought Classifieds

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Black Star Film Festival: Audre Lorde – The Berlin Years Documentary

August 5, 2012 – International House – Philadelphia, PA. For tickets and more information visit

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Rose Bowl Flea Market

August 12, 2012 - Pasadena, CA. For times and more information visit

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Goapele in Concert

August 15, 2012 – World Cafe Live – Philadelphia, PA. For tickets and more information visit

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Jazz Age Garden Lawn Party

August 18-19, 2012 – Governor’s Island, NY. For tickets and more information visit

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Afro Punk Festival

August 25-26, 2012 – Brooklyn, NY- Free. For more information visit

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On Repeat: Noisettes’ “That Girl”

By July 11, 2012 Arts, Music, Personal Interests
The Noisettes

Check out the first single from the Noisettes’ new album “Contact”. The single “That Girl” has a soulful 60′s vibe. (If you’re reading this in RSS, click through to listen!)

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Talk About It Thursday: Obamacare & Universal Health Care #TAIT

By June 28, 2012 Discussion, News

Today, the Supreme Court upheld the controversial Affordable Care Act, a key piece of Obamacare that will ultimately change how millions of Americans get medicine and health care. The law has been opposed since its inception in March 2010 due to claims that it is unconstitutional and will mandate individuals without health care (from an employer or government) to purchase insurance. 

Do you think it’s constitutional to require people to purchase insurance? Tweet your response #tait!

Need more info? Check out these links:

Supreme Court Upholds Key Part of Obamacare – CNN
Local Reaction: The Affordable Care Act is Upheld –
Health Care Ruling Upheld (Live Coverage) – Huffington Post
Supreme Court Ruling on Health Care Reform (Full Text) – Huffington Post

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Sound Off: Male Strippers, 50 Shades of Grey and Sex in the Media

By June 27, 2012 Entertainment, Pop Culture, Sex
Magic Mike

So the world is flush with embarrassment (and pent up frustration) over the new movie Magic Mike. Half-naked men gyrating, drunken bachelorettes, an unexpected love story. Women around the world are spitizing in their seats. Who knew a flick about a hot stripper would cause so much tension? Ok enough with the puns.

While Magic Mike looks remotely interesting, it got me thinking about my own inhibitions and my otherwise total dislike for male strippers. If you’ve ever had a friend, sister or cousin get married you’ve been to a bachelorette party. And if you’ve been to a bachelorette party, you’ve seen a male stripper. And if you seen a male stripper, well you’ve SEEN a male stripper.

The trailer for Magic Mike looks pretty accurate. They dance in crazy costumes, gyrate, hump drunk women, mimic sex and leave you with a smile. While I’m not one to knock anyone’s hustle, male strippers simply aren’t for me. Don’t get me wrong, I think they have impeccable physiques and I’ll admire them from afar. But when they want to hump on you, that’s where I draw the line.

Maybe I’m a prude who can’t have fun? That’s a possibility. But I wonder how can female strip clubs institute no touching rules, while male strippers can be so hands on? And I wonder if male strippers, like 50 Shades of Grey, are something one likes only after a certain station in life?

Sex is plastered everywhere we look and it’s not terribly shocking. It’s engrained in our entertainment and almost always from a male perspective. The craze of raunchy movies and soft porn books is targeted at female audiences and I wonder, do women really care?

Or if Magic Mike was Magic Monica would we look at it differently? 

Maybe I just don’t get what all the hoopla is about? Or maybe I’m just desensitized to sex in the media?

Either way, it’s going to take more than Channing Tatum’s abs to get me riled up. And one thing’s for sure if I ever get married, don’t get me a stripper for the bachelorette party.

What do you think of male strippers? Like them? Loathe them? Sound off!

Will you be going to see Magic Mike when it hits theaters?

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5 Things to Do This Weekend

By June 15, 2012 Life, Personal Interests
Rooftop Oasis

The weekend’s here and that means freedom & fun. Here are a few cool and easy ways to spend your Friday – Sunday. 

