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ST Classifieds: August 2012 Events

By July 27, 2012 Personal Interests

Stylish Thought Classifieds is your monthly agenda for all events; conferences, art shows, festivals and more… Mark your calendars!

Stylish Thought Classifieds

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Black Star Film Festival: Audre Lorde – The Berlin Years Documentary

August 5, 2012 – International House – Philadelphia, PA. For tickets and more information visit

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Rose Bowl Flea Market

August 12, 2012 – Pasadena, CA. For times and more information visit

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Goapele in Concert

August 15, 2012 – World Cafe Live – Philadelphia, PA. For tickets and more information visit

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Jazz Age Garden Lawn Party

August 18-19, 2012 – Governor’s Island, NY. For tickets and more information visit

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Afro Punk Festival

August 25-26, 2012 – Brooklyn, NY- Free. For more information visit

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5 Things to Do This Weekend

By June 15, 2012 Life, Personal Interests
Rooftop Oasis

The weekend’s here and that means freedom & fun. Here are a few cool and easy ways to spend your Friday – Sunday. 

1. Listen to Joy Denalane’s new album Maureen

German and South African singer-songwriter Joy Denalane has a new LP out and it’s full of soulful rthyms and soul stirring lyrics. Download here

2. If you’re in NY, go to the Eva Franco Sample Sale

Eva Franco makes delightfully lovely dresses. If you’re in the NY area be sure to stop by her sample sale.

3. Find a rooftop and sip cocktails under the sun

Doesn’t this look like heaven?

4. Go see Snow White and the Huntsman

The trailer looks amazing as do the costumes. This is on our must-see list.

 5.  Dedicate an hour (or two) to mapping out your plan for world domination!

Image Source

How are you spending your weekend?


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Stylish Thought Ten: Mother’s Day Gifts

By May 2, 2012 Personal Interests, Personal Style

“I’ll always love my Mama, she’s my favorite girl.” Moms make the world go round, no literally. We wouldn’t be here without the love (and womb) of our mothers. Moms deserve our love and appreciation every day but on Mother’s Day (May 13th) show tu madre some extra love with these funny, thoughtful and sweet gifts that only a mother could love.

Everyone’s favorite mom: Clair Huxtable

Here are ten, Stylish Thought approved, gifts perfect for Mom. 

1. #1 Mom Trophy: Because clearly there’s no contest

2. My Mom: Style Icon book: Add your own fly photos of Mom from back in the day! 

3. Peace of Cake Scarf: Because she’s sweet and stylish

4. Mom, You Da Bomb Diggity Card: No explanation needed

5. Hobo Bag: Functional and Super Cute; just like your Mom

6. Spa Finder Gift Card: She deserves a day of pampering

7. Gold Macaroni Necklace: Like the one’s you used to make her

8. Houndstooth Apron: If she’s a Betty Crocker Mom, she’ll love this

9. Standout Hat: For Moms who love to Stand out! 

10. Make your Own Scent Kit: Because Palmolive isn’t her favorite fragrance 

What are you getting your Mom for Mother’s Day?

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HBO’s Girls: More Like Sex & The City Than it Thinks

By April 16, 2012 Personal Interests
HBOs Girls

HBO’s Girls fills the void Sex and the City left for young women. Sure all of us don’t live in Brooklyn, with quirky tattoos and aren’t funded by our parents, but it is a portrayal of women we had yet to see.

I was in college when Sex and the City was on the air. During weekends home I would sneak in my mother’s basement to watch racy episode after racy episode, fantasizing about how glorious life post-college would be. Writing, shoes, NYC, men.

Not to my surprise, life was nothing like Sex and the City. At 24, I was working a full-time job and interning at a local website. I was stuck in a dead-end job, trying desperately to get to the career of my dreams. I was living on my own and making ends meet without the benefit of financial support. I was struggling to understand that I was no longer a girl, but still not a woman (a quote Hannah will say in a later episode, also a paraphrased Britney Spears lyric).

It seems that the premise behind HBO’s “Girls” is founded on some truth of how 20-something women are experiencing life. It’s certainly not the Cosmo-fueled, Jimmy Choo dream we were sold. Shame on you HBO for selling us a pipe dream and then giving us “Girls” to try to correct your wrong. If you want to see Carrie and the gang pre-Manhattan, forget the Carrie Diaries, just watch HBO’s “Girls”.

“Girls”, written by 25 year old Lena Dunham, chronicles Hannah, played by Durham, and her three friends. She is cut off financially by her parents and has to make it, albeit awkwardly, through job searches, friendships and love. Hannah is awkward but endearing and like most 20-something women, struggling to find herself. Sounds like someone we know, Carrie Bradshaw, cough cough.

