About Stylish Thought

Stylish Thought is an online destination for women who know style & substance aren’t mutually exclusive.

We want our cake and to eat it too.

We want to dress fly, have a good time and read a good book or two.

We’re not interested in what the latest celebrity is wearing, who’s leaning in or what social media platform we should be using.

Shoulds don’t sit well with us.

We dress and think of ourselves.

We’re into art. Dressing up and dressing down. Partying with good food, great wine and better people.

We’re crafting our lives as easily as our wardrobes. Don’t watch us, join us.


I’m Fajr Muhammad and this is Stylish Thought. Stylish Thought is an epiphany. A realization that you can dress how you feel, do what you love and become the woman of your dreams! Stylish Thought is your permission slip to be you.

I’m a writer, blogger, feminist and haver of many Stylish Thoughts. A lover of words since the age of 5,  I remember the very first time I dressed up (The EID ’92), my first short story and the moment I decided that I wanted to live and dress on my own terms.

Stylish Thought is my mission to accomplish many things, namely fashion freedom and personal achievement (and write some pretty cool shit). It’s a journey complete with missteps and fashion faux-pas. But it’s all mine and hopefully it inspires your own journey too.

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