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Required Reading: 12.14.12

By December 14, 2012 Links

What a great picture of Lana Del Rey?!

  • Thought Catalog is pure fun! This piece on How To Be Fabulous pretty spot-on and tongue in cheek at the same time
  • Can Creativity and Productivity coexist? The Daily Muse seems to think so. Check out the article to read how
  • Man Repeller examines a culture (generation?) of irony, humble brags and guilt by association
  • Speaking of the humble brag, this article in the New York Times is too good to pass up. False humility is on the rise and social media is aiding its spread!
  • Curvy is the new buzz word… The Cut singles out (pun intended) why Curvy is not created equal
  • Dream big or dream small, but please dream. This piece on Clutch talks about the shaming of people’s goals. Very interesting.
  • Deb Perelman snagged a book deal (and a husband) from her blog. A case for blogging if I ever saw one.

x Have a Frolicking Friday!


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Required Reading: 12.7.12

By December 7, 2012 Links

Josephine Baker by Andy Warhol

Last week was a whirlwind, hence the MIA Required Reading. To make up my slack, here’s a double-sized RR! Here are some great links and reads I came across this week!

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This site is pretty useless except to look at pretty colors. Refresh it and get a different color each time!

There has been so much talk about Willow Smith’s hair & clothing choices. Here’s her mother’s (Jada Pinkett-Smith) response 

Who doesn’t love Grace Coddington?! With her new memoir out on shelves here are her 3 Keys to Success 

I’ve been experiencing some strange energy lately. So I read Deepak Chopra’s guide to changing your energy

Last RR I posted Marie Forleo’s interview with Steven Pressfield. Here are more tips on becoming a professional from Mr. Pressfield

I love Marian Kihogo’s style and this vintage kimono too!

These DIY Boot Stuffers are a great lazy Sunday project.

This post is hilarious! Black Gay Slang explained to Suburban White People. Too good!

I had my graphic tee phase & I think it’s coming back around. Here’s how to make graphic tees grown up from XoJane.

Paper Magazine has a great guide to Holiday Pop Ups in NY. The Brooklyn Night Bazaar looks cool!

It’s OK to be a late bloomer. Writer Emma Straub explains why success takes time

Ur Pretty Haute loves her lashes and asks what beauty routine can you NOT live without?

How hot does Joan Collins look in these vintage contact sheets? Va Va Voom!

Black Girls Hack is a great organization for African-American women in Tech. They hosted their first hackathon!

Loving Andre 3000′s verse on this song! Three Stacks come back!

x Have a stylish weekend!

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Required Reading: 11.23.12

By November 23, 2012 Links

Jean-Pacome Dedieu Still Life Photography

If you’re like me, you’ve skipped the Black Friday hoopla, you’re heating up leftovers, watching crappy Reality TV and catching up on your web reading. Here are some cool links to add to your list.

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Love this transformer jacket from stylish blogger Jessie Adore

Urban Romance takes us to school… vintage school that is.

The stage design in Austria is beyond words. Would love to see a play on on these sets.

I loved Justin Timberlake and NSync. This picture is hilarious!

The holidays don’t mean family for everyone. This writer’s case for spending the holidays alone is interesting

Totally looking forward to reading Grace: A Memoir. Even more so after this WSJ article on her. Love her quote:

“The most important part of a fashion photograph is the hair. Hair and shoes. I drive photographers mad because I say, “You’ve got to show the feet.” For me it gives you the character of the person. You can get away with a very ordinary dress if you have interesting shoes.” 

10 Things to do on Black Friday… instead of shopping. I’m fond of #1, #4 and #7

x Eat Up!

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Required Reading: 11.16.12

By November 16, 2012 Links
Vintage chicago

Chicago Theater. 1941

Deep dish pizza & mobsters, Chicago is a cool town and SUPER clean! I’m in the Chi for a social media summit and a lots sightseeing! I plan to take lots of photos and eats lots of Chicago’s famous food. Stay tuned for my adventures! Now onto the links!

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Coming back to blogging after a hiatus? IFB has a good article on easing back into blogging.

Every lass needs a lingerie drawer. XOJane writer Emily shows you how to stock your wardrobe.

Women aren’t given their seat up for pregnant women. Read this writer’s experience

Need to get serious about your craft or business. Check out Marie Forleo’s interview with Steven Pressfield.

I LOVE Love Actually. And this article is pretty cool too

10 Lessons from one year of being an entrepreneur 

Vintage Chicago photos. I hope I see all these places in modern day!

Susan Miller’s daughter Chrissie has a YouTube show. And it’s pretty cool

Rihanna’s SNL performance caused waves in the Seapunk community. They’ve released an official statement

If you’re a bibliophile, you’ll love this book 

Love Denzel Washington’s advice to his daughter 

“I tell my daughter – she’s at NYU – I say: ‘You’re black, you’re a woman, and you’re dark-skinned at that. So you have to be a triple/quadruple threat.”

My favorite Pinup Photographer has a new website. Check out the gallery, you might see someone familiar!

x And they say Chi City!


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Required Reading: 11.9.12

By November 9, 2012 Links
Sade Adu

The Lovely Sade Adu

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- Love this piece on Self-Love. Read through and do the mantra exercise. 

- Launching a digital product can be tough. Heed Gala Darling’s lessons she’s learned from Love & Sequins

The best way to get unstuck from a man who’s written 11 books

- W’s article on Diane Von Furstenburg is fascinating and makes me love DVF even more!

Do you have a hipster apartment? 

- This piece in the Paris Review is super timely: The Human Centipede or How to Move to New York

- Would you attend a female masturbation class? Well this writer from The Cut did.

- Deeply in love with this woman’s style  

 x Stylishly Yours!

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Required Reading: 11.2.12

By November 2, 2012 Links

Solo in Prints Giving Tribal Realness

x Stay Classy!

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Required Reading: 9.21.12

By September 21, 2012 Links
Dressing Table

Dressing Table via Feminine Touch 1

How great is this quote from Oprah found via My Vicarious Life?!

Have a delightful weekend! Say Hi to Fall!

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Required Reading: 9.7.12

By September 7, 2012 Links

Feminine Touch

x Short & Sweet!


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