Much like its predecessor, “Girls” shows us a slice of women’s lives but it’s certainly not a full representation. SATC showed a snapshot of women and sex and “Girls” shows a snapshot of finding ourselves in our twenties in a harsh economy. It’s humorous in an “I’ve been there” type of way and gets us with its lack of polish and gloss. But even without the fantasy, “Girls” still has some unrealistic bits. Funded by your parents? Not many girls I know can relate. Wallowing over having to get a job? Get it together girl. Another show with an all white cast? Where are the women of color?

“Girls” and its characters vacillate between post college blues, a shitty economy and lackluster relationships. Even with its obvious gaps, it will be interesting to see our protagonist stumble, come out of her stutter and hopefully embrace that not just girls are awkward and lost. Just look at Carrie Bradshaw. 

Did you watch the premiere of HBO’s “Girls”? What did you think?

Watch the full episode on YouTube and read more thoughts on “Girls”: CNN, Washington Post, Bust Magazine. “Girls” airs on HBO Sundays at 10:30pm

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How I Became a Reformed Party Girl

By February 14, 2012 Life, Life Advice, Personal Interests

Blast from the Past: This article was originally posted October 2009 

I have a confession. No, not an altar boy, murderous plot type of confession, but a confession nonetheless. Somewhere between college graduation and the fourth season of America’s Next Top Model, I became a party girl. Not a coke snorting, no panties wearing party girl, but a girl of the night nonetheless.

I lived for going out, getting dolled up and consuming insane amounts of alcohol, only to dance myself into a frenzy and ultimately nurse a hangover the next morning. I went out during the week, on weekends to every bar/lounge/nightclub imaginable. While my partying wasn’t interfering with my work life; I managed to be on-time and productive most days, my partying wasn’t contributing much to my life either.

It was like Cheers, “where everyone knows your name and they’re always glad you came” except after a summer of incessant partying, I wasn’t sure why I came. I began to feel time spent going out religiously could have been better spent creating lasting things in my life like a solid career path, my own business or a memorable relationship. I felt lost amidst my fellow frequent party-goers

After that dizzying summer 3 years ago, I abruptly stopped “clubbing” . The fun had ceased and I became extremely decisive about where I went and who I went out with. Friends called me to go out and my answer was always “No thanks”. I didn’t see the point in doing something as unproductive as partying. I had been doing it for 3 years and I was no closer to my goals than before. I went out maybe once every couple of months and never had much fun (probably because of my attitude toward it) and resigned that I was done with the “partying” life.

It wasn’t until I became a total hermit that I realized maybe it wasn’t the having fun and partying that was a problem, maybe it was the options and places I frequented. Last weekend, after what seemed like 6 months of not going out, a gal pal and I went out. I needed to dance, drink and have a good time, so a nightclub seemed the natural option. While I didn’t have the earth shattering time of my life, it was actually fun.

I put the notion that I wouldn’t have fun in the back of mind and freed myself up to have.. a good time.  It certainly wasn’t like old partying days, but it satisfied my urge and even opened my mind up to what being a “reformed party girl” means.

I’ve come up with a “Reformed Party Girl” Creed. If  I ever feel the urge to party I can address it, get out and boogie and not worry about having anything but a good time.


Tables are made for Dining not Dancing !

Just because they MIX it doesn’t mean you should DRINK it!

Thou shall not be Peer Pressured!

Girl’s Night’s Out are the exception and sometimes the rule

Twitter is the hottest nightspot and it never closes~~~

Respect the power of the Dance floor; don’t worship it

Partying out of town is like cheating out of town, it still counts

If Free before 11 is the only incentive; Stay Home

Sometimes the hottest club is the one with only 4 guests: You, your bed, remote and TV

I can’t be the only “Reformed Party Girl”?  Do you have a love/hate relationship with partying?

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Clock Strikes Midnight: 7 Ways To Bring in The New Year

By December 27, 2011 Life Advice, Personal Interests

We’re barreling down on another year and right up there with your New Year’s resolutions is your New Year’s festivities! Celebrating your past year and welcoming a new one is of the utmost importance. While tradition would have us shaking our groove thangs, watching Dick Van Dyke and kissing someone when the ball drops, those aren’t the only options for a rockin’ NYE!

For me, New Year’s Eve sets the tone for the year to come and spending it with people I love laughing, enjoying great food is the perfect way to welcome another year of prosperity, blessings and good times!

Here are 7 more ways to bring in the New Year with style!

1. Dance into 2012

Who doesn’t love an all night dance-a-thon with your girls, glitzy party dresses and high heels included?! Get the girl gang together, pick an out of town locale, rent a hotel and have a one-night only sweat session! Most clubs/venues have NYE special events, top notch DJs and other people kicking off their heels and dancing their way into the new year!