1. Listen to Joy Denalane’s new album Maureen

German and South African singer-songwriter Joy Denalane has a new LP out and it’s full of soulful rthyms and soul stirring lyrics. Download here

2. If you’re in NY, go to the Eva Franco Sample Sale

Eva Franco makes delightfully lovely dresses. If you’re in the NY area be sure to stop by her sample sale.

3. Find a rooftop and sip cocktails under the sun

Doesn’t this look like heaven?

4. Go see Snow White and the Huntsman

The trailer looks amazing as do the costumes. This is on our must-see list.

 5.  Dedicate an hour (or two) to mapping out your plan for world domination!

Image Source

How are you spending your weekend?


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Music Meets Fashion: Norah Jones “Happy Pills”

By May 15, 2012 Arts, Fashion, Music, Personal Interests, Personal Style

“Happy Pills” is the new single off of Norah Jones’ fifth studio album “Little Broken Heart”. The album, a stellar mashup of Norah’s signature jazz vocals, is mixed with production from Danger Mouse (half of Gnarls Barkley). With Norah’s signature retro sweet style, the video is a throwback to 50′s complete with sweetheart necklines, updos and a wronged housewife.

Check out more stills from the vintage inspired video and watch it below.

Isn’t the song and video styling divine?

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Book Club: A Piece of Cake by Cupcake Brown

By May 11, 2012 Books, Personal Interests
Piece of Cake Cupcake Brown - Stylish Thought

Overcoming addiction, rape and abuse to be the woman she was meant to be.

A Piece of Cake is the story of Cupcake Brown and her life’s unfortunate trials and tribulations. Equally horrifying and inspiring, I found Piece of Cake to be a true page-turner.

Cupcake’s life was touched by tragedy at a young age with the death of her mother at age 11. After the death of her mother, Cupcake learns that the man she thought was her father was actually her stepfather. Cupcake’s stepfather then loses custody to her biological father. From here, Cupcake’s life takes another turn for worst when her biological father who proves to be opposite of the caring father figure she had in her stepfather, puts her in the care of an abusive foster mother.

During her childhood, Cupcake was subjected to a series of horrific experiences in the foster care system in California. Rape, prostitution, abusive relationships, and drug addiction are just a few of the chilling life experiences that Cupcake dealt with before she reached young adulthood.

But Cupcake didn’t let her past define her. She turned her life around and is now a lawyer and motivational speaker.

Cupcake’s compelling story has received praise by people from different walks of life; from Oprah who has featured Cupcake in her magazine to pop star Demi Lovato who praised the book in Seventeen Magazine.

Here is more editorial praise for A Piece of Cake:

 A Piece of Cake doesn’t serve up delectable metaphors or feature rhythmic prose. Instead, it dazzles you with the amazing change that is possible in one lifetime. We see a woman learn to build a family from strangers who help her because she is another human being trying to overcome horrendous circumstances. It is a story that is poetic in its simplicity, beautifully stripped to the basics.

— Patrice Gaines, The Washington Post (source)

 From abused foster child to addicted prostitute to attorney-Brown has quite a story to tell. With a seven-city tour.

— Library Journal (source)

 Harrowing, earnest autobiography takes readers on a tour from incomprehensible evil through unexpected kindness to eventual triumph.

— Kirkus Reviews (source)

Reading A Piece of Cake left me with the feeling of hope and reminded me that turning your life around even when it doesn’t seem possible can actually happen. The memoir is also a lesson in how self-love can aid in recovery from addiction and emotional trauma.

A Piece of Cake will have you rooting for Cupcake to survive and thrive until you read the last sentence of the book. Though it’s definitely not light-hearted reading, I highly recommend A Piece of Cake as a worthwhile book to read.

Get your copy of Piece of Cake on Amazon

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Shenneth Dove-Morse is a fashion enthusiast that turned her life-long love of style and fashion into a blog titled Shen Dove Style. Shenneth loves books, films, traveling, positive thinking, social media, and finding creative inspiration online and offline.

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