2. Have an Exquisite Dinner

If you’re more the contemplative type or prefer reserved to rocking, than perhaps a quiet dinner at home or a la fancy restaurant is more your speed. Most restaurants have two and three course specials for New Year’s Eve diners. Grab your honey or best friend and treat yourself to a delectable meal, something you wouldn’t normally spend money on. Lobster, anyone?

3. Plan a Movie Marathon

When I was younger, my siblings and I would plan elaborate movie marathons complete with gobs of candy, popcorn, soda and junk food. Well I can’t say I’ve grown out of it and planning a cool movie theatre style marathon right from your sofa is a grand (and comfortable) way to celebrate. Grab the gobstoppers and anything with Seth Rogen.


4. Indulge with a Spa Day

Essential oils, hot stones, strong hands rubbing the kinks out of your shoulders… bring in the new year in tranquility and zen-like peace. Having a spa day (solo or group) is a great way to ease your mind and come into another year fully relaxed.

5. Throw a House Party

On NYE there’s lots of traffic and commotion, so why not bring the party to you? Invite a great group of friends, make an End of the World playlist (be sure to include “Party like 1999— cheesy I know) provide great snacks and stocked bar and have a great time! Let Dick play in the background and don’t forget the party hats, noisemakers and bubbly!

6. Travel for an International Countdown

While it may be a bit late to hop a flight and travel for NYE, keep this mind for 2013. Celebrating NYE in another country is a great way to experience how other major cities celebrate! Syndey, Bangkok, London and Paris are know for their electric NYE festivities complete with full light shows and parades!

7. Volunteer your Goodwill

Start the NYE in good faith and charity by volunteering at your local shelter, teen organization or religious institution. Help with a youth New Year’s event or work in a soup kitchen. Helping those less fortunate is a great way to set the tone of another year of service and goodwill.

How are you bringing in the New Year? Where will you be ‘round midnight?

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My Top 5 Stylish Gay Best Friends (in my head)

By October 12, 2010 Personal Interests

Next to every stylish, fashion-loving woman is her equally fabulous, tell it like it is gay male best friend. He’s the one to tell you the truth when that new shade of lipstick clashes with your hair color. And when your dirt bag boyfriend has past his expiration date, your gay best friend will cut you a sharp side eye and tell you it’s time to take out the trash.

And in return, you’ll be his shoulder to cry on when he needs to vent about his love life (or lack thereof) and be his blank canvas to dress up in his divinely stylish vision. Gay men get a bad rap in the media as being overly bitchy (here’s looking at you Perez), but my top 5 gay BFFs (in my head) are all amazingly talented, funny and most of all each has his own unique style and charm.

Sidebar: Why am I writing like they are really my best friends? Can we say “delusional”?

5. Tom Ford

Seventies glamour, raw sex appeal, open collars and did I mention he’s sexy as a H-E-L-L cat?! A friendship with Tom Ford would be amazing for my social calendar, black tie events galore,  if I can keep my futile and lustful feelings at bay. He’s the gay best friend I’d secretly want to hump, marry and have his babies.

4.  Andre Leon Talley

Sense of humor, love of caftans and a beeline to the top designers in the world. ALT, as I affectionately call him, is the queen mother of American fashion. Jet setter, fashionable guru to all the stars and he tells it like it is. Imagine sharing crepes and sausage links with Andre and Oprah after attending the MET gala in a couture gown styled by ALT himself.  A delusional girl can dream.

3. Austin Scarlett

Vintage inspiration and a southern belle; Austin will always make sure your hair bow matches your netted gloves. Since his run on Project Runway I’ve loved Austin Scarlett’s design aesthetic, his whimsical nature and he has a mean Farrah Fawcett flip. He’s currently designing a line of wedding dresses and you can catch him on his Oxygen show “On the Road with Austin & Santino”

2. Dwight Eubanks

What’s a best friend countdown without Dwight? Nothing. Dwight exploded on the radar with the first season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta and his charades and waistcoats have secured him a special place in my heart. Dwight is a hairdresser by day, fashion show financier by night. He can style my fashion show and loan me $30,000 any day. Please listen to this audio with DU-WHITE!

1. Simon Doonan

I am imaginary (in real life) stalking Simon Doonan. I’ve read all of his books and religiously read is column in the New York Observer. He is one stylish bloke with a loaded opinion and pen. Not only are his books and chronicles of his childhood hilarious, he has a no-holds-barred attitude on everything from Madonna to Mahatma Gandhi. Plus, I want his boyfriend Jonathan Adler to decorate my house.

Aren’t these gentlemen divine? Who are your imaginary friends in your head?